TellDunkin Dunkin Donuts Survey Guide

Dunkin Donuts is the place to go to when we are need of a fast and delicious donut early in the morning or even late at night. Not only that Dunkin Donuts is one of the best fast food chains all around the world but their customer rebates are just about the same too.

Now, you can assess and get a chance to win with their Tell Dunkin Donuts guest survey sweepstakes. In the survey, Dunkin Donuts customers can fill in the Dunkin Donuts survey, TellDunkin, regardless of whether they have a Dunkin Donuts survey invitation code on their receipt or not.

The survey can be accessed at Anyone who takes the Dunkin Donuts survey will receive a reward, a free Dunkin Donuts doughnut and more exciting prices. This guide will explain the Dunkin Donuts survey requirements, and provide a walkthrough of the survey itself.

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TellDunkin Survey Rewards

When you complete the Dunkin Donuts survey, you will get a delightful token of appreciation. You will get a Dunkin Donuts coupon code to redeem a yummy prize the next time you visit a Dunkin Donuts store. All you have to do is write down the Dunkin Donuts gift code on your receipt after you finish the TellDunkin survey.

When you next visit a Dunkin Donuts, bring this receipt with you. It can be used like any other Dunkin Donuts coupon. Present the receipt to your cashier to redeem the Dunkin Donuts survey prize, a free donut.

Some restrictions may apply. You can check your receipt for more information.

TellDunkin Survey Requirements

There are a handful of requirements that you need to consider before getting started with the satisfaction survey at

You will need a recent Dunkin Donuts receipt with an 18-digit Dunkin Donuts survey code. The TellDunkin survey code allows you to access the questionnaire.

If your Dunkin Donuts receipt does not have an 18-digit survey code, you will need to fill the store number, date and time of your visit instead when you visit

Once you finish the Dunkin Donuts survey, keep the receipt you used. You will need to write down the Dunkin Donuts coupon code on it, and present it to the cashier when you go to redeem your free donut.

You also need to have access to a PC, laptop or mobile device. The Dunkin Donuts survey is available only online, at

For more information about the survey rules and Dunkin Donuts coupon restrictions, you can access their guidelines here:

telldunkin dunkin donuts survey website screenshot
This is how the Dunkin Donuts survey page looks like.

TellDunkin Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

If you are eligible for the Dunkin Donuts survey at, you can move to completing the TellDunkin questionnaire. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Go to the Dunkin Donuts survey portal.
  2. The first step on the page is to choose the language. By default, the survey is in English, but you can opt for Spanish instead.
  3. To access the Dunkin Donuts survey, you need to enter your survey code. Your code should be made up of 18 digits. The survey code is printed on your receipt under your survey invitation.
  4. If you don’t have a code printed on your receipt, click the link that reads My receipt does not have a survey code. You need to enter the store number or PC number at the top part of your receipt, the date of your visit and the hour of your visit.
  5. Click Start or Next, depending on which option you chose.
  6. Answer all of the questions according to your latest visit to one of their locations. Rate various services or comment on the products.
  7. Enter your email address so the company can contact you if needed.
  8. When you reach the last step, you will receive your Dunkin Donuts survey reward. Write the Dunkin Donuts coupon code after you receive it. Once you close the website, you may lose the code.

Dunkin Donuts Useful Information

To talk to customer service personally, you can use their contact form here: You can also speak with them over the phone by calling 1 800 859 5339 between 7 am and 7 pm, Monday through Friday. You can find all the info you need about Dunkin Donuts on their official website:

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  1. I wish u would have a better Selecltion on your Donuts, & Filling the insides better, Don’t even sell Powered Peanut Butter that’s all!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 12/24/17 Free donut w/Drink

    Gee, thanks so much for Nothing. Now that I am home, I see your cash register did NOT put ANY survey code on my receipt. I bought a $20 Gift card.
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    I was glad to see that you added a few sandwiches tho.


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