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Once you have enjoyed a meal at a Checkers and Rally’s, you can take the GuestObsessed customer satisfaction survey to share your opinion with the company and receive a prize. Our guide to the GuestObsessed survey will show you how to fill out the online feedback form for these restaurants. This article will include both step by step instructions and some useful information about survey rewards. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before taking the GuestObsessed survey.

GuestObsessed Survey Rewards

After you complete the GuestObsessed feedback survey, you will be rewarded with a validation code. You will need to write the validation code on the bottom of your receipt, and then you can redeem it for a prize. This prize can vary from location to location. It will typically be for a free menu item with a purchase or a small discount on your meal. You can read the bottom of your receipt to see which option is being offered to you. Keep in mind that the validation code may only be used at the restaurant franchise you originally visited.

GuestObsessed Survey Requirements

If you are interested in filling out the survey, you will need to make sure you meet these Checkers and Rally’s requirements:

  • Participants must be recent customers from either a Checkers or a Rally’s location.
  • Those taking the survey need a receipt from their visit that contains an invitation to fill out the survey.
  • Survey takers must be willing to accept the privacy policy associated with the survey.

GuestObsessed Survey: How to Complete It

1. Type into the address bar of your web browser.
2. Write the store number, which is found at the top of your receipt, into the first blank field.
3. PIck the date of your visit from the drop down menus.
4. Click the dark red button that says “Start.”
5. Provide information about which part of the restaurant you used and what time you visited.
6. Click the “Next” button after filling out all questions. Repeat this step each time you finish a page of survey questions.
7. Rate your level of satisfaction, ranging from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied, with the various features of the restaurant, including food taste, restaurant cleanliness, and cashier friendliness.
8. Write any additional comments in the open text box to let Checkers or Rally’s know what you particularly liked.
9. Submit the survey by clicking the “Next” button again.

GuestObsessed Survey Completion Troubleshooting & Useful Links

Message the company over Facebook and Twitter to leave them feedback on their survey process. You can also directly contact their customer service if you run into any problems while taking the survey..

Contact Form:
Phone Number: 1-800-800-8072
Address: Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.
4300 West Cypress St. Suite 600
Tampa, FL

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  1. wanted to complete survey. didnt recieve reciept with store no. order horrible. very unusual. couldnt eat it.


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