Longhorn Steakhouse LonghornSurvey Guide

The Longhorn steakhouse is constantly interested in improving its services and the Longhorn menu. That’s why they encourage customers to take the LonghornSurvey, at www.longhornsurvey.com. By answering the Longhorn Steakhouse survey questions, you can give the Longhorn Steakhouse valuable feedback regarding the Longhorn menu, Longhorn nutrition, and Longhorn locations.

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In addition, by participating in the LonghornSurvey, you’ll also get the opportunity to participate in the Longhorn Sweepstakes. In this survey guide, we will tell you what the requirements for the LonghornSurvey are, what you have to do to take it and how to enter the Longhorn sweepstakes.

LonghornSurvey Rewards

If you decide to take the Longhorn Steakhouse survey, you will receive a reward for your effort. At the end of the survey, you can enter the Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes. Anyone who participates in the sweepstakes has the chance to win the grand prize. The grand prize is a $1,000 check.

Each survey period, there are also 100 smaller prizes, consisting of $50 checks. Both the grand prize and secondary prize come in the form of checks. Which means you can spend them any way you like. Unlike Lonhgorn Steakhouse coupons, which you can spend only at Longhorn Steakhouse locations.

You can view the rules and requirements for the Longhorn Steakhouse sweepstakes at www.longhornsurvey.com.

LonghornSurvey Requirements

Like many other surveys, there are a few requirements for the LonghornSurvey. First and foremost, you have to be at least 18 years old to participate in the survey. In addition to this, Longhorn Steakhouse survey participants also need to be legal residents of the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada in order to be eligible.

You must also have a recent Longhorn Steakhouse receipt. Your Longhorn Steakhouse receipt should have an ID code printed on it. You will need this ID code to enter the survey, and subsequently the sweepstakes draw.

longhorn customer survey page screenshot
This is how the LonghornSurvey portal looks like.

LonghornSurvey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

Please make sure that you read all of the LonghornSurvey requirements before getting started. Aside from your receipt, you will also need to have access to a device with an internet connection to get to the LonghornSurvey page. Get everything set up and proceed with the instructions we have provided below.

  • Go to the LonghornSurvey page. Visit Longhorn Steakhouse survey page, www.longhornsurvey.com.
  • Choose survey language. By default, the survey is in English. You can switch to Spanish if you like.
  • Read more about the Longhorn Steakhouse sweepstakes (Optional). If you want to find out more about the LonghornSurvey sweepstakes, you can click on either of the two links that go to the Rules or Winners (they’re both on the left part of the page).
  • Enter the ID number. You can find the survey ID number printed in the middle of your receipt. If you have any troubles with identifying your Longhorn customer survey ID number, check the sample receipt provided by the restaurant on the left side of your screen.
  • Start the survey. Double check your ID number for accuracy and press the dark red Start button to begin the survey.
  • Complete all of the steps in the LonghornSurvey. You will most likely have to answer questions with comments or rate the various services or products that you interacted with throughout your most recent visit at a Longhorn.
  • Enter the sweepstakes. At the end of the survey, you will have the opportunity to enter the LonghornSurvey sweepstakes. To do so, you will have to mention that you want to participate, and give a few contact details. These details will allow the Longhorn Steakhouse team to contact you in case you win the sweepstakes.

LonghornSurvey Troubleshooting & Useful Info

If you need assistance while taking the Longhorn Steakhouse survey, or if you encounter issues either with the questionnaire or the web page, www.longhornsurvey.com, contact the Longhorn Steakhouse customer service department.

To contact Longhorn Steakhouse customer service, go to ww.longhornsteakouse.com, and visit the Contact Us section. There, you can view the Longhorn Steakhouse FAQ pages. The FAQ relates to Longhorn Steakhouse location, Longhorn Steakhouse nutrition info, Longhorn Steakhouse menu and so forth. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for there, you can fill in the contact form below.

You can also call Longhorn customer service. Each of the Longhorn Steakhouse locations has its own phone number. To view this info, you can use the Longhorn Steakhouse locator tool. This tool allows you to find Longhorn Steakhouse locations near you, and view their contact info as well.

For more information about Longhorn Steakhouse coupons and Longhorn Steakhouse offers, go to the Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Cards section, at www.longhornsteakhouse.com


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