Kroger Feedback Survey Guide

If you would like to leave Kroger feedback regarding a recent shopping experience, there’s no better way to do so than by completing the Kroger feedback survey. The Kroger feedback survey, available at www.kroger, allows you to share your opinion regarding a wide variety of topics. In addition, you will be able to earn Kroger survey fuel points for your feedback. You can also enter the survey sweepstakes draw.

In this guide, we will discuss the main Kroger store survey requirements, how to complete the survey and how to obtain your Kroger fuel points. We will also offer details regarding the Kroger survey sweepstakes.

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Kroger Feedback Survey Rewards

If you decide to fill in the Kroger feedback survey, you will automatically receive Kroger fuel points for your feedback. To benefit from Kroger fuel points, you will need a Kroger account, and a card, to redeem the discount. Those who have a Kroger account will receive Kroger store survey invitations via email.

Once you get the account set up you’ll get the chance to participate in the Kroger feedback 50 fuel points survey. Once you earn more than enough points, you can redeem them at any partner fuel stations chosen by any of the Kroger stores near you.

Those who do not have a Kroger account will not be able to take advantage of Kroger fuel points. That is kinda sad just thinking about it. However, everyone can enter the survey sweepstakes. So, there’s no actual need to worry. There are still more surprises in store just for you. To enter, you will need to fill in the survey, and then provide your confirmation that you wish to enter the sweepstakes.

The grand prize of the Kroger survey sweepstakes is $5000 worth of Kroger gift cards. These Kroger gift cards are awarded each month to one lucky sweepstakes participant. There are also 100 smaller prizes consisting of $100 Kroger gift cards.

Customers may also have the chance to win a number of store coupons as a winning prize for taking the customer satisfaction survey. To see the complete list of sweepstake rules and other visit the survey website, Kroger Feedback Survey Requirements

Kroger Feedback Survey Requirements

To fully avail of the customer survey, you must first shop in any Kroger stores or Kroger Supermarkets near you. In order to complete the Kroger feedback survey, you need a Kroger receipt with a survey invitation code. Some receipts might not have a survey code. This likely means Kroger is not collecting feedback at the moment.

If you do receive a receipt with a Kroger survey code, you must take the survey within 7 days of receiving the code. After a week, Kroger survey codes expire, and you will no longer be able to use it.

Those who have a Kroger account and regularly use Kroger fuel points may also receive survey invitiations via email.

kroger survey website screenshot
The Kroger survey portal should look like this picture.

Kroger Feedback Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

When you are ready to start filling out the Kroger survey, go through these steps:

  1. Visit the Kroger survey web page at
  2.  Enter your Date of purchase. You can find it on your receipt in the same area that is encircled in the sample receipt on your screen with the number 1 next to it.
  3. After that, you need to select your Time of purchase from the three small drop-down menus.
  4. Last but not least, you need to enter the full Entry ID on your receipt.
  5. When you want to begin the Kroger survey, press the blue Start
  6. Answer all of the questions in the feedback survey. Each question is mandatory unless stated otherwise.
  7. Sign up for the Kroger survey sweepstakes when you finish, by filling in your contact details. If you are the Kroger Sweepstakes winner, you will be contacted using the information you provided in this final step of the Kroger feedback survey.

Kroger Useful Links & Information

To find out more about Kroger special offers and promotions, visit their official website, Looking for a Kroger Store near you? Use the online Kroger store locator, available at

Do not hesitate to make your shopping experience at any of the Kroger stores near you. Get the satisfaction you want from saving a lot from your shopping at their local stores by taking in the customer satisfaction survey.

32 thoughts on “Kroger Feedback Survey Guide”

  1. I have gotten several receipts lately with no survey printed on them. What is up with that? I have been completing those surveys for years on a regular basis in order to collect much needed fuel points. What is happening with the receipts?

    • Kroger receipts don’t always have survey invitations.Perhaps it was just coincidence. The survey itself isn’t gone. You’ll probably get more invitations eventually. You can also try signing up for an online account at Kroger’s, if you don’t already have one. They used to send survey invitations on email if you had an account. At any rate, having a Kroger account is quite useful, if you like shopping there.

  2. How disappointing. I’ve never done this and for the first time I wanted to do it because our cashier is so amazing and helpful. Thought I was blind not finding the entry id #. Finally figured out that I cannot do it. I did leave a different feedback though because she deserves recognition.

  3. How come I cannot find the entry ID on my receipt? The closest thing I have to it is actually AID: A0000000041010 which is 13 numbers and a letter. After looking at other comments I am not alone. Perhaps Krogers with their resources could give us at checkout a receipt with at the top #1- todays date, #2-the cashier or person who helped us, and #3- the reference ID spelled out as reference ID number. I had a great cashier today, but unfortunately a difficult to decipher receipt

    • It’s true, other Kroger customers have noticed this. It may be that Kroger is not organizing surveys at the moment.

    • Kroger may not be collecting customer feedback at the time. We’re sure they will begin a new survey period shortly.

  4. This receipt does not have enough numbers for the entry boxes because and it won’t accept the entry because of this. What up with that? So much for extra fuel points, There’s always Thornton’s fuel.

    • Have you tried filling in the numbers as indicated by the dashes? Kroger survey IDs may have varying numbers of digits.

  5. I buy all of my grocery items at Kroger to accumulate more fuel points. How many feedbacks I can enter in a month to get the 50 fuel points? I know the feedback needs to be done after the 7th days but can I add more feedbacks in a month if I already have the 100 fuel points but I want to get more 50 points within that month.

    • Unless their policy has changed, you can take the survey once every 7 days. Which means theoretically you can take the survey 4 times within a month.

  6. Discontinuing the Senior Discount program is a big mistake. This program reinforces loyalty from me and many other seniors. Fuel points are not important to me, but the Senior Discount program is!

  7. Really upset to be a Lifelong Kroger customer with a Kroger credit card and now not getting receipts with numbers for fuel points. It almost appears to be a scam…giving a receipt with a number to everyone for years and now giving them infrequently. Shame on Kroger!

    • A good question. Unfortunately, Kroger most likely calculates these survey entry limits based on number of days, rather than month.

  8. If I do a survey on the 1st and it doesn’t post to my account till the 2nd or 3rd, can I still do another survey on the 8th. I called to ask and the agent said it can only be done 7 days from the day it posts, no matter when It posts, That does not seem fair if I entered the survey 7 days prior. He said I could do another survey 7 days later ,but if it didn’t post till a fews days past the entry date, then I would not get the points. Is this even correct.

    • Unfortunately, if that is what the agent said, you will not be able to take the survey any sooner than 7 days. While it takes a couple of days for your account to update, your survey code was registered on the day you accessed the survey website.

  9. No one can answer this question for me — I wait the required 7 days but what about the time. Say I registered at 4:00 p.m. but wanted to submit the survey at 2:00 p.m. Would it still count even if I wait the 7 days?

  10. Just started using the Kroger app and come back to Kroger. Was a Kroger plus shopper years ago and now I’m back to shopping with this company. Looks like the issue I’m having with the receipt survey isn’t just me. Wanted to earn more fuel points.

  11. I understand that you can not get 50 gas points for completing a survey more often than every 10 days. Is it 10 days from the date of last shopping or 10 days from the last surgery completion. Example: I shopped on January 1 and left the survey for that experience on January 5. when can I complete the next survey and get additional 50 gas points? Jan 11 or Jan 15?


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