Navarro Discount Pharmacy Survey Guide

Navarro Discount Pharmacy works hard to keep their customers satisfied, and you can help them by filling out the Navarro feedback survey. Though the survey is somewhat lengthy, this article will make the process much easier. Our guide to the Navarro Discount Pharmacy survey will show you how to complete each step of the survey. You can also find out more information about the survey rewards and requirements if you read this article.

Navarro Discount Pharmacy Survey Rewards

Completing the Navarro survey allows you to share your opinion with Navarro. If you want to praise any particularly exemplary employees, the survey is a great way to do so. You can also leave any constructive criticism if you think there are ways for the store to improve. If you leave negative feedback, Navarro may even get in touch with you directly to address the issue and provide a reasonable solution to your problem. Whether you want to leave good or bad feedback on the survey, you can be confident that your opinion has been noted by Navarro.

Navarro Discount Pharmacy Survey Requirements

Navarro has a few criteria for people who take their online survey. All participants in the Navarro feedback survey must meet the follow requirements:

  • Be a customer at Navarro Discount Pharmacy so you can provide relevant feedback.
  • Do not be an employee at Navarro because your feedback would be biased.
  • Have a receipt from your recent trip to Navarro, so you can enter in all required information.
  • Be willing to share your contact information so that Navarro can respond to your feedback.

Navarro Discount Pharmacy Survey: How to Complete It

1. Go to the survey webpage for Navarro by typing the web address found on your survey invitation into your web browser. It is typically located at
2. Write the store identification number from your receipt into the first blank field.
3. Click the “Take Survey” button to begin the survey.
4. Answer each question about what you did in the store and how satisfied you were with your trip to the Navarro Discount Pharmacy. This section will take roughly 15 minutes to complete
5. Enter your name, phone number, and other contact information so Navarro can contact you about your survey answers if needed.
6. Submit the survey once you have answered all questions.

Navarro Discount Pharmacy Survey Completion Troubleshooting & Useful Links

Navarro’s customer service team is very helpful if you encounter any problems while taking their survey. Use these contact methods if you have any questions about the Navarro Discount Pharmacy customer satisfaction survey.

Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 1-866-NAVARRO (1-866-628-2776)
You can also reach out to Navarro through their Facebook and Twitter accounts for more assistance.

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Note: Navarro has temporarily disabled their customer satisfaction survey.

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