Benefits of Natural and Homemade Beauty Products » Cheif

The use of organic beauty products has a number of benefits ranging from protecting our skin from harmful chemicals to sustainability. Organic or homemade beauty products are not only beneficial for us but also for our surroundings.

Benefits of Natural and Homemade Beauty Products » Cheif

Organic or homemade beauty products are the latest trends in the field of beauty and fashion. All of us know that anything natural is far better than something that has bundles of chemicals in it. Our skin, fifth-largest organ of the body and the most vulnerable one as well. Skin is exposed to all harsh treatment and therefore, it needs utmost care and protection. 

There are many reasons we switch to natural or home beauty products. Many of us spent a lot of money on conventional beauty products without paying attention to the harmful chemicals present in them.

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In order to claim that the product you are using is natural, 95% ingredients incorporated in it should be organic. Cosmetics free from chemicals, artificial preservatives, the genetically modified organism is said to be natural. 

Here are few benefits of organic or homemade beauty products

Environment friendly 

One thing that all of us care about is nature. Natural or homemade beauty products are sustainable, that is they harm our surroundings in the least possible way. The ingredients used in the preparation of organic beauty products are organically manufactured and grown without using harmful pesticides. Natural cosmetic products are manufactured in such a way that the least chemicals are put into water and air.

Minimum side effects 

Chemicals, artificial colors and fillers present in skin care products can cause number of side effects like irritation, redness, swelling, etc. Natural skin care products work with our skin instead of against it. Our skin absorbs 60% of everything that it comes in contact with whether it is lotion, moisturizer, dust, etc. Applying products full of chemicals means we are damaging our skin in worst possible way. 

Chemicals in conventional beauty products clog skin pores and reacts internally. That is a reason why long-term use of these beauty products lead to early appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging on face. 

Organic beauty products do not clog the skin pores and let our skin breathe. It maintains the pH of our skin therefore, products that are applied are easily absorbed and start working very fast. Conventional beauty product damage the outer layer of our skin, reason why use of these products results in effects like redness, skin irritation, itching etc. 

Gentler over time 

You may also use conventional beauty products because they show their result or effectiveness in short period of time and use of organic beauty product requires lot of patience. Chemicals hold the power to penetrate within skin cells and damage them. Absorption or penetration of natural ingredients repair damage cells and provides strength to the roots therefore, glow comes from within. 

Parabenes are commonly used as a preservative in almost all the personal care and skin care products. It prevents the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and increases shelf life of the product.

Scientific research disclosed the secret that there is a close connection between parabenes and production of estrogen in our body. Long term use of products that includes parabenes in it increases risk of breast cancer.

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Pocket-friendly and easy availability of ingredients 

Some conventional beauty products are very expensive. One can probably buy the entire supply of ingredients required for the preparation of beauty products at home rather than spending money on expensive products, full of preservatives and artificial fragrances. 

If you are preparing your own beauty product then almost all the essential ingredients are present in your kitchen. One of the greatest benefits of the homemade product, it is free from harmful chemicals.


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Preparation of beauty products might be time-consuming but once you start making your own beauty product then it becomes an addiction. Freedom of making your own beauty product is empowering and encountering positive outcomes after the use of the product gives you the best feeling in the world. You can control the effectiveness of the product by modifying the ingredients and can be used as soon as it is prepared.

Natural source 

Organic beauty products are made from vegetables, fruits, roots, medicinal leaves, etc. Thus, the use of natural and homemade beauty products keeps our skin soft and supple.

You may also face some difficulties when you decide to make your own beauty product. 

  • Ingredients like essential oils, avocado, honey, cocoa powder, baking powder, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, Aloe Vera water, etc. can be easily found at home but still, there are some ingredients which can only be found at neuropathy or health store. 
  • The number of products that can be prepared at home is limited. Scrubs, cream, lotions, soaps, shampoo can be easily made at home. But the preparation of makeup products like lipstick, eye shadow, etc. is quite difficult and requires a lot of patience. 

Despite all the pros and cons of organic and homemade beauty products, it is difficult for us to completely give up on conventional beauty products as they show their results in a short period of time. But one thing that all of us can do is, use these products occasionally as limited or minute exposure to the chemicals may not have negative effects on the body. Long-term use of products full of harmful chemicals can damage our skin in the worst possible way and after a certain period, it is impossible for us to get back our natural skin.