Baja Fresh Survey Guide

If you want to send Baja Fresh feedback regarding the Baja Fresh menu or your recent dining experience, there’s no easier way to do it than by taking the Baja Fresh survey. The Baja Fresh survey is available online at Any Baja Fresh customer can take the survey if they want to. In this guide, we will be looking at the steps you need to follow to complete the Baja Fresh survey, as we well as the survey requirements and possible prizes.

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Baja Fresh Survey Rewards

If you decide to complete the Baja Fresh survey, you will receive a Baja Fresh coupon for providing feedback. To get the Baja Fresh coupon, all you need to do is fill in the survey. After completing the questionnaire, the Baja Fresh coupon code should appear on your screen. Write the coupon code on your Baja Fresh receipt and bring it with you when you visit the restaurant. Make sure to inform the cashier that you will be using a Baja Fresh coupon when you order. The value of the Baja Fresh coupon may change. Generally, you can find out the exact value of the Baja Fresh coupon you receive for completing the survey from your receipt.

Baja Fresh Survey Requirements

As mentioned, any Baja Fresh customer can take the survey. There are no special requirements to answer the questionnaire.

However, if you want to take advantage of the Baja Fresh coupon you receive at the end, you will need to have a Baja Fresh receipt. The Baja Fresh receipt has a special area in which you can write the Baja Fresh coupon code. Once the coupon code appears on screen, you will have to write it in this are. To redeem your Baja Fresh coupon, you must bring this receipt with you.

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This is how the Baja Fresh survey page looks like.

Baja Fresh Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

Now that we’ve looked at the Baja Fresh survey rewards and requirements, we can take a look at the survey itself. Below is a step-by-step guide for completing the survey.

  • Open the Baja Fresh survey page. You can find at
  • Once there, you need to identify the Baja Fresh restaurant location you visited. You can either write the address printed on your receipt or choose the location from the menu.
  • If you chose to enter your location number, you will need to provide it in the empty field on your page. The location number can be found either at the top of your receipt, near the name of the Baja Fresh location you visited, or under the website address on the receipt. Please enter the location number and press Next.
  • If the number of your location was not provided on your receipt, you will need to first select a state from the drop down list. According to the state you choose, you will need to select your location. Click Next after you have done so.
  • Once you identify the Baja Fresh location you want to speak about, you can start answering the survey questions. The survey questions are related to your experience at Baja Fresh, the Baja Fresh menu, Baja Fresh staff and customer service.
  • After answering the questions, you can leave an extended comment regarding your experience. This step is optional, and you can skip it.
  • At the end, you will beĀ asked to leave contact information. By leaving your contact details, you can receive updates regarding Baja Fresh coupons, promotions, and deals. If you are not interested in staying up to date with Baja Fresh promotions, you can skip this step as well.
  • After submitting the survey, wait a couple of moments until the Baja Fresh coupon code pops up on screen. Write down on your receipt before closing the webpage. You might not be able to access the Baja Fresh coupon code when you reopen the webpage.

Baja Fresh Useful Information & Links

If you encounter any issues with the Baja Fresh survey, or the Baja Fresh coupon, you can contact Baja Fresh customer service. You can find different Baja Fresh contact methods and details at, in the Contact Us tab. If you want to contact a specific Baja Fresh location, use the Baja Fresh store locator to find their phone number and the Baja Fresh hours for that location.

For general feedback, use the online contact form available at to send your comments to Baja Fresh management. And lastly, for any information regarding Baja Fresh, Baja Fresh menu and Baja Fresh restaurants in general, visit their main website,

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