Oily Skin Stubborn but Manageable » Cheif

Oily skin can take you through tough times but is it impossible to look good IF you have an oily skin type? Here is your answer

Oily Skin Stubborn but Manageable » Cheif

Out of all skin types, oily skin is considered the most stubborn one. Even though your skin may age more slowly as compared to other skin types, people with oily skin might know how difficult it becomes when you hear about some exciting things happening around whether it’s your cousin's wedding or outing with friends, you want to look good but one thing that ruins all your plans is the appearance of oil on face irrespective of how much of makeup you use. 

Sebaceous glands are located under the skin’s surface and it is responsible for the production of an oily substance called sebum. Sebum lubricates the skin, keeps it moisturize, removes dead skin cells and other irritants from skin pores. Production of sebum is not a threat but, overactive sebaceous glands cause oily skin.

Some of us confuse our skin type with oily skin but, they have combination skin type. If your skin appears dry or normal in some areas and oil appears only in T-zone that is nose, forehead, and chin then you have a combination skin type. If oil appears on your entire face and you encounter problems like enlarged pores, dull or thick complexion, blackheads, pimples, acne, and other skin issues then one can say that you have oily skin.   

Primary causes of oily skin   


There is no specific gene for skin type or skin color. Many genes work together to affect a single trait. The presence of large sebaceous gland glands could be hereditary which pass down to generation.   


Have you ever noticed as we grow old our skin gets dry and wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear? This is because as we grow old, the amount of sebum produced by the gland decreases. Increased sebum production may occur due to hormonal changes which are most common in adolescent and young adults during the time of puberty. Therefore, people in their 30’s may not have the same skin composition as they used to have in their 20’s.   


Some people tend to have oily skin in hot and humid climates as it stimulates sebum secretion and it is contradictory in the case of arid or cold climates. Therefore, we experience more oil on our skin in the summer season as compare to winter. Adjust the use of skincare products according to time of year. Use of light creams or moisturizers and gel-based cleansers may help your skin.   


Consumption of high glycemic food, one that contains sugar, or a high amount of refined carbohydrates can be a potential cause of oily skin. Include more fruits and green veggies in your diet and your skin will not only be thanking you but will also show positive results. Also, keep yourself hydrated to flush out toxins.

Wrong choice of cosmetics 

Poor quality cosmetic or choosing wrong skin care product can really mess up with your skin. Like, if you have oily skin and you are using product meant for dry skin then it will exacerbate your skin condition instead of making it better and therefore it is very important for any skin type to make correct choice of skin care product. Read the label before you buy any skin care product, for oily skin type look for term ‘oil free or non-comedogenic’ on the label.   

Overdoing skin care routine 

When there is excess oil on your face you tend to wash it more frequently and that’s the biggest mistake you make. When you wash your face too often or over exfoliate, it removes excess of oil, your skin takes it as wakeup alarm and produces more amount of oil in order to overcome the loss and restore the balance and therefore skin appears oily and shiny. Dermatologist recommends, wash your face twice a day to keep excess oil off your face.   

Skipping moisturizer 

The most common myth is use of moisturizer is not good for oily skin. Use of moisturizer can make a huge difference. If you are on acne treatment then your skin is exposed to chemicals like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, isotretinoin, retinoids etc. then you need to apply moisturizer in order to prevent it from drying out. Use of water-based, lightweight moisturizers go best for people with oily skin.


All of us know that stress is not good for our health and skin. Stress results in hormonal imbalance and causes sebaceous gland to produce excess of sebum which results in worst acne and oil on your face.   

After listing out the causes of oily skin here are some skin care tips which you can follow.   

Cleanse – It is one of the tested methods to control excess of oil on your skin. Don’t go for any harsh cleansers instead use mild, gentle cleanser, gel-based or foaming cleanser for oily skin. Washing your face with Aloe Vera water will also help to some extent.   

Toner – Use of toner completes the process of cleansing by removing traces of pollution or makeup. Use alcohol free toner. Rose water is an excellent toner.   

Moisturize – Do not skip your moisturizer. Lightweight, water-based moisturizer has the potential to balance oil production.  

Sunscreen – Use of sunscreen half an hour before you go out will help your skin. It has a number of benefits for any skin type like it prevents discoloration, freckles, hyper pigmentation, skin cancer, and destruction of collagen.   

Exfoliation – The process of exfoliation removes dead skin cells which are responsible for a dull complexion. Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week will improve your skin color.   

Avoid heavy makeup – To cover acne, oil, and other skin concerns we tend to apply heavy makeup on our face. Instead, use minimum makeup products.   

After reading this you might know the exact reason for oily skin and how to deal with oily skin. Finding the right regimen may take some time but once you know how to deal with your problems and follow proper skincare tips it becomes easy for you to solve your problem.