Church’s Chicken Survey Guide

Once you enjoy the tasty chicken at Church’s Chicken, you will want to leave the company feedback. Our Church’s Chicken customer satisfaction survey guide will walk you through the steps needed to complete their online survey. Filling out this online feedback form makes you eligible for some tasty prizes, but you will need to make sure you are eligible for the survey first. To find out everything you need to know about the Church’s Chicken survey at, keep reading this article.

Church’s Chicken Survey Rewards

At the end of the Church’s Chicken survey, you will receive a validation code to thank you for your input. This code can be redeemed for whatever offer is written on your receipt. The precise deal given to you by Church’s Chicken will vary from location to location. The survey reward is generally a free menu item with a purchase or a discount on your purchase. For more information on which specific reward you get after taking the survey, read the bottom of your receipt from Church’s Chicken.

Church’s Chicken Survey Requirements

There are just a few eligibility criteria you will need to meet before taking part in the Church’s survey at

  • Participants should be people who have recently gone to Church’s Chicken.
  • Survey takers must be in possession of a receipt from their visit to Church’s Chicken.
  • Survey participants should be aware that taking the survey constitutes agreement with the Church’s Chicken feedback survey privacy policy.
  • People taking the survey should not be immediate family members of a Church’s Chicken employee.

Church’s Chicken Survey: How to Complete It

1. Type into your web browser to go to the Church’s Chicken survey website.
2. Click the “Espanol” link to take the survey in Spanish, or continue in English.
3. Enter the restaurant number and order number from your receipt into the blank fields.
4. Choose the date and time of your visit from the drop down menus.
5. Click the orange button that says “Start.”

churchs chicken survey
6. Say whether you dined in or took carry out from Church’s.
7. Click the “Next” button after finishing each set of questions to move to each new page in the survey.
8. Provide answers to all of the questions about how satisfied you were with various aspects of your visit to Church’s.
9. Submit the survey.

10. Copy your validation code down onto your receipt before closing the page.

Church’s Chicken Survey Completion Troubleshooting & Useful Links

Use these contact methods to get in touch with Church’s Chicken if you encounter problems that prevent you from completing the survey.

Contact Form:
Phone Number:1 (866) 345-6788
Address: Church’s Global Restaurant Support Center
980 Hammond Drive
Suite 1100
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

To let Church’s know what you thought of their survey, write feedback on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also comment below to share your Church’s Chicken customer satisfaction survey tips with other survey participants!

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