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The Five Guys survey is the best way to get one step closer to a Five Guys coupon. If you send your opinion to Five Guys customer service, a world of benefits will be at your fingertips. To learn everything you need to know about the Five Guys customer survey, don’t hesitate to use our extensive Five Guys Survey Guide. We will cover the whole Five Guys survey experience. It includes Five Guys’ survey rewards, requirements, tips, and steps for completion. Choose to start the survey. And then, leave your personal Five Guys review today!

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Five Guys Survey Rewards

Like with most other fast-food restaurants, Five Guys offers an interesting opportunity for submitting Five Guys reviews through the Five Guys slash survey. With most questionnaires, you either get a discount or a sweepstakes entry. However, the survey really stands out among ‘competitors’, so to speak. To put it shortly, the Five Guys survey has the best of both worlds, combining the idea of a coupon and sweepstakes. As a result, it offers 10 delightful prizes every month, in the form of a coupon. If you are one of the ten lucky winners, your 5 Guys gift card is valued at $25.00! Next time you visit the Five Guys, you can feast on menu items equivalent to this amount entirely free of charge.

While this is the obvious reason why so many customers engage in Five Guys online and decide to leave their own 5 Guys review through the survey, there are also some other benefits that customers might not be aware of. For example, if you like to frequently go to Five Guys to eat, you most likely have a solid opinion about your Five Guys customer experience. If you totally enjoyed your time there, you are more than welcome to leave your positive feedback in the Five Guys burgers survey. However, if you have any suggestions or complaints, don’t hesitate to leave a Five Guys burger review with your critical observations, especially if they are constructive. All of these steps lead to an even more awesome customer experience!

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The Five Guys survey platform looks like this screenshot.

Five Guys Survey Requirements

If everyone had the chance to enter the Five Guys survey sweepstakes, the hosts would probably run out of coupons in a short period of time. Additionally, the Five Guys dot com slash survey providers are really only interested in feedback that comes from customers who are basically entitled to it. In other words, you can leave as many comments as you would like if you were a customer. If you just entered their restaurant and didn’t purchase anything, however, you won’t be eligible for the Five Guys survey.

If you are wondering ‘Where is Five Guys?’, you should know that you can find all their locations on their website. Click the Locations button and search according to your area. For every result, you will receive the complete address, phone number, hours of operation, services, and even directions to get there. Now that you are on the Five Guys website, you can also consider ordering online if you don’t feel like you’re in the mood to leave the house.

In a nutshell, the only significant Five Guys survey requirement is that you really were one of their guests. They will ask you to provide receipt details. So, you can start by getting your copy close by. You also need to legally reside in the United States and be at least 18 years old when you enter the survey. There are a few other regulations.

Survey Steps and Tips

Before you get started with the Five Guys survey we just wanted to suggest that you verify your internet connection to make sure that everything is running smoothly. You will naturally also need a proper device to access the survey website, like a laptop or a desktop computer. You can also take the survey from a mobile device. So, you can get your tablet or smartphone ready if preferred.

When you want to start the Five Guys survey, just follow these instructions:

  • Go to the survey site, the official portal for the Five Guys survey. If in doubt, check with our sample image to see if you are on the proper page.
  • Read the message provided by the Five Guys team on the survey’s home page. This is also the point where you can reread the sweepstakes rules and even consult their Privacy Policy if needed. For the latter option, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then, click the link with this name.
  • If you want to go ahead with the survey questions, start by entering the store number of the Five Guys location you dined at. It can be easily spotted at the top of your receipt. You will find an example on your page that you can consult at any time.
  • Select your date of visit from the small interactive calendar on your screen. If you can’t remember what day it was, just look at the date printed on your receipt.
  • Enter your Trans. Seq. No., your Chk. No. or your Order ID, depending on how it’s mentioned on your receipt. It should be around the middle of the receipt on the left side.

More Steps and Information

  • Click the red button that reads Start Survey to begin.
  • Go through all of the inquiries of the Five Guys survey. Rate or comment on the services you received at this fast food. Also, don’t hesitate to describe your customer experience in detail. You might have to leave personal information so they can contact you if you win the sweepstakes. However, you cannot share it with a third party.
  • You will automatically enter the survey sweepstakes. Keep an eye on your phone and inbox because you just might win one of their $25 gift cards!

For any questions about the survey, please use the online contact form. Enter your complete name, phone number, email address, and message to be called back soon!

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