Gordon’s Jewelers Survey Guide

Share valuable feedback with Gordon’s Jewelers by using our guide to their online survey. We will provide easy instructions that show you how to complete each step of the Gordon’s survey. This guide to the Gordon’s Jewelers will also show you whether or not you qualify for the survey rewards. Keep reading to discover how you can collect your survey prize and save money on your next trip to Gordon’s.

Gordon’s Survey Rewards

If you are planning on shopping at Gordon’s Jewelers again soon, the survey reward is definitely useful. At the end of the survey, each person is given a coupon validation code that can be used to receive a discount on your next Gordon’s Jewelers purchase. Just keep in mind that the amount of the discount can vary depending on what other promotions Gordon’s currently has running. Read your receipt to see how much of a discount you can get. This coupon will typically be valid for any regular or sales priced items, but it must be used within 90 days.

Gordon’s Survey Requirements

Make sure you meet this list of requirements before you begin taking the Gordon’s Jewelers feedback survey.

  • Survey takers need to be shoppers who have made a purchase at Gordon’s Jewelers before.
  • People completing the survey should not be employees at Gordon’s Jewelers.
  • Survey participants need a receipt from Gordon’s Jewellers that contains a survey invitation code.
  • Those taking the survey should be willing to read and agree to the Gordon’s Jewelers privacy policy before beginning the survey.

Gordon’s Survey: How to Complete It

1. Open a new web browser page and go to www.gordonssurvey.com.
2. Click the link to take the survey in Spanish, or just skip to step 3 and take it in English.
3. Write the survey entry code into the series of blank boxes connected with dashes. You can find this number at the bottom of your receipt.
4. Click the purple button that says “Start.”
5. Answer each one of the questions about what occurred during your visit and how satisfied you were with your visit to Gordon’s Jewellers.
6. Go to each new page of questions by clicking the button that says “Next.”
7. Submit the survey.
8. Write the validation code down on your receipt before closing the webpage.

Gordon’s Survey Completion Troubleshooting & Useful Links

You can speak to Gordon’s Jewelers about the Gordon’s Jewelers customer satisfaction survey by leaving a message on their Facebook page. Any other questions about the survey can be answered by using one of these contact methods:

Gordon’s Jewelers Contact Form: www.gordonsjewelers.com/helpdesk/index.jsp
Gordon’s Jewelers Phone Number: 1-888-GORDON1 (467-3661)
Survey Management Group Address: SMG Privacy Office
1737 McGee St,
Kansas City, MO, 64108

Let us know how the survey taking process went for you by leaving a message in our comment section!

Note: The Gordon’s Jewelers survey is temporarily unavailable.

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