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Welcome to our Del Taco Survey Guide, your number one source for information on how to take the Del Taco customer survey. You can use the Del Taco survey to communicate any aspects of your customer experience with Del Taco. So, from any Del Taco coupons, you might have used, for your Taco Tuesday Del Taco visit or your thoughts on the Del Taco drive-thru hours, just to name a few examples. In a nutshell, the survey is the most effective tool you can use to send your message about their products and services. If this is your first time taking the survey, feel free to use the explanations below to understand the process.

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Del Taco Survey Rewards

It seems that the Del Taco survey has some form of incentive for customers who participate, but it is not openly described on the website within the first pages. This Del Taco Survey Guide will tell you the chance to get a reward when you complete the survey. However, on the Del Taco sample receipt, you can see an open space for a validation code to write it down. So, it means that you will be able to redeem the offer printed on your receipt after you take the survey. Your prize might be free tacos or a Del Taco coupon. But, it all depends on the receipt you have. In other words, we can’t speak about any definitive Del Taco survey rewards. However, we can say that you might get a tasteful treat at the end of the Del Taco survey.

Of course, there are a few other advantages of completing the Del Taco survey. If you like to go to this fast-food restaurant to eat frequently, you would naturally like to enjoy the best services possible. The Del Taco survey is your chance to inform the company about what you think they could improve. In turn, they will take your comments into consideration by suitable professionals. So, you just might see them the next time you go for a Del Taco Tuesday run.

Del Taco Survey Requirements

This Del Taco Survey Guide has the requirements to qualify for the survey. And so, anyone can visit the website, but not everyone can take the Del Taco survey. Del Taco is only interested in feedback from individuals who personally interacted with their services and products by purchasing them. Only people who fall under this category have the ability to provide feedback that is relevant to the Del Taco corporate team. So, you need to prove that you were a customer and indeed bought menu items from their restaurant. To do so, you need to have the receipt from your most recent visit. They will ask you to provide the location code of the restaurant you visited, as well as the Del Taco survey code printed on your receipt.

If you would like to know which the closest Del Taco is for you, visit their locations page. You can search for locations by inserting keywords in the locator tool. For example, if you search for Del Taco Downey, you will receive the full address, distance, and hours of operation for their restaurant in Downey, California.

In addition to a Del Taco survey code and receipt, you also need to know either English or Spanish fluently. Moreover, you need to have a device with a steady internet connection, like a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can use mobile devices for the Del Taco survey. However, a PC makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

del taco survey page screenshot
The Del Taco survey portal looks like this photo.

Survey Steps and Tips

The Del Taco survey guide has these steps. You can be completed in just a few minutes – we’d say 10 at the most. We recommend that you get your receipt before accessing the website. In that way, you don’t waste any time. Prepare your computer or mobile device. Then, follow these detailed instructions for successful completion.


  • Go to the Del Taco survey website. You will be automatically redirected to this page.
  • Before you start with the Del Taco survey, you need to choose your language. Click the first option for English or the second option for Spanish.
  • Enter your location number. It can contain anywhere from one to four digits and it is at the very top part of your receipt.
  • Click the grey Start
  • To prove your eligibility, you need to enter the survey code printed on your receipt. It should contain a total of fifteen digits. It is on the bottom half of the check. If you can’t seem to find the survey code on your receipt, consult the sample image on the right side of the page for guidance.
  • Go through each and every question that comes up in the Del Taco survey. You can refer to any aspect of your experience as a customer, from the food you ate to the services you received. If your feedback is positive, don’t hesitate to let the team know all about it. On the other hand, if you have any critical comments, you can feel free to describe them with as many details as you need to. The constructive criticism will help Del Taco improve its services.
  • When you reach the end of the Del Taco survey, you will receive a validation code so you can redeem the offer included on your receipt. Make sure that you write the validation code down on your existing receipt. So, it can be valid. The next time you go to a Del Taco restaurant, just hand the receipt to the cashier to enjoy the prize you were promised.

Contact Information

The official website of the Del Taco fast food restaurant chain is, the place where you can find all relevant info about them. You can use the site to browse their menu. Then, look over their specials or see the full list of Del Taco locations. To reach out to a Del Taco representative, use the tab labeled Connect on the home page. You can also call them at 800 852 7204 to talk about your comment or suggestion in detail.

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