KmartFeedback Survey Guide

If you want to take part in the KmartFeedback survey available at, this guide can be of use. We provide instructions for the KmartFeedback survey, as well as information on the Kmart survey rewards and how you can get them. And in case you are having trouble filling in the survey at, we’ll also offer a few useful Kmart contact options.

KmartFeedback Survey Rewards

Occasionally, Kmart offers its customers rewards for taking the survey. Usually, these rewards were either Kmart coupons or the chance to take part in the survey sweepstakes. The sweepstakes prizes included Kmart gift cards or cash prizes. Rewards and reward periods are subject to change. The Kmart company is currently not offering any rewards for taking part in the KmartFeedback survey.

If the Kmart renews its prize or sweepstakes policy, they usually announce it at, the official KmartFeedback survey website. You can usually find some information about the Kmart survey rewards on your Kmart receipt as well.

KmartFeedback Survey Requirements

There are several requirements to take part in the KmartFeedback survey.

  • First and most important, you need to have a recent receipt from Kmart. Your Kmart receipt contains the survey ID. This survey ID allows you to enter the survey at
  • Keep in mind that you can reach the survey only at This means you will need a stable internet connection and a computer to fill in the KmartFeedback survey.
  • Survey participants must be of legal age and legal residents of the United States.
  • Kmart employees and their family members cannot participate in the survey.

KmartFeedback Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

kmart client feedback survey screenshot
This is how the main page of the KmartFeedback survey looks like.

Below are the steps to follow if you want to take the survey.

  • Go to the KmartFeedback survey website, at
  • On the first page of, you will be asked to select a language. This is the language you will take the KmartFeedback survey in. Your options are English and Spanish
  • After you select a language, you will be taken to the second page of the survey Here, you will have to input your KmartFeedback survey ID. This is a 19 digit code. You’ll see it on your receipt.
  • Press the red Next button to continue.
  • Answer the KmartFeedback questions. As you will see, the questions are related to Kmart stores and staff. You can also leave longer comments about your experience shopping at Kmart.
  • After answering the questions in the KmartFeedback survey, press Next.
  • You can leave your contact information after taking the survey, to receive news about Kmart offers, deals and promotions. If Kmart organizes a sweepstakes draw, you will need to fill in this section to receive the Kmart survey prize.

Kmart Company Useful Links and Resources

If you receive a message stating that your transaction ID is not valid, you can call 1 800 349 4358 for assistance or directly get in touch with your local store manager.

Below is a list of Kmart contact options and details.

Kmart Company Hours: In order to find out Kmart store hours, you need to check with the store that you are planning to visit in your area. For examples, some Kmart stores can run throughout the week from 8 am to 9 pm, while others have working hours between 8 am and 10 pm.

Kmart Locations: To find out what Kmart store is the closest to you, use the Store Locator on their website here: You can search by zip code or city and state. Alternatively, you can pick a state out of the list shown on your screen and see all the Kmart stores in that region. All Kmart store entries will contain a full street address, store number, telephone number, working hours and other contacts (such as phone number for in-store pharmacy) and other additional services.

Kmart Company Contact: There are various ways in which you can benefit from Kmart customer service. First of all, Kmart offers a smart Q & A section where you can type a question and see all of the answers related to your inquiry (to access the page, click here: You also can view the top ten questions here. If your question was not answered, you can talk with a customer service representative through a live chat.

Kmart Company Phone Number: The Kmart phone number for customer service is 800 735 6292.

Kmart Deals and Coupons:

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