Golden Corral GC Listens Survey Guide

If you are interested in taking the Golden Corral survey, GC Listens, at, this guide will explain how the survey works, what the survey requirements are and what you can receive for completing the GC Listens survey. We’ll also provide Golden Corral customer service contact information at the end of the article, in case you have trouble with the survey or just want to get in touch with Golden Corral customer service.

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Golden Corral Listens Survey Rewards

For taking part in the GC Listens survey you will get the chance to enter te Golden Corral Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes offer daily prizes, and one weekly prize.

To enter the sweepstakes, you will have to complete the survey in its entirety. You will also have to provide contact details, so Golden Corral can get in touch regarding the prize.

Sweepstakes participants must be at least 18 years old. Only legal residents of the US can enter the sweepstakes. Golden Corral employees cannot enter the Golden Corral sweepstakes.

You can view a list of previous sweepstakes winners at

Golden Corral Listens Survey Requirements

To take part in the GC Listens survey, you will need a recent Golden Corral receipt. Golden Corral receipts contain a survey invitation and a survey access code. The GC Listens survey code is 14 digits long and will allow you to enter the survey questionnaire.

In addition to this code, you will also need to provide details about your recent visit to Golden Corral. This information is also available on your receipt.

Golden Corral Listens Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

Reaching this point in our Golden Corral Listens Survey Guide means that you are interested in the rewards at hand and that you also fit into their requirements. Get your invitation card, prepare a device with an internet connection and follow these steps for completing the Golden Corral Listens Survey:

  • Access the Golden Corral Listens Survey website at
  • On the main page of the website, you will have to choose the survey language. Your options are English or Spanish.
  • Once you have chosen the survey languagem you will be prompted to enter the GC Listens survey code. You can find the code on the survey invitation.
  • Provide any necessary details regarding your visit to Golden Corral.
  • Answer the GC Listens survey questions.
  • (Optional) Comment on your experience at Golden Corral.
  • After answering all the mandatory questions, you can enter the survey sweepstakes
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Wait for confirmation that your sweepstakes entry has been validated before closing the website.

* The Golden Corral Listens Survey can also be taken via telephone. As your invitation card reads, you can call 1 888 638 4153 and enter your 14 digit Golden Corral Listens Survey code. If you want to consult their Privacy Policy, click here. For the full terms and conditions of the Golden Corral Listens Survey and sweepstakes, go to this web page. To see all of the previous winners, go here.

About Golden Corral


If you want to get in touch with Golden Corral, the best way to do so is through their contact form. Choose your subject from the drop down list.  Proceed with entering your first name, last name (optional), email address (twice for confirmation), full phone number, address, city, state, zip code, best contact time, preferred method of being responded to and your suggestions or comments. At the end, press Submit to send your inquiry.

If you would like to get in touch with a specific Golden Corral location, use the Golden Corral restaurant locator available at

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  1. I ask for a omelette with a slice of ham,and the employee…he doesn’t cooked for me !
    Why ? I don’t know.
    No ID.No name…if he works for Golden Corral or other company.CODE.1682 10041 14240.
    He doesn’t know about customer service or he was in bad mood ? For special request ???
    Tomorrow…NO GOLDEN CORRAL !!!

    • That’s unfortunate. The Golden Corral survey will give the opportunity to leave an extended comment, to describe the situation. You can also contact customer service, of course, if you’d prefer to speak directly with someone at Golden Corral.


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