12 Photo Poses to Make You Look Like a Model


It is a tech world, and our lives mostly revolve around social media. While scrolling Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest we get so shocked at how every model posts a perfect picture every time. We wonder what their secret is. The secret isn’t glass skin, adorable hairstyle and dressing only; but one of the major secrets is their photoshoot style pose. The majority of women are so much conscious about their photos and they don’t want to put ordinary photos on their Instagram or Pinterest. If you are also one of them and looking for cute photoshoot style pose, then here are 12 photo poses that would surely help you to look like a model. Don’t forget to try them out!

Basic Photo Poses

Looking for cute girl’s best photo styles? Then you are at the right place! If you don’t know where to get started, don’t worry we are going to tell you about basic poses which look adorable and are quite easy to do as well.

1. The “Hand on Waist” Pose

This is the best photo pose for beginners as it is quite easy and doable. All you have to do is to take your hands and put them on waist making a triangle with your arm. If you want to directly look at the camera then tilt your body a bit and if you don’t want to look directly in the camera then you can keep your posture straight. This pose works well with every clothing style or wherever you are.

Image Source: Filly Flair (Fillyflair.com)

2. “Dropped Something” Pose

The “dropped something” pose was introduced by the great Kylie Jenner. The makeup mogul is fond of taking photos and posting them for her more than 160 million followers on Instagram. She is photogenic and one of the poses that is frequently used by her is this one. The name is quite funny and if you seriously don’t know how to pose then this one would help you for sure. View this post on Instagram

3. “Both Hands on Hips” Pose

Just like the “Hand on waist” pose, the Both Hands on hips pose is also one of the best photo poses. It is the easiest way to pose in photos. Just put both your hands on your hips and move sideways and you can see your perfect click.

Image Source: Gigi Hadid Instagram

Playing Photo Poses

No, we are not talking about playing an indoor or outdoor game but playing with multiple things around you. In this way, you can draw attention towards those things and look sexy and flattering like a model. Here are simple and easiest girls photo style with hair and accessories.

4. “Play with your Hair” Pose

Another one of the easiest and doable photoshoot style pose is to just play with your hair. Look wherever you want – it doesn’t matter as long as you are playing with your hair. You can play with one hand or with both hands, sitting or standing. The choice is all yours. View this post on Instagram

5. “Play with your Jewelry” Pose

Another easy pose you can make is by just touching or playing with your jewelry. Whether you are wearing earrings, bracelets or a necklace you can draw whole attention towards them by playing with them. Your pictures would look lovely and you can show off your adorable jewelry piece as well.

Image Source: The Hexa D (thehexad.com)

6. “Playing with Handbag” Pose

The best photo pose award can be easily given to playing with handbag pose. You can pick your handbag in your hand and just play with it in different poses and styles. Wear it over your shoulders, pick it up with a handbag or do whatever you like with your handbag. By choosing this pose, you will be also showing off your new stylish handbag. Give it a try and we are sure you would never be disappointed.

Image source: Margo and Me (margoandme.com)

7. “Play with Flowers or Fruit” Pose

You can also play with your favorite flower or fruit to take aesthetic photos. Either buy a bunch of flowers for your own self or go in a garden full of flowers. Pick a flower and play with it and ask your bestie to take your cool photos. You can also show the world that your significant other has gifted you favorite flowers by taking pictures with them.

Image source: FixthePhoto.com

Movement Photo Poses

Who says you can’t move while taking photos? A lot of people think that movement is only confined to videography; they don’t know that it has an important role in photography as well. Move as much as you want, and you will surely find your photoshoot-style pose or your best photo pose. Here are some of the poses to try in Movement Poses.

8. “Turning Head Back” Pose

The first movement photoshoot style pose that you can try is turning head back pose. This looks really chic and helps to create illusion of slimmer physique. Ask your friend to take your photo while you are turning your head and upload this picture on Instagram to get hundreds of likes.

Image Courtesy: Margo and Me (Margoandme.com)

9. “Lifting your Arms” Pose

Another girls photo style that can be easily copied is lifting your Arms pose. Keep lifting your arms while keep taking your photos and you would surely get a nice click easily and effortlessly. No matter where you are this pose is easy to copy.

Image source: Marina Williams Photography (marinawilliamsphoto.com)

10. “Flip Your Hair” Pose

Time to flip your hair because by doing that you will find your best photo pose. Flip hair in different directions and ways and we can guarantee you that this photoshoot pose will absolutely become your most favorite one. So, flip and take shots!

Image Source: Mordeo (Mordeo.org)

11- “The Dress Throw” Pose

This pose is for fun-loving girls who want to show off their beautiful dresses and take awesome pictures in it. For this, lift the hemline of your skirt and drop it creating a flow of motion. You may have to do this multiple times to take the Best Dress Throw Pose photo.

Image Source: Freepeople.com

12. “Twirl” Pose

Another way to flaunt your new dress is to try this pose. This is one of the common photo poses, but it always works. You would have seen this pose in wedding shoots and magazines covers as well. Twirl and ask your significant other or your best friend to take exciting photos.

Image source: Mary Ortan (memorandum.com)

The above photo poses are really cool, and with some practice they will surely make you look like a model. Whether you want to send them to a modelling agency or want to upload cute and sexy pictures on your Instagram and Facebook these poses will surely help you. Try them and make every woman jealous.


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