Natural Eye Makeup Looks That Everyone Can Do

Good eye makeup makes you stand out in a crowd and will also help with taking some good photos. If you love eye makeup and do not know how to get started, then check out a few of the tips below. This article has some unique, easy, and must-try natural eye makeup looks.

Eyes are called the “windows to the soul”. A little care, good sleep habits, and some definition with makeup are all it takes to make you really pop with an eye-catching gaze. Good eye makeup makes you stand out in a crowd and will also help with taking some good photos. If you love eye makeup and do not know how to get started, then check out a few of the tips below.

Before we start with the natural eye makeup looks, make sure you check the 5 points immediately below.

Eye Primer

Prime your eyes before you start doing your eye makeup. Priming the eye is as important as priming your face before the application of foundation. Eye primer would help in the smooth application of eyeshadow and helps with the blending. 

Base Color

Before you start applying your favorite eyeshadow, use a base color and apply it all over your lids. This makes the eyeshadow last longer and intensifies the color.

Know your Eye shape

Every eye shape is different, so know your eye shape before applying foundation because some eye makeup looks will not suit – for example – hooded eyes or round-shaped eyes and so on.


Groomed and well-shaped eyebrows also help in defining the eyes, so never forget to do the brows.


Invest in a nice set of eyeshadow and eyebrow brushes. Gone are the days when these items were beyond reach in terms of price and availability. Basic 3-piece or 6-piece sets of fairly good quality are available everywhere.

Here are 10 natural eye makeup looks that everyone can do.

1. Just Mascara

This is one of the easiest and most natural eye makeup looks and a great time hack too. For this looks you just need mascara. Yes, you read it right a mascara only. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and then hold them for 30 seconds. Now apply your favorite mascara on your eyelashes and make them pop. Make sure to get to the base of your eyelashes – creating the illusion of eyeliner.  Your eyes would look naturally gorgeous. This is a great get-around for those who have naturally large eyes.

2. Winged Eyeliner

You will probably argue with us about how winged eyeliner is in the “Easy and Natural Eye Makeup Looks” list. We have added it because, with the help of our trick, it is quite easy to do and won’t take more than 3 minutes. At first, apply base eyeshadow generously on your eyelids and blend it well. Now take a scotch tape and put it on the outer corner of the eye in the titled direction on both eyes. Make dots on the eyelids, starting from the middle lid to the outer lid. Trace these dots making a triangle at the end. Now fill in a little bit and you will have a perfect winged eyeliner.

Natural eye makeup looks with Winged Eyeliner
3. Easy Daytime Dramatic Eye

Are you a fan of dramatic eye makeup but haven’t the faintest idea where to start? Well, here you go – Take the lightest brown eyeshadow you have and apply it all over your eyelids, then take a darker brown eyeshadow and apply it over the crease area and outer corner of the eyes. Now blend the darker eyeshadow with a blending brush until there are no harsh lines. Apply shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye and you are good to go anywhere. Do not forget to use eyeliner and mascara because that would truly define your eyes.

4. Orange-Pink Drama

Need some makeup inspiration? Get this from Kylie Jenner, after all, she is the queen of makeup. This quick and simple eye makeup is easy to do. You just need an orange-pink eyeshadow and apply it all over your lids. Blend it for at least 5 minutes to smooth all the harsh lines. Now apply the same eyeshadow to your lower lash line and blend it with a fluffy blending brush. Take a black eyeshadow and apply it on the outer corner of the eye. Finish up with mascara to make your eyelashes fuller and your eye makeup look complete.

natural eye makeup - orange pink drama
5. Pink Inner Corner

Don’t know when to use bright pink eyeshadow? Don’t worry because you are not alone. But you could try this look anywhere. For this, you need a bright pink eyeshadow and apply it only on the inner corners of the eye. Now curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and apply heavy mascara. Varying the eyeshadow color from light to dark to bright pinks will allow you to fit the look to the event, and for sure pull all eyes towards you.

Pink Inner Corner eye makeup look
6. Glossy Eyelids

This eye makeup must be on the list of easy eye makeup looks because it just takes a minute to do this eye makeup. The glossy-lids look is a simple eye-makeup that is loved by almost everyone and has been tried by most of us – especially when we were just starting to experiment with makeup. However, that does not mean it should be left back behind you. It works delightfully in a time crunch!

Glossy eyelids natural eye makeup looks
7. Glitter Eyeshadow

Another easy way to have a natural eye makeup look that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd is “Glitter Eyeshadow”. It is one of the easiest and simple eye-makeup looks and can be done in 2 minutes. For this, you need a glittery eyeshadow or a shimmery one (or even a high glitter lip gloss). Take some of the eyeshadow on your fingers and dab it on the eyelids. Make sure to cover the whole eyelid with the same glitter and your eyes will sparkle. Finish the look by applying mascara and there is a really easy glamour look for you!

glitter eye shadow the must try eye makeup looks
8. Yellow Eyeliner

This look is dramatically simple! Take yellow eyeliner and apply it over the upper eyelid like you usually do with black eyeliner. Finish off with a heavy coat of mascara. This makeup look does not take more than 3 minutes and makes your eyes look dramatically different!  

natural eye makeup looks with Yellow eyeliner
9. Wash of Orange

Here is another one of the easiest and most natural eye makeup looks for you. For this, you need a bright orange eyeshadow and an angled eyeshadow brush. With this brush apply the eyeshadow on your eyes in a winged eyeliner shape. Now also use the same color to apply it over the water line and lower lash line. This technique makes your eyes look dramatic.  Vary the orange tone from cool for a modest daytime look to warm with a dash of glitter for a standout night look.

eye makeup looks with the tint of orange
10. Lower Lash Line

Less is more and this easy eye makeup look will prove it. For this minimalist look, take any color of eyeshadow of your choice. For a change, use bright colors for this look. Now, take an eyeshadow brush and apply the eyeshadow only at the lower lash line. Finish the look by just applying a heavy coat of mascara. This is a handy trick for those days when you are feeling down and out and creates an easy boost for your tired eyes.

10. Lower Lash Line

These are all 10 easy and natural eye makeup looks. Comment down below and tell us which one you liked the most.

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