Kohl’s Survey Guide

Kohl’s customers are encouraged to participate in the Kohl’s survey. If you have recently shopped at a Kohl’s store, you too can leave feedback through the online Kohl’s survey, available at www.kohlslistens.com.

Kohl’s Survey Rewards

Kohl’s is interested in receiving feedback from customers so they can address any issues they may encounter. They also work continuously to improve Kohl’s store and service, as well as train Kohl’s employees to better address the needs of their customers.

Currently, the Kohl’s survey does not offer any rewards for sending feedback. However, if you are genuinely interested in voicing your opinion regarding your recent experience at a Kohl’s store, the Kohl’s survey is the easiest way to do so.

Kohl’s Survey Requirements

Any Kohl’s customer is free to take the online survey at www.kohlslistens.com. To access your survey, you will need a recent receipt from a Kohl’s store.

To enter the Kohl’s survey, you will need to write the Kohl’s store number and the 16-digit Kohl’s survey access code. You can find both of these on your Kohl’s receipt.

Survey participants should be 18 years or older at the time they take the survey. Additionally, the Kohl’s survey is available only to legal residents of the US and Puerto Rico.

To complete hte Kohl’s survey, you will also have to fill in some personal details about yourself. For this reason, we recommend you read the Kohl’s survey privacy policy, which you can find on the survey page, www.kohlslistens.com

Kohl’s Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

Now that you have everything you need to take the survey, let’s take a look at the survey completion steps.

  • To reach the Kohl’s survey, go to the official survey website, www.kohlslistens.com. You can also access the Kohl’s survey by going to the main Kohl’s website, www.kohls.com, and clicking on the Store Survey link at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the Kohl’s store number of the Kohls location you shopped at. It should contain four digits.
  • In the four empty fields below that, enter all digits of your Kohl’s survey access code. Do not include any dashes in these boxes, just enter groups of four digits at a time.
  • Click the blue Start Survey button to begin.
  • Answer all the questions in the Kohl’s survey. The questions will be related to Kohl’s locations, service and Kohl’s employees.
  • Submit your contact details you are prompted to do so.
kohl's survey at www.kohlslistens.com
The Kohl’s survey web page

Kohl’s Survey Completion Troubleshooting and Useful Links

If you run into trouble with the Kohl’s survey, you can contact Kohl’s customer service. The Kohl’s customer service number is 855 564-5748. You can also contact the Kohl’s customer service team by completing the contact form available at www.kohls.com.

You can also leave Kohl’s feedback through the Kohl’s store feedback form, which you can find at their main website, www.kohls.com

If you have other questions for the Kohl’s customer service team, you can use one of the contact options at the Contact page of the www.kohls.com website.

If you are interested in Kohl’s rewards, you can visit kohls.com for more information about the Yes2You rewards system. Go to the Yes2You rewards section of the Kohl’s website. There you’ll find out how you can sign up for the Yes2You rewards program, and how you can obtain Yes2You rewards points and turn them into Kohl’s coupons.

You can also sign up for the Kohl’s newsletter to stay up to date with current Kohl’s offers and discounts, and recieve news about Kohl’s coupons. That way, you’ll among the first new when about a Kohl’s sale or new products.


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