Outfit Selection for your Wedding » Chief

Wedding attire is the only dress you think about from your childhood but is it as easy as we think or you roam in malls and still clueless. Here are few suggestions and tips you need to keep in mind before you start shopping.

Outfit Selection for your Wedding » Chief

Every girl thinks about her wedding day and all the rituals connected to it from the day search for her Mr. Perfect begin. Selecting a dream outfit for your wedding day can be a difficult job ever. You get to hear ten thousand suggestions but at the end of the day still confused. You are stressed, confused, excited, nervous, basically overloaded with emotions.

When you go shopping pressure is continuously on as you want to look flawless from head to toe at your wedding. So, here we are to help you out to select your outfit and to give you an overview of outfit options available for you. 

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Keep these things in mind before you begin your search for the wedding outfit.  

  1. Explore some websites, online bridal boutiques, magazines, etc. to figure out the latest trends.  
  2. Decide your budget before you start shopping.  
  3. Figure out perfect timing before you shop for your wedding attire. Start early as designing and production of some outfits takes around 2 to 3 months. Also, you will need some time for the final alteration of outfit and shop for accessories that goes with your attire.  
  4. Your outfit should go with the theme you decide for each function. Therefore, decide the venue and theme of the function before you shop. 
  5. Be open and clear with your stylist about what exactly you want or what are you looking for. 
  6. Don’t go for the most expensive attire available in the shop. Start with the least expensive outfit option available then start scaling up. This way you will find you perfect attire that fits your budget and your expectation.  
  7. Consider going shopping on weekdays instead of weekends as most of the shops are crowded on weekends, therefore, you will get lesser personal attention from the shop stylist. 
  8. The process of finding perfect attire can be time-consuming so, stay calm and take breaks in the middle. 
  9. Consider taking advice from your peers but avoid taking advice from too many people, as more people mean more confusion. 
  10. Last but not least make sure you love your dream dress with all your heart before giving your final verdict as for some people this could be the most expensive piece of garment you will ever own or wear.  

After giving you a brief overview of things you should keep in mind before you go shopping. Now, let me list out the options available. 

  • Selection of fabric – Wide range of fabric options are available like net, velvet, satin, Silk, Georgette, etc. velvet is a luxurious fabric and worth wearing if your wedding is going to held in the winter season. Light-weighted fabrics like georgette, the net is the best choice for warmer season weddings.  
  • Type of work on fabric – Different types of works is done on fabrics like Stonework is Diamond work, Zardozi work, Kasab, simple Embroidery, Thread work, etc. These can also be done in combination like a thread with stonework. It is decided on the basis of the fabric you select for your attire.  
  • Color selection – Shades of red are preferable as it is considered as a color of a new life and a color that indicates happiness. But with the latest fashion colors like bottle green, silver, white, baby pink, royal blue is also trending. Full attire can be of single color or you may go for a color combination like red and gold, red and cream, etc.  

When you get all these three parameters clear in your mind the final choice begins that is what exactly you are going to wear.  

A Bridal Lehenga  

Lehenga is one of the wedding outfits whose trend never goes out of fashion. It is commonly worn by Asian brides specifically Indian and Pakistani brides. It is a three-piece attire comprising of an ankle-length skirt that is sharara secured at the waist leaving mid-riff and back bare open and therefore paired with choli or blouse or long shirt or kurta and heavily worked dupatta. Tailed sharara is trending these days in which a piece of heavily worked cloth is left behind dragged by the floor.

Bridal Saree

A bridal saree is an attire commonly worn by Hindu or Christian brides. Colors like red, white and green are mostly preferred. However, color options and fabrics used are expanded over the past few years. Traditional bridal sarees include

Kanchipuram wedding saree, Banarasi saree, Resham saree, Bandhani saree, Aithani saree, Silk saree, etc. 

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Traditional Wedding Outfits 

The majority of people follow their culture and tradition when it comes to the selection of wedding outfits. From performing rituals to deciding the attire for the bride and groom everything is done according to the tradition of their culture and religion. Therefore, wearing traditional attire according to your culture is one of the best choices. Fish cut, mermaid gown, tailed gown, etc. are styles available to give a slightly modern touch.

Gharara Dress 

This wedding outfit is a modern version or a sibling of lehenga. Pair of wide-legged pants, fitted at knees followed by flare till the toes. It is paired with short kameez and a heavily worked dupatta. It is traditional attire but highly trending over the last few years.

Floor Touch Wedding Gown  

A floor touch heavy gown is another option available for you. Wide range of colors available with different designing styles like a tailed gown, Floor touch gown, gowns with a heavily worked jacket on top, three layered wedding gowns with the same color tone or different layers of colors, etc. Following are some pictures of beautiful wedding gowns.