Fairwinds Survey Guide

Fairwinds Credit Union takes their customer satisfaction so seriously that they offer all customers the chance to provide feedback. If you want to share your opinion with Fairwinds, you should read our guide to the Fairwinds survey. We will tell you all about the typical survey requirements and rewards. Keep reading to get an easy step by step guide to each part of completing the Fairwinds survey.

Fairwinds Survey Rewards

Completing the Fairwinds feedback survey will benefit you because your comments can directly change how Fairwinds operates. The form is a great way to offer any constructive criticism and help the bank to improve their customer service. It can be used to register complaints which the credit union will address. You can also use the survey as an opportunity to mention any great employees, so it can be used to reward those who were particularly helpful during your transaction. Each person who fills out the survey will be rewarded with the assurance that their opinions have been heard by Fairwinds.

Fairwinds Survey Requirements

There are just a few requirements for anyone who wants to fill out the Fairwinds survey online:

  • Survey participants must be members of the Fairwinds credit union.
  • People taking the survey should be people who have recently completed a transaction at a Fairwinds branch.
  • Participants will need the receipt from their transaction so they can input all the correct identifying information into the survey.
  • Survey takers must be willing to provide their identification and contact information.

Fairwinds Survey: How to Complete It

1. Type into your web browser to go to the official survey webpage.
2. Write the identification number of the teller who helped you in the first blank field. You can find this at the bottom of your receipt, and it will be labeled “TLR.”

fairwinds survey teller id
3. Choose which Fairwinds services you used during your visit.
4. Provide details about the speed, accuracy, and knowledgeability of the teller helping you.
5. Answer the questions about how friendly and polite the teller was during your transaction.
6. Rate your overall level of satisfaction with your trip to Fairwinds.
7. Say whether or not you would recommend the credit union to others.
8. Provide your contact information and member number in the appropriate areas.
9. Write any extra comments in the blank text box at the bottom of the survey page.

fairwinds survey comment
10. Click the “Submit” button.

Fairwinds Survey Completion Troubleshooting & Useful Links

If you run into any problems during the survey, do not hesitate to contact Fairwinds. You can talk to them over social media on their Facebook and Twitter pages. They can also be reached through the following methods.

Contact Form:
Phone Number: 800.443.6887
Address:Fairwinds Credit Union
3087 N. Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32826

Are you a customer at Fairwinds? Comment below to share your Fairwinds survey taking tips with other participants!

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