How to Style Collared Shirts to make them Look Trendy

Nowadays Instagram acts as our designer. It is one of the best places where you get styling ideas for everything from Indie nails to designing outfits for every occasion. How to style collared shirts is one such styling trick trending on Instagram. Yes, we all have many collared shirts in our wardrobes, but we deny wearing them just because they may look dull or outdated. But not anymore here I am with new ideas and some styling tips on how to Style collared shirts using your old sweater or jacket to make it look trendy.

Collared shirts can come in many different fabrics, colors, and styles, so it’s important to find one that looks and fits best on your body.

Choosing the right collared shirt depends on the occasion and type of look you are going for. For a casual look, collared plaid shirts in cotton or linen fabric are great options. For something more formal, silk collared blouse shirts are ideal. If you’re looking for something modern and fun to wear, a collared shirt with prints like floral or geometric shapes can be a great way to add some flair to your outfit.

Ways of styling collared shirts

Collared shirt with a Cardigan on top
Collared shirt with a Cardigan on top

A classic style option is adding a simple cardigan or blazer on top of the shirt. This look can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a casual look, tuck a plain collared shirt into jeans or casual pants and add an oversized cardigan or blazer over it for a relaxed yet stylish ensemble.

Dress with a removable collar
Short dress with a removable collar

Removable collars are a great way to instantly add an elevated, sophisticated look to an outfit. For example, style a sweater dress with a collared blouse for an on-trend look that can be worn all year round. To keep the look more casual during the day, simply remove the collar and pair it with your favorite

Satin collared shirt with a flowery skirt
Satin collared shirt with a flowery skirt

You can also mix collared shirts with skirts if you are looking for something more daring or feminine – just make sure they complement each other in terms of length and color palette!

Shirt with denim on top

A plain white collared shirt can be tucked into trousers and then topped off with another piece such as a denim jacket to create texture and additional interest in an outfit.

Using scarves for styling a simple shirt
Using scarves for styling a simple shirt

Scarves are also perfect for adding color and texture to any look but make sure not to use anything too bulky otherwise you will end up looking bulky yourself!

Classic white shirt with a jeans
Classic white shirt with a jeans

When it comes to planning a collared shirt outfit with blue jeans, there are so many possibilities. A classic white collared shirt is the perfect starting point for any outfit as its timeless and versatile design suits all occasions.

To stay in line with the classic collared shirt look, opt for blue jeans that have slim fit or skinny jeans and a darker wash to create an effortlessly on-trend aesthetic. For more of an edge, consider selecting ripped or distressed jeans which will bring modernity to any collared shirt look.

Collared shirt with a top underneath
Collared shirt with a top underneath

Camisoles or tank tops are also great options for layering under collared shirts if you want additional coverage without compromising on style points!

Loose sweater and a collared shirt beneath

A collared shirt under a loose sweater is a great way to stay comfortable in any season. The collared shirt will provide structure, while the sweater will create warmth and comfort. Depending on the weather and occasion, you can pick from a range of Sweater designs and patterns to fit your look.

Plain white collared shirt with a blazer on top

Finally, for those slightly colder days, finish off this ensemble with a lightweight blazer or shorter jacket to keep warm whilst still looking stylish!

Other important elements for styling

Accessorizing is another great way to take collared shirts from basic to chic. Jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings can all help enhance the overall look of your collared shirt ensemble. Don’t forget about bags and shoes too – strappy sandals or high heels will bring out the sophistication of your collared shirt; whereas colorful sneakers will give off an edgy yet still chic vibe!

Finally, don’t forget important elements like undergarments when styling collard shirts for girls! A good bra should always be worn underneath a collared shirt – this helps provide support while also giving the entire outfit a polished finish.

End Note

Collard Shirts are definitely must-have pieces for every girl’s wardrobe due to their versatility and timelessness! So experiment away with different fabrics, cuts and colors until you find that perfect combination that expresses your own personality and individual style – there’s no wrong way when it comes to fashioning yourself with trendy yet comfortable collard shirts!

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