New York and Company Survey Guide

This guide will provide you with the info you need for the New York and Company survey. It starts from how you can access the NYandCompany survey website, to what coupons. Also, you can receive it by taking the New York and Company customer survey. Also, the requirements are connected to the New York and Company client feedback survey and what you have to do to complete the New York and Company customer satisfaction survey.

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New York and Company Survey Rewards

The New York and Company guest experience survey allows you to offer your full feedback on all aspects. Your New York and Company shopping experience, from details about the NYandCompany store locator to your New York & Company credit card. And so, the email provides customer service and the products you bought at the store. As a token of appreciation from NYandComp, you will receive a coupon when you are done completing the New York and Company consumer feedback survey. They will send you this offer by via email. It is within the following 24 hours after you finish the survey. You can either use your reward for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more OR $25 off a purchase of $100 or more. It depends on what products you plan on buying.

New York and Company Survey Requirements

new york and company survey screenshot
This is what the New York and Company survey page looks like. You have to type the screen capture in order to prove you’re not a bo. Then, you will move on to the rest of the survey.

Even though the survey does not have any strict requirements like age limits, you will need to prove that you were indeed a New York and Company customer for your feedback to be valid. In this regard, you will need to have a New York and Company receipt from your most recent visit to one of their locations. In addition to this, your receipt must be less than two weeks old. Otherwise, it will not be eligible for the survey.

You will need several pieces of information from your receipt to enter the survey. So, you make sure you don’t throw it away by accident. Also, you will need a valid email address so you can receive your survey coupon. As a side note, you will complete the survey only in English. So, you will need to be fluent in this language to participate. We recommend that you complete the survey during a longer break or in your free time. Then, it will take about fifteen minutes to go through.

new york and company survey screenshot enter receipt code
The next page of the New York and company survey, asking some basic identification info and the receipt code.

If you can check off all the requirements related to the survey then you can proceed with this section of our guide. Before you get started, make sure that the device you plan on using to answer the survey questions is connected to the internet and that your receipt is close to you. When you are prepared, go through the instructions we have provided below.

Steps and Tips

  • Visit the official New York and Company survey page at The best way to reach the page in a quick and safe manner is to click the link above.
  • The first step in the survey is to do a short antispam check to make sure that you are not a robot. For this, you will need to type in the characters that appear on your screen in the small grey box. If you can’t understand the characters, you can click Refresh Key Words for a new set. Type the characters in the light-colored field below the box.
  • Press Continue to the survey to proceed.
  • The next part of the survey is actually the verification process. It is to see if you are a genuine customer of this company. Simply enter your email address (make sure it’s valid and that you have access to it so you can receive your reward) twice, your transaction number, and your registration number. After that, select your date of purchase and store name – store number from the drop-down lists provided.
  • Answer all of the questions in the survey and wait for your email from the company to redeem your prize.

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