12 Signs A Guy Is Into You

Signs That A Guy Loves You

Do you ever get those jitters when you come back home from a pretty successful first date, or a second, third, perhaps even fourth, and you are still confused and unable to gauge where this is heading? It is fairly common for a woman who has just started dating, to be taken confused by the mixed signals they get from the person they are going out with.

Do you ever get those jitters when you come back home from a pretty successful first date, or a second, third, perhaps even fourth, and you are still confused and unable to gauge where this is heading? You ask yourself, “Does he even like me?”, or “Is he just being nice to sleep with me, then walk away?”. And there is a lengthy list of doubts and questions that may be circling in your mind, making you feel confused and exhausted.

It is common for a woman who has just started dating, to be taken confused by the mixed signals they get from the person they are going out with. They are constantly calculating their partner’s every move and over-analyzing whatever they are saying, looking out for that one sign to tell them that this might be ‘the one’.

It is a fairly arduous task to decode every guy you meet and this brings down the whole “fun” part of dating, but if you read further, you will come across certain behaviors in a man that will answer the recurring question: “How do I know if a guy likes me?”.

1. He Calls/ Messages You

As human beings, we always want to feel loved, and given attention. We want someone to talk with us – not necessarily all the time! – but make us feel we matter to them. How uncaring is it for a guy to take your number, but never make the effort to call or leave a message?

I know you are probably wondering what about the other guys who message and call religiously, just to get in bed with us! That is a common enough scenario to be in, but remember, even when a guy is constantly messaging or calling you, you must pay attention to what is he talking about.

The conversations or texts should have some emotional content and not just focus on sexual innuendos. If he is into you, he would call and message just to hear your voice or because he had a great time the other night and cannot stop thinking about you.

2. Good Talker And A Listener

Now, even if he is messaging you “Good night Sweetie” every night and makes sure to give a call when he is free, that does not end there. Focus on what he talks about; is he talking about the Saturday night game he is excited to go see with his friends, that he just postponed your date-night for, and has not asked once about your day?

WHAT he is talking about is the real deal. Talk about work, the shows he is watching these days; get to know his opinion on things that might revolve around you two, be expressive and see if he is as affixed on the conversation as you are.

If he keeps checking his phone, or constantly just sighs at everything you are saying, “Oh honey…”, he is certainly not a good listener, BUT we do not want you to lose hope already. There are still a few things you might want to consider.

3. Considerate About Your Needs, Wants And Desires

How often do we come across men who only want their needs fulfilled and their wishes and desires to be catered? Hint: ALL THE TIME.

It is absurd if a guy cannot even lend you an ear to know about your bad day at work, sometimes just listening takes away half the burden. But, when a man is really into you, he would go the extra mile to get you that thing you want (literally, and figuratively).

He will make sure his lady is happy and content. He will not mind eating a dairy-free ice-cream just because you cannot. He would make sure to be there for you during your highs and lows.

4. Actively Involves You In His Life

Would it not be strange to find that the man you are dating just got promoted at work through his friend’s Instagram story?

When a man is into you, you do not have to rely on a third person / social media to learn what is going on in his life. He will be willingly informing you about every big or small milestone he is achieving in his personal or professional life.

No matter what it is, he would include you in his life because that makes him happy and loved.

5. Adores You For Who You Are

If your man is being a complete goof when he is with you, trying out some trendy dance challenge with you, helping you prank your best friend, or complimenting your eyes when you have bawled them out all night over the death of your favorite character on some show, he is the one. Keep him. Never let him go.

The truth is, when a man likes you for who you are, he will appreciate you no matter if its 7 in the evening when you just got done with that tedious meeting you had, or you are getting ready for a girls’ night out. He will make sure his lady is always uplifted.

6. You Are A Part Of His Plans

There is nothing more heart-wrenching than finding out that the guy you have been dating for the past six months just took a job offer in a different state, without even considering how it might affect your relationship. He does not consider your presence in his life important enough for him to rethink his plans. And that is okay. You do not have to cling onto him.

Stick with the one who asks for your plans six weeks from now, just so that he can plan a perfect getaway for your birthday, or makes sure he discusses with you, his plans about studying abroad so that the relationship does not get affected. It is extra sweet when someone thinks of you before making an important life decision, it shows how much they care about you and treasure you.

7. Respects Your Boundaries

Respecting each other’s boundaries is the paramount of every healthy relationship. If your partner acknowledges the things that upset you, or make you feel uncomfortable, and tries to make sure things remain civil, in times of turbulence, he is respectful about your boundaries, what you want and what you do not want. He would never do something that makes you upset, because that would disrupt the smooth flow of your relationship, and the one who really loves you, puts your happiness and comfort above anything else in the world.

8. Does Not Shy Away From Introducing You To His Friends And Family

Ladies let us get this straight, if he proudly introduces you to his friends and family members and does not hide anything about the existence of your relationship, he is a keeper – and more important: He considers you a keeper!

Keeping your relationship private is very different from keeping it a secret. If he wants you to meet his parents, that is a huge step, as most guys wait for the “right one” till they want to talk to their families about their dating lives. Feel lucky if he is proud to show you off!

9. Arguments

Arguments are a part of every relationship, and no one can avoid them. However, the way of dealing with an argument, is what sets us all apart from one another. If your man takes a healthy route to discuss a sensitive topic between you two, listens to your opinion, somehow disagrees with it and still tries to mend things, he knows you are a special woman and he would not risk anything, not even a silly argument to lose you.

10. Shares His Worries And Sorrows With You

Society often tells men to not be emotionally expressive as it is not ‘manly’. One wonders for how long we have deal with that bit of nonsense, but in the meanwhile, if your man is open enough to share his sorrows and talk about what is bothering him, you know he trusts you. And trust is only possible when there is real love and affection. It is almost like you do not need any more signs that he is into you!

Word of caution: Know his personality type. Make sure that he is sharing valid griefs and concerns that he is facing, and not that he is generally a whiny personality.

11. Persistently Expresses His Love To You

Expression of any emotion, as said before, is often a not-so-easy task for men, but expressing love is something men take seriously. Bringing you flowers, taking you out for long strolls in the night, holding your hand and telling you how much he loves you, is what an honest lover does. Flowers, gifts and romantic gestures are fairly common in the early stages of a relationship, but if he continues to do so past the 6-month mark, then yes, the signal is that he’s looking to commit.


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