Dollar Tree Feedback Survey Guide

In our Dollar Tree Feedback Survey Guide we try to provide the ultimate source for the DollarTreeFeedback feedback survey, which includes how you can offer your Dollar Tree feedback through the Dollar Tree survey, how you can enter the DollarTreeFeedback sweepstakes, what other rewards there are regarding the Dollar Tree customer survey, what requirements you need to meet before participating in the survey or how to complete the Dollar Tree feedback com survey, among others.

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DollarTreeFeedback Survey Rewards

One of the main reasons why customers are so enthusiastic about offering their DollarTree feedback through the DollarTreeFeedback survey is the rewards they can win. By completing the DollarTreefeedback customer survey, you will automatically enter the DollarTreeFeedback Survey Sweepstakes.

This means that you can be one of the lucky winners of their daily $1,000 cash prizes simply by filling out the Dollar Tree customer satisfaction survey. In addition to this, the Dollar Tree guest visit survey can bring you one of their other prizes valued at $1,500. Dollar Tree offers these larger prize once a week.

We recommend you read the terms and conditions of the DollarTreeFeedback survey sweepstakes before entering the sweepstakes. You can find this information on, on the Terms and Conditions page. To find out more about the types of information Dollar Tree collects during the survey and how they use it, please visit the Privacy Policy page at

dollar tree feedback survey page screenshot
The Dollar Tree Feedback Survey page, asking you to select your language.

Dollar Tree Feedback Survey Requirements

To be eligible for the Dollar Tree feedback survey on you will need to be fluent in English, Spanish or French. You will also need a recent Dollar Tree receipt. Please note that the Dollar Tree feedback survey cannot be filled out without your receipt, as you will need to provide details printed on it.

You also need to be a legal resident of the United States and 18 years old to participate in the Dollar Tree feedback survey. If you are younger than 18 and you want to go through the Dollar Tree feedback survey, we recommend that you speak with a parent or a guardian for assistance. Lastly, you will need to have access to a computer connected to the internet, considering that the Dollar Tree feedback survey is online.

dollar tree survey screenshot receipt code
The next page of the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey, asking for the receipt code.

Dollar Tree Feedback Survey: How to Complete It

If you are eligible for the Dollar Tree feedback survey,  use the guide below to complete the Dollar Tree survey. Remember, your Dollar Tree feedback survey receipt is key, so make sure that you also have that near you. When fully prepared, follow these steps:

  • Access the Dollar Tree feedback survey website at
  • First step is to choose your language. You can select English, Spanish (Español) or French (Français). We will continue our Dollar Tree feedback survey guide with instructions for the English version.
  • The creators of the Dollar Tree feedback survey will inform you about the Dollar Tree feedback survey sweepstakes prizes. The second part of the page will have four empty fields. In these fields, you will need to enter your Dollar Tree feedback survey code. You can find these digits on the bottom part of your receipt. Typically, they are in a separate box outlined with “*” characters. Consult the image provided to locate the Dollar Tree survey code on your receipt.
  • After entering your Dollar Tree feedback survey code you can press the large green Next button to begin your survey.
  • Answer all of the questions and rate all of the services mentioned in your Dollar Tree feedback survey. We highly recommend that you do this truthfully
  • At the end, you will be instantly enrolled in the Dollar Tree feedback survey sweepstakes. Don’t forget that you can win either $1,000 in cash on a daily basis or prizes valued at $1,500 every week! After you have completed the DollarTreeFeedback survey, you will receive a confirmation message.

DollarTreeFeedback Survey Troubleshooting and Useful Information

If you experience any issues with the DollarTreeFeedback survey, you can call Dollar Tree customer support. The number is 1-877-530-8733. Alternatively, you can send Dollar Tree customer support a message. Go to the Dollar Tree online support page, at, in the Customer Service and Order Support section. Fill in the form and leave Dollar Tree feedback.

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  1. I will NEVER shop at any Dollar Tree again, to listen to an employee yell to another that she was taking a break after things slowed down 3x’s and being checked out by a girl named ANDI (?) whom definitely did not want to be working. Politeness is not in her dictionary when all she said was $11.37. Not your total is $11.37 please, nor a thank you.

    And THANK YOU for reading.

    • It must have been quite an unpleasant experience. Contact Dollar Tree customer service or mention this in the survey.


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