Common hairstyle mistakes you tend to make » Cheif

Common hairstyle mistakes you tend to make » Cheif

Perfect hairstyle, hair color and hair cut defines your personality. We spent hours thinking about trending makeup brands and designer clothes. But what is the place of your hair care in your priority list? Your hairs, it’s a game-on every single day.

Perfect hair cut defines you and can make confident, radiant and happy. Perfect hairstyle can make you look absolutely amazing any time of the day, it enhances your facial features and hides unnecessary flaws.

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Making a mistake with hair cut is a worst nightmare woman can ever have. We often underestimate the fact, how your hairs can contribute to enhance your overall look. Whether it’s an attempt to cover emerging grays, experiment with hair color or getting a trending haircut, here is all you need to know about hair trends and most common hair style mistakes women’s make.

Hair fall and unable to cope up with it   

The most common problem the hairstylist gets to hear is hair fall. 90 percent women complain about hair fall irrespective of their age. Anemia, lack of protein, stress, lupus, pregnancy etc. are common reasons for hair fall. Thinning of hair is frustrating but there are ways to tackle this problem.   

Use of hair volumizing products, change in the way you part your hairs, opt for short hair are some solution to this problem. Avoid hair combining back as it highlights the line of hair growth. Parting of hair from middle highlight’s thin appearance of hair, instead part your hair from side to conceal this flaw. All of us love long hairs but long hair without volume looks bad therefore opt for short hair in order to take complete advantage of its volume.

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Mistreat your scalp  

As we grow old the hair follicles become less active which leads to thinning of hair. Neglecting your scalp and not getting scalp treatment done for long time affects hair growth. Get scalp treatment done from time to time like message your scalp with oil, use onion juice for hair growth, use Aloe Vera as it soothes the scalp and conditions your hair and reduces dandruff etc. are best home remedies.

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Not using bangs  

Getting a bang, the one suit your face will not only change your look but may look gorgeous. It helps you to hide wrinkles, and lines on your forehead. There are lot of bang options available, choose the one that fits your face shape.  

Heart shaped face may go for side bangs to divert attention to your eyes, square face may try out heavy bangs that hits your eyebrows, oval shaped can go for any style and thick side swept bangs are recommended for people with round face. In order to maintain the correct length get a haircut every two to three week, wash them often in order to avoid the oil build up on your forehead and your hair, in order to make them look good give some attention to them by styling it every morning. Bangs may be difficult to deal with but once you get used to it, give you best look ever.

Flaws with hair color  

While getting your hair colored, choose the one that go with your complexion. Choosing hair color that doesn’t go with your complexion makes you look little older. Dark hair enhances the imperfections of fair skin. Cold shades like platinum blonde or ash may not suit people with warm skin tone. Choose hair color that goes with warmth and coolness of your complexion.   

In order to hide gray hairs, use the product that is meant for coloring grays. Extra strong product is used to color gray hairs as it is coarser than rest of your hairs. Sometimes gray hairs are pretreated with peroxide in order to make it soft and it takes the color easily.   

Outdated hair hacks  

Same hairstyle for extended period is obvious mistake women’s make. Permanent curls, choosing same hair color for long period of time is not recommended as skin and hair loses its pigment with time therefore, same hair color may not go with your complexion in your 30’s as its use to look good in your 20’s.  

Update your look by changing your hair style. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to bring a drastic change just trim your hairs or part your hairs differently or try temporary curls in order to change your overall appearance.  Avoid using spray, unmovable hair doesn’t look natural.

Getting a wrong fringe done  

To draw attention toward your facial features, try some layers while you get your haircut done. Cheekbone is ideal place from where layers start. There are different types of fringes like curtain fringe, side swept fringe, baby fringe etc. get a fringe that suits your lifestyle and perfectly goes with your face shape.   

Product overload  

Using correct hair products is very important but use of too much of it can harm your hairs. Do not over conditioner your hair in attempt to make it look shiny, smooth and silky. Use light-weighed conditioner that can be rinsed out easily. Experimenting by using different amount of serum, cream etc. may help you to find out what works best for you. Clumsy hair is a sign that you have used too much of product. Use hair products with nourishing ingredients in it. Consider using sulfate free shampoo as it leads to fading of hair color and makes hair dry.

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Lack of confidence   

Lack of confidence has a power to ruin everything. Be confident with whatever look you choose for yourself without thinking what others will say. Get yourself a good haircut, hair color of your choice and be confident with it.

Do whatever makes you feel good inside, try youthful looks but do not exorbitant it by using girly accessories like butterfly clips, bows, glittery clips etc. Use of simple, elegant hair accessories like pearl hair clips, elastic band, satin scarf will give you mature look and will maintain your dignity at any age.