Lifetouch Survey Guide

Lifetouch provides a wide range of photographic services for schools, department stores, sports teams, and other organizations. If you have recently used Lifetouch’s services, you may have noticed that you received an invitation to take the company’s online survey. Answering all the questions on this survey will let you share your feedback with Lifetouch, and it will also help you save a little money. You can find out all about the survey steps for the Lifetouch survey by reading this guide. Our article will let you know more about what type of rewards you can expect.

Lifetouch Survey Rewards

Lifetouch tries to encourage more customers to fill out their survey by offering prizes for all survey participants. At the end of the survey, you will be given a coupon for $10 off your next purchase from Lifetouch. You can use this to save money on any portraits your order from Lifetouch. You will also have the opportunity to join the Lifetouchh email list. This will make you eligible for special deals and promotions in the future.

Lifetouch Survey Requirements

Everyone who takes the Lifetouch customer satisfaction survey will need to fulfill these criteria:

  • Be a person who has sat for portraits with Lifetouch. You do not need to make a purchase to take the survey.
  • Have a survey invitation extended to you in the form of an access code on your receipt or in an email.
  • Be a person who has already received the mailed photos from LifeTouch if you did purchase pictures.

Lifetouch Survey: How to Complete It

  1. Write into your address bar to visit the Lifetouch survey page.
  2. Enter your LifeTouch session number and survey entry code into the correct areas.
  3. Use the “Next” buttons to navigate to a new page after you complete each page in the survey.
  4. Provide some information about what occurred during your experience with Lifetouch.
  5. Rate your overall level of satisfaction with Lifetouch.
  6. Write any additional details in the blank text box.
  7. Answer some questions about how you felt about how your pictures turned out.
  8. Rate your satisfaction with your interactions with the Lifetouch photographer.
  9. Answer the questions asking about how likely you are to use or recommend Lifetouch services again.
  10. Type any other comments in the blank text box.
  11. Provide demographic information about yourself.
  12. Click the “Next” button to submit the survey.

Lifetouch Survey Completion Troubleshooting & Useful Links

You can easily get in touch with Lifetouch by messaging their Twitter or Facebook account. Their customer service department can also be contacted through one of these methods.

Contact Form:
Live Chat:
Address: Lifetouch Canada
1410 Mountain Ave. Suite 1
Winnipeg, MB R2X 0A4

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