Target Customer Survey Guide

In this guide, you will discover everything you need to know about completing the InformTarget survey, including the available Target customer survey prizes through the Target Survey Sweepstakes,  survey requirements, and Target survey questions.

The Inform Target Survey gives you a chance for an online instant win of Target’s Grand Prize. This means maximizing your shopping experience while having a blast of a lifetime.

InformTarget Survey Rewards

If you take the time to give Target your feedback through the InformTarget Survey on you’ll be contributing to the bettering of the services and products that this company offers you and millions of other loyal customers.

And since Target genuinely values customer feedback, the U.S. retailer has rolled out the InformTarget Survey Sweepstakes. After taking the Target survey 2019, you get the chance to participate in the survey sweepstakes.

Once a month, Target selects one online survey participant to win a the Target Sweepstakes Grand Prize, namely a $1,500 Target gift card. If the Grand Prize is out of your reach, you still have the chance of winning one of the $25 Target gift cards.

You can find more information about the Target gift prize, the Target gift card value and the sweepstakes rules on the survey website if they are organizing sweepstakes draw when you take the survey.

The Target Sweepstakes entry periods may change throughout the year. Keep in mind that there may be survey periods during which Target does not organize sweepstakes.

InformTarget Survey Requirements

All online sweepstakes have their own set of requirements and the Inform Target survey is no exception. The Target guest satisfaction survey requires that you use your user ID and password from your receipt in the first 72 hours after your purchase.

After this time limit expires, you will no longer be able to participate in the InformTarget survey using that receipt.

  • Participants need to be at least 18 years old and legal residents of the United States.
  • Target employees and their immediate family members cannot take part in the survey.
  • According to Target’s team, the Target customer survey is now shorter. (It should take no more than 2 minutes to complete.)
  • You can proceed with your Target customer survey by following the detailed steps we have provided in the next section of our guide. Target Customer Survey: How to Complete It

If you have ticked off all the requirements and you are eligible, please make sure that you have a secure connection to the internet and that you don’t take any breaks while filling out the survey;

If your computer or mobile device is left inactive for 20 minutes your survey session will time out and you won’t be able to finish completing it.

Here are the  customer survey steps you have to take:

  • Visit the Target com survey official site at When you go to you will be redirected to the current Target survey platform. The address is You can use either the or address to reach the survey page
  • In the upper right corner there’s a small drop-down menu you can use to change the survey language. The website is in English by default, but you can also select to take the survey in Spanish.
  • In the first blank field of the survey page, you need to fill in your survey user ID. The ID should be printed on your Target receipt.
  • The second field is for your password, which you can also find on your receipt.
  • Select the time of the day that you went shopping at Target from the drop-down list. If you can’t remember what time it was when you checked out, check out the receipt.
  • When you are ready to begin your InformTarget survey you can press Next.
  • Answer all of the questions that appear, pressing Next after each of them. You will be asked to comment on your customer experience, service from sales associates and your general satisfaction with the store.
  • At the end, you can register for the InformTarget survey monthly sweepstakes, if it is available when you take the survey for a chance to win a Target gift card.

Important note: The ID and password on your receipt are available just 72 hours. So, take the survey before they expire.

InformTarget Survey Troubleshooting and Useful Links

The most common issues that may happen when taking the InformTarget survey have to do with the use of cookies and/or JavaScript. For the survey to work, both need to be enabled.

Usually, your browser will prompt you if you have either cookies or JavaScript disabled when you enter the site. You can also check yourself, by going to your browser’s settings tab.

Before taking the InformTarget survey, we strongly recommend you read the Privacy Policy. You can find it on the survey website, at, at the bottom of the main page.

If you encounter any difficulties while completing the survey, you can contact a Target customer care representative at [email protected].

For urgent issues, we recommend you give Target a call. Target customer service number is 800-440-0680.

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  1. I didn’t save my receipt but want to take the time to acknowledge Allie who was working in the Starbucks area of the Bismarck, ND store tonight. We stopped for a drink after shopping and she told us about the refreshers. She was so nice and pleasant and helpful. She had a great smile and was so nice to everyone! We wanted to leave a tip but of course you can’t at Target Starbucks. You should change that policy! At any rate Allie deserves a raise. Thanks for such great service!


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