Lady Foot Locker Survey Guide in 2022

After we spoke about the general Foot Locker Survey, we have provided all the info you need for going through the Lady Foot Locker survey, from how you can find Lady Foot Locker locations, how you can get Lady Foot Locker coupons as winners, what requirements and anything else you might encounter in the process.

Lady Foot Locker Survey Rewards

First of all, we’d like to talk a bit about the Lady Foot Locker survey prizes. This is usually the topic that customers are most interested in. Generally speaking, companies almost always have an incentive for customers to make them excited about offering their feedback. In most cases, the prize is a coupon, discount, or sweepstakes entry. It offers a validation code upon completion that represents a discount.

If you buy products worth at least $50 the next time you shop at Lady Foot Locker, you will get $10 off your final amount. Please note that you can’t combine the discount with any other promotions, discounts, or offers at Lady Foot Locker.

Of course, the Lady Foot Locker survey also has another advantage, available for all customers who frequently shop at this store. By supplying your authentic feedback, you are communicating with the Lady Foot Locker team about what you did and did not enjoy the last time you shopped there. Based on the answers you give, the management teams will do their best to improve the services and items they offer you as a customer.

Lady Foot Locker Survey Requirements

As the Lady Foot Locker customer service survey does not have sweepstakes involved, there aren’t that many requirements that you should take note of prior to getting started. What you do need to fill out the Lady Foot Locker survey is a receipt from the last time you shopped at one of their locations.

The first step of the Lady Foot Locker shoe survey is actually providing the Foot Locker Store number printed on your receipt. So, keep in mind that you won’t be able to participate without one. The obvious reason for this requirement is that the company needs genuine feedback from customers who bought their services. As a result, it is open only to those who shopped at their stores.

A general requirement that any online survey involves is, naturally, having a connection to the internet. To access the page, you will need a computer or mobile device. You can do so through a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, whatever you have at hand. However, we recommend that you complete it from a computer or laptop for the easiest navigating experience.

Lady Foot Locker survey page screenshot

Lady Foot Locker Survey Steps and Tips

Now that you know the basics about the Lady Foot Locker survey, we can proceed with how you can complete it. Grab your receipt and device of choice and follow the instructions we have described in detail here:

  • Connect to the Lady Foot Locker survey page at There are several ways that you can do this. We suggest clicking on the link we have inserted for safe and instant access.
  • If the page you reach looks like the screen capture above, you’re in the right place. To begin, choose the language you are fluent in. You can pick between English or Spanish. Press Next after you have made your choice.
  • Your receipt will include a store number made of five digits. This number will most likely be located in the top left-hand corner. Please enter these five digits to continue.
  • Enter the number of your transaction. It is on the top part of your receipt.
  • Select the time and date of your visit, as printed on your receipt. Please note that you’ll have to include the time frame and not the precise hour and minute your transaction took place.
  • Proceed by answering all of the questions. You will have to either rate or comment on various services, so follow the specific instructions for each step. The full Lady Foot Locker survey shouldn’t take more than five minutes, or ten if you have lengthy comments to make.
  • In the end, you will receive the validation code you were promised for your participation. Feel free to use it next time you go shopping at one of their locations!

Customer Service Information

Lady Foot Locker is a branch of Foot Locker destined for women. They provide running shoes and athletic wear for their target audience, both in their stores and in their online shop.

If you want to find the closest Lady Foot Locker location in your area, you can search their stores online here: Enter your city, state, or zip code in the search bar on the right side of your screen. According to your search criteria, you will find a full list of stores. It includes the full address, phone number, and distance. If you click on one of the results, you’ll also see it pinpointed on the interactive map and options for getting directions.

For any customer service inquiries, you can call 1 800 991 6686. If you are outside the United States, dial 1 715 261 9709. You can reach out to their customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you would rather communicate with them through writing, use their online contact form: Select the type of comment or question and the main category. After writing your questions or comments, make sure you provide your email address and street address. So, they can get back to you.

Moreover, if you want to discover more about Lady Foot Locker, visit their official website at

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