How to Hide Belly Fat in Jeans or using other Clothes

Diet is not the only way for losing belly fat. If you wanna hide your belly fat instead of losing it then here is your answer on How to hide belly fat in jeans or using other clothes.

Recently, Gigi Hadid a 25-year-old model who is pregnant with her first child, was live on Instagram, a fan commented on her post, “how do you not have a tummy?” to which Gigi replied, “This angle and the really baggy jumpsuit make for an optical illusion. From the side it’s a different story!”. If you are also one of those women who want to hide their belly fat with clothing, then we are going to tell you some secret tips that would surely help you.

How to Hide Belly Fat?

Layer your Outfit

Layering your outfit is a fun thing to do and is one of the easiest ways to hide belly fat. You can wear a coat, jacket, or blazer and pair it with any outfit, and it would become the best dress for hiding your tummy. Every woman owns jackets, blazers, and coats and if you want to hide your belly fat then you just must layer your outfit and you are good to go anywhere. A big coat would help to hide your tummy and make you look amazing. This picture of Kim Kardashian West is proof.

Layer your Outfit - hide belly fat
Drape Clothes

If you do not like your belly fat, then you must try drape outfits. The drape top or dress is the best dress for hiding the tummy. You should opt for those drape clothes that come at the front and hides the belly. A draped top and drape dress that has layers at the front of the belly can easily become hide belly tops and hide belly dresses, respectively. These drape tops look amazing and will hide your tummy.

hide belly fat - Drape Clothes
Loose Clothes

Wearing loose clothes is probably one of the best ways to hide belly fat. Clothes that are oversized or loose not only look great but help to hide unwanted fat. The only fashion rule that you must stick with is that wear only one piece loose. If you are wearing a loose top, then do not wear loose bottoms with it. Loose clothes come in various styles, buy the one which suits you the best. Always buy one size greater if you want to hide your belly fat. Loose hide belly tops are also available in the market and you can get one for yourself. Some maternity hide belly dresses can also help you to hide your tummy.

A loose top like this would look so cute on you and if you have belly fat then it will hide it as well.

hide belly fat - Loose Clothes
High-Waisted Pants

We believe that high-waisted pants are in every woman’s closet and you can easily utilize these pants to hide your tummy fat. Wearing high-waisted pants with small-length tops or crop tops helps to hide the belly fat as these pants cover the tummy area, making it look smaller. You can wear any kind of high-waisted bottoms with any top to look smarter. It also helps to make you look taller and your legs appear longer. Kylie Jenner posted this gorgeous picture on her Instagram; she is wearing high-waisted pants with a crop top and rocking it.


Just like high-waisted pants, skirts are also a great option to hide tummy fats. The skirts also cover the lower part of the belly making it look smaller. Flowy skirts are more helpful in hiding belly fat as they are not tight and do not hug the body. Wear a loose top or oversized sweater with a pencil skirt to cover your tummy area and this would become the best dress for hiding your tummy.

Wear a flowy and pleated skirt like this to conceal your tummy fat.

hide belly fat -Skirts
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Draw Attention Towards Other Things

If you do not want to draw attention towards a particular thing then you need to wear a statement-making item so it can catch all attention. Celebrities use this trick a lot if they want to pop an item or draw attention away. If you want to hide your tummy fat, then you can wear a chunky necklace or statement-making shoes, so all eyes are on them.

Want no one to look at your tummy? Draw all the attention towards the handbag like Kendal Jenner.

Draw Attention Towards Other Things
Image source: Getty Images
Vertical Stripes can be Your Best Friend

We all know vertical stripes can help to make us look slimmer and taller so why not wear them to hide tummy fat? A vertical stripe dress can easily become the best dress for hiding a tummy. You can also wear a top with vertical stripes to hide your tummy fat. Just remember not to wear two different types of patterns at the same time. Need some inspiration? Then get it from Kim Kardashian West, she looks great in vertical striped bottoms and a blazer. 

hide belly fat- Vertical Stripes can be Your Best Friend
Baggy Jumpsuit

We have learned this tip from model Gigi Hadid. Wearing baggy jumpsuits would help to hide your belly fat. Some jumpsuits have drawstrings at the waist so you can adjust them according to your tummy size. Wear a baggy jumpsuit and hide your unwanted belly fat.

This jumpsuit worn by Hailey Bieber is an excellent clothing item to hide belly fat.


Scarves not only look great but also helps to hide belly fat. There are multiple ways to wear a scarf and you can choose which one you like, and which one would conceal your belly fat. You can wear a scarf to make a dull outfit look exciting and these can be easily worn with dresses or tops.

 Wear your scarf in this style to conceal your belly fat.

Scarves - how to hide belly fat in jeans
Flowy Dresses or Tops

Summers are the best time to wear flowy dresses or tops as they make you feel comfortable. Wearing a flowy dress or top would help you to hide belly fat and thus it would make you look slimmer and smarter.

A flowy dress like this would help to hide belly fat if you have one.

Flowy Dresses or Tops - hide belly fat
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Victorian Sleeves

One of the biggest trends of 2020 is Victorian sleeves. The Victorian sleeves draw attention towards sleeves and make the waist look smaller. The tops with Victorian sleeves become the best hide belly tops and you can wear them anywhere you want.

Look how this cute top with Victorian sleeves is helping to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Victorian Sleeves
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The above tips and tricks are quite helpful in hiding belly fat. One thing you need to remember is that everybody’s type is beautiful; you just need to learn to style it and love it!

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