Hertz Feedback Survey Guide

The Hertz Feedback Survey was created for customers who have rented a car from Hertz USA. Also, those who want to offer their thoughts about the services they received. Our Hertz Feedback Survey Guide will inform you about Hertz customer feedback survey rewards, Hertz customer satisfaction survey requirements, and how to reach Hertz customer service. Then, the Hertz corporate office through a Hertz phone number list, and a full list of steps, tips, and tricks for successfully completing the Hertz car rental survey.

Hertz Feedback Survey Rewards

Unfortunately, the Hertz client experience survey doesn’t have substantial rewards for customers who take the time to complete it. While many other surveys decide to attract participants with discounts or sweepstakes entries, the Hertz client feedback survey remains true to its initial mission. It is to gather comments from customers regarding their services. This might be dissatisfying news for some. However, others will agree that the Hertz survey serves its purpose.

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In addition, the survey really is the number one way in which you can express your feedback on this company’s services. If you are honest and provide detailed comments, the services you weren’t happy about might be visibly better the next time you want to rent a vehicle from Hertz. The company genuinely cares about customer feedback. So, don’t hesitate to freely communicate your opinion through the Hertz customer feedback survey.

Nonetheless, you do need to be eligible to participate in the Hertz customer satisfaction survey and offer your feedback. Find out if you meet the Hertz Feedback survey requirements below.

Hertz Feedback Survey Requirements

There is only one main requirement that you need to check off to start the Hertz Feedback Survey. It is to be one of their customers. If you have not rented a car from Hertz before, you won’t be able to provide relevant information for this company to upgrade its services. In this regard, you will need to still have the receipt you got from the last time you rented a car from Hertz. The receipt will prove that you indeed bought services from this company. Also, you are entitled to a valid opinion on their way of working.

Even though this information is not stated on the Hertz customer feedback survey website, it is natural to assume that you should have the right legal status to complete the survey. In other words, that you legally reside in the United States and that you are not a minor (18 years old, at the least). This information is quite obvious. So, it is probably the reason why the company did not include these requirements on its website directly.

hertz survey page screenshot
This is what the main page of the Hertz survey should look like.

Survey Steps and Tips

Before you start completing the Hertz customer satisfaction survey, make sure that you have a mobile device or a computer with a reliable internet connection. The Hertz survey is an electronic questionnaire. So, it means that it takes place only through a website. You should also try to get your receipt before beginning the Hertz customer feedback survey. So, you don’t have to look for it when you’re already on the website and ready for participation. If you have prepared everything, you can start with these instructions:

  • Open your favorite internet browser and copy and paste the following link into the empty navigation bar: hertzsurvey.com. Check with our picture here above to see if it matches your result.
  • As you can see, the survey team will thank you for your participation. They will invite you to start taking the survey by pressing the big yellow button in the middle of your screen.
  • To begin the survey, you need to provide your Rental Record number in the empty box on your screen. Your rental record number is at the top part of your receipt and should be nine digits long. See the screenshot below for details.
hertz feedback survey screenshot enter rental record number
This is the part of the Hertz Feedback Survey where you must enter your Rental Record number.
  • Press the blue Next button and start answering the survey questions. They will request your answers as ratings or comments; when asked for the latter, try to provide as many details as you can.
  • Provide any other information required at the end of the Hertz Feedback survey and keep in touch with the company to offer your feedback from time to time.

Europe Hertz Feedback Survey

Residents of the United States are not the only customers who can take the Hertz Feedback Survey. The company has a website dedicated to citizens of Europe, for quite a number of countries. The questions are similar. But there are a few extra steps at the beginning here to identify your location. If you live outside of the United States and have rented a Hertz car, follow the steps below to offer your customer feedback:

  • Access the Hertz Feedback Survey website for Europe at their survey website.
  • Choose your language and country of origin from the light that first appears on your screen.
  • Make sure that your country is selected. So, you can see a blue bullet at the left of the language name in the list.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and press the blue Next
  • Follow the rest of the steps as you would normally do with a survey. Then, press Next after every answer and finish the survey with personal details.

History and Growth

Formally known as The Hertz Corporation, this company is the great car rental business in the United States according to revenue. John D. Hertz founded the company in 1918 and it now has worldwide coverage with its services, with locations in more than 150 countries. A large number of Hertz sales is assisted by their almost 30,000 employees in their three main divisions: Hertz Equipment Rental, Hertz Car Sales, and Hertz on Demand. The Hertz Corporation also has a subsidiary called the Donlen Corporation.

The official web page for this company is www.hertz.com, the best source for information about their services. Here is where you can find Hertz customer service and corporate headquarters phone numbers, under the Customer Support and Contact Us at the bottom of their home page.

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  1. Returned our vehicle at DTW. It was our second vehicle because the first car had worn noisy tires (42,000 miles) No problem. Clerk at MBS was very helpful. But we want to mention specifically the very helpful service given to us by “Princess” the return tech at Detroit. She was cheery and efficient and friendly on a bitter cold night nobody wanted to be outdoors enduring.

    • You should mention your location and the name of the tech when you take the survey, to let them know what a wonderful employee they have!

  2. went to store at paoli pike and boot rd location in pa. ryan converse gave me excellent service, the car was great and would use them again. this was on 6/14.19.

  3. The men at Hertz were very helpful. Like how they got me in and out on the road. Nick at Morrisstown know his job,very nice,


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