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Bealls Florida Survey is a company rich in tradition and filled with a history unmatched to any other. We are a company that pushes forward in the face of diversity and have come out on top over the last century. The goal of our company is to have you looking and feeling your best while making your pocketbook happy, which is why we have quality clothing at affordable prices. We want to make sure our customers are happy with their product and their time spent at Beall’s Florida.

It all started as a dream that turned into a reality when our founder, Robert Beall, made the decision to spend every dollar he had to make his dream come true. Now, our company has everything from kids’ clothes to home goods. We are a company that is here to stay. Our history has taught us many things and our beliefs and how we treat our customers and staff make us a company for today and for the future.

To know us is to know where we came from and why our company is the way that it is. Today so many companies have forgone the old ways and only care about the money; but here at Beall’s Florida, we put our customers above money and our history and the countless number of happy customers are all the proof you need to see that. A History Worth Repeating

Robert M. Beall started the company in 1915 in Bradentown, Florida, with a population of 3,000 at the time. Mr. Beall started the company with his entire investment of $2,500; which he originally named THE DOLLAR LIMIT. With the entire investment on stock, he had to improvise with displaying his merchandise, so he used the wooden packing crates that the goods came in as display tables.

In 1920, due to World War 1 and inflation, THE DOLLAR LIMIT went through a transformation, including the name; V (FIVE) DOLLAR LIMIT. That did not deter the customers, and a short time later the company needed a bigger store. In 1924 he built a new store just a few blocks away from the original store.

Although the company was doing well in the late 20s, when the Great Depression hit the country unfortunately Beall’s Florida was not exempt from such devastation; Mr. Beall lost the store to the bank; but thankfully he continued operating it, and because of that hard work and determination, he was able to repurchase the company in 1944.

A few short years after repurchasing the company, Mr. Beall’s son, E.R. Beall, came on board and the company continued its great growth and became known as Beall’s Department Store in 1946.

Modern History

Beall’s Florida saw unprecedented growth in the 70s, and because of that growth the chain grew to $38 million in annual sales by 1980. Beall’s became an outlet store in 1987 when E.R. Beall noticed the extreme success of outlet retailing in the Carolinas. The outlet stores continue to flourish and now there are over 450 locations in 17 states.

In 2004 the fourth generation of Beall children joined the company; so when we say the founding family still owns Bealls, we mean it.

Even with all the growth and success that the company was seeing, Robert Beall continued to run and operate the original store downtown up until a few months before he passed, in 1979, at the tender age 86.

What Is Bealls Florida?

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Bealls Florida Survey is a clothing and home merchandise store that started in 1915 and is still owned by the founding family. Beall’s currently has 530 stores, of which 70 are located in Florida alone, and grosses over a billion dollars a year. When you shop Beall’s Florida, you get the lifestyle clothing choices you want for a price your pocketbook will love. Our companies include

In 1992 the first outlet store was opened in Arizona; which also happened to be the first store outside of Florida.. We are currently located in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and of course, Florida

Is There a Need for Bealls Florida?

As long as there is a need for clothing and anything for the home, there will be a need for There will always be a need for quality fashion and home merchandise at a great price. There truly is something for everyone at, from kids to adults. Our merchandise includes the following items:

  • For the home
  • Bed and bath products
  • Womens’ clothing
  • Mens’ clothing
  • Juniors’ clothing
  • Kids’ clothing
  • Shoes for all
  • Accessories
  • Luggage

With the invention of the internet, it has never been so easy to look good and feel even better; all while shopping from the comfort of your own home. Bealls Florida can now reach customers across the nation, and you can have the merchandise delivered to your door without ever having to get dressed. Now there really is no excuse not to be a customer of ours and see what all the hype is all about.

Why Shop at Bealls Florida Instead of Its Competitors?

When you shop at you get quality merchandise with exclusive brands and fashion that is chosen specifically for the sunbelt climates. The merchandise is in style with the times and the clothing is fashionable for children and adults alike. Over the last century, we have kept up with the ever-changing fashion and have helped many customers over the years. You get the right look for the right price from brands such as

bunulu products

  • Reel Legends: Performance Outfitters
  • Coral Bay
  • Leoma Lovegrove
  • Art and Soul

Robert Beall built this company on a few principles that still serve as the company’s pillars. Those principles include integrity, dedication, efficiency, and generosity.


From the very beginning, we believed in always doing the right thing. That is something we still pride ourselves on today. The dedication we have to doing things the right way is something we want other companies to learn from us, and we are proud to be a guiding light of ethics in the business world.


We learned the business from our customers, and we will do what we can to ensure that our customers never leave our store unhappy or disappointed. Customers are our number one priority; without them, we are no longer a company.


In this ever-changing world we live in, things move fast and we are quick to adapt to those changes and do what we can improve our company and the world.


We have been beyond blessed every step of our journey and we want to share the rewards of that success. Even during the darkest of times, we learned something valuable and took that with us into the next part of our journey. We have always believed in sharing our great success with those around us. Not only do we have the charitable foundation set up in our founder’s name, but Bealls impacts nonprofits across the state and nation.

When you support our company, we return that support and help our communities in a few different ways. We have a charitable foundation–the R.M. Beall, Sr. Charitable Foundation–created in 1987. The charitable foundation came to fruition with the sale of our downtown store. With our foundation, we are dedicated to helping youth and the cause of education. We are a company that gives back.

We have also provided over 600 employees and their dependents scholarships over the years and have been a longtime supporter of the United Way. We also have assisted Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society and sponsored Take Stock in Children, a mentoring program to help at-risk children throughout Florida.


When you shop at Bealls Florida, you are shopping at a company that has been family owned since 1915. You continue to support a company that bought into the American dream; starting from nothing and becoming a huge success, even while surviving through wars and the Great Depression. Robert Beall never gave up on his dream: even after he lost it to the bank, he continued to work and manage the store and bought it back from them.

With a store dedicated to customer service, helping others, and built on pride and determination, with, you cannot go wrong. Beall’s Florida continues to serve the communities surrounding them. From a $2,500 company back in 1915 to a billion dollar company today, is a company to get behind and be proud of. The strength and perseverance Robert Beall had then is something that still runs strong today. Bealls treat people like they are family, because honestly, they are.

E.R. Beall said it best: “see what will be, not what is.” That is what we do at We see where things are going in the future and we do what we can to help our company get there. We are a company of the future and we plan on serving you long into that future.

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