L. L. Bean Survey Guide

After shopping for clothes and outdoor gear at L. L. Bean, use our survey guide to successfully complete the company’s survey. L. L. Bean uses this survey to learn more about their customer’s opinions. This article will walk you through each step of the survey and make it easy to provide L. L. Bean with valuable feedback. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the L. L. Bean survey requirements and rewards.

L. L. Bean Survey Rewards

Taking the L. L. Bean survey allows you to share your opinion with the company. This ensures that your needs are met, and it allows L. L. Bean to find ways to improve their company. Occasionally, L. L. Bean may also offer a promotional deal, such as a discount, if you take the survey. You can read your receipt to figure out which prizes are being offered to you. Even if you do not get any rewards with a monetary value, you will be happy to know that your feedback is heard when you take the L. L. Bean survey.

L. L. Bean Survey Requirements

Almost anyone can take part in the L. L. Bean feedback survey. You just need to fulfill these criteria:

  • Participants must be people who have made a recent purchase in an L. L. Bean store or on the L. L. Bean website.
  • Survey takers will need to have a receipt from that purchase that contains a survey invitation code.

L. L. Bean Survey: How to Complete It

1. Open your web browser and enter www.llbeanfeedback.com or the web address found on your receipt into the address bar.
2. Type the survey invitation code found on your paper receipt or emailed receipt into the blank field.

first page of ll bean survey
3. Click the green buttons with the arrows on them to move to the next new page of questions.
4. Provide L. L. Bean with the details about which store you visited and when you went there. All this data can be found on your receipt.
5. Rate your level of satisfaction, with 1 being extremely dissatisfied and 5 being extremely satisfied, at how your L. L. Bean experience went.
6. Click the next arrow after you finish filling out each page of questions.
7. Provide information about your age and shopping habits to help L. L. Bean learn more about your demographic.
8. Submit the survey to L. L. Bean.

L. L. Bean Survey Completion Troubleshooting & Useful Links

You can use these convenient methods to get in touch with L. L. Bean if you run into any problems while completing the L. L. Bean customer satisfaction survey.

Email Form: help.llbean.com/system/templates/chat/core_email/chat.html
Phone Number: 800-441-5713
Live Chat: help.llbean.com/system/templates/chat/core/chat.html

You can share feedback with L. L. Bean by writing a message on Facebook or Twitter. To let others know your personal tips for taking the survey, leave advice in the comment section below!

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  1. I received a gift of the Kayaking Discovery Course on Sunday August 25 at Five Island Park in New Rochelle NY. We were individually asked to provide feedback on your website. I never entered the store or made an online purchase for this event. But I sure would like to leave feedback. How do I do that?


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