Outfits Ideas for Maternity days » Cheif

Maternity days are no longer about loose t-shirts and out of fashion outfits. One can embrace your baby bump and look stylish in your maternity days as well.

Outfits Ideas for Maternity days » Cheif

Maternity days are not less than roller coaster rides. You experience everything mood swings, depression, and sometimes feel like you are on top of the world. Baby kicks, feeling the movements of younger one, all these feelings are priceless. There are times when your growing baby bump makes you feel exceptionally amazing but hold on, is it the same when you look at the outfits kept in your wardrobe? Yes, all those outfits work in your first trimester but what about the second and third trimester? You wear anything and everything you have until the last possible moment but there comes a time when you are confused about what to wear. One should not hesitate to follow the latest fashion trends while selecting an outfit for maternity days. Consider these outfits ideas and enjoy your maternity days.

Here are some of the best outfit ideas for your maternity days.

Gone are the days when maternity clothes might have meant over-sized garments only. Try these outfits for maternity pictures, take advantage of your pregnancy glow, and enjoy your maternity days in style.

Jeans or leggings with top or t-shirt

Jeans and leggings with the elastic bands are stretchy, highly comfortable, and versatile. These are some of the best pieces of clothing you may add to your wardrobe while pregnant because provide support to your growing baby bump. Pair them with a sweater or a t-shirt with a jacket on top for a casual look. The outfit works best when you are going for an outing with a friend or your partner. You may also pair your jeans or leggings with a cold shoulder top or a knee-length top or preferably of cotton for a comfortable outing. 

T-shirt dresses

A full-length or knee-length t-shirt dress of comfortable, soft and cozy material will make you look cute and hot. Combine it with a blazer for a more stylish look. It is suitable for normal day wear as well as for outings. Selection of material should be good, prefer the one which grows with you that is stretchable material for long term use.

Short dress, long kurta, or kaftan dress

One of the most popular and preferable pieces of clothing in maternity is dresses. Floral or dotted ones with a good choice of color will make you look confident. Make it a bit more stylish by tying a ribbon belt above your bump. Try some kaftan dress as well for a formal occasions. This is one of the best outfits for maternity pictures.

Skirt with a stylish top or t-shirt

Good news to all those people who love wearing skirts you may embrace your bump by wearing a long skirt, a knee-length skirt, a midi skirt, or a classic pencil skirt. Pair it with a loose sweater or t-shirt and it will look exceptionally amazing. Comfort yourself by placing a belt above your bump.  

Track pant and a fitted top

All of us know that track pants are highly comfortable and we prefer wearing them again and again but do you know that they can give you a stylish look as well if you pair them with a perfect top. Pair it with a stylish lace top or loose off-shoulder t-shirt and go for a casual day out in v cool look. 

Midi dress

Maxi dresses are highly preferable for any evening occasion. It’s simple, stylish and highly comfortable. You may go for full sleeves ones or strapless or the one with strap according to your taste and comfort. You may try this outfit while clicking maternity pictures.

Jump suit

Nothing is cuter than a pregnant woman wearing jump suit. They are effortless with t shirt underneath. Selection of material should be done in such a way that it stretches with you as your bump grows bigger. Denim ones are also best option for v cool look. 

Sweater dress

Sweater dresses are the best option if your maternity days are going to strike winter days. Long sweater dress or pair them with jeans are best to wear and feel cozy and warm. 

Maternity coats

You must buy a maternity coat for cold weather, as warm and practical clothing is a key to feel at ease. Maternity coats are the best option when you want to hide your bump in the early days of your pregnancy and later you may wear it in combination with a long t-shirt dress or a simple floral dress to cover yourself and balance your bump. You may also use these after your maternity days. Wear your coat with jeans or leggings paired with a top or fitted t-shirt for a bit stylish look.  

Your look doesn’t have to change completely while you are expecting. Maternity style is not like one size fits for all nine months it keeps changing as the days pass and it’s more about comfort. Your first priority while selecting an outfit should be your comfort zone and never forget to look stylish. So, contemplate these maternity outfit ideas and show off your baby bump in the latest styles rather than hiding it under thousand layers of clothes.