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The Payless survey for customers is your ticket to a Payless mobile coupon. It only takes a few minutes of your free time. If you just bought a pair of shoes from Payless, don’t throw out your receipt and participate in the Payless survey. This is to inform customer service about your experience. Our complete Payless Survey Guide will show you how to complete it. Also, the rewards and requirements you should know about prior to starting.

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Payless Survey Rewards

When discussing the Payless survey for products, almost all customers are interested in what rewards they can get. Generally speaking, companies who conduct surveys usually offer a token of their appreciation for customers. In some cases it is a sweepstakes entry; in others – a coupon or free item. For Payless Survey, you get a nice coupon when you are done completing it. The offer coupon refers to what is on your receipt. You can redeem it if you present it together with a validation code. You will get the code when you are done filling out the Payless survey.

We all love coupons. But, loyal customers know that they have another great benefit. Even though the reward is not in the least bit cash-related. It’s an awesome perk for customers who buy footwear from this retailer. If you are honest with your answers in the Payless survey, there are great chances that the retailer will take your comments into consideration and apply them. This way, you will enjoy shopping at even more than before. For this, kindly asks all customers to be transparent in their comments for the Payless survey.

Payless Survey Requirements

There are a few requirements for the Payless survey, but nothing too fancy or out of reach. Naturally, those who are welcome to offer their feedback are customers who purchased footwear from this company. Those who actually bought items or interacted with the store staff had a solid opinion in the Payless survey. Similar to other surveys (like the survey, for example), participants are to have the receipt they got the last time they shopped at Payless. The first step of the Payless survey is actually entering the access code from your receipt. So, keep it close by.

Another basic requirement is to have access to a device you can take the Payless survey. Whether it is a PC, smartphone, or tablet, you can participate in the Payless survey from any of them. Nevertheless, we do recommend using a device with a larger screen. So, you can understand the questions better and answer accordingly. In addition to the device you will be using, you also need to have a stable connection to the internet, as the Payless survey takes place online. If you meet these simple requirements, it means that you are eligible for the survey!

payless survey portal screenshot
The survey page should look like this image.

Payless Survey Steps and Tips

We recommend that you get your receipt ready beforehand. So, you don’t waste any time looking for it once you have started the survey. Check to see that you are properly connected to the internet. When you are ready, follow these detailed steps.


  • Go to the Payless survey website: The fastest way to access it is by clicking our link. But you can also copy and paste it into your internet browser if you prefer to do so.
  • The survey portal is to resemble the image they have for you above as a guideline. Before you do anything else, you can switch to Spanish if you understand this language better. Furthermore, you can take a look at the Privacy Policy by clicking the white link with this name from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • If you want to continue in English, simply enter the access code that is on your receipt. It should contain a total of 13 digits, in this format: xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx. The access code is at the very bottom of your receipt.
  • Check the code to make sure that it’s typed correctly and press the blue Start button to begin the Payless survey.
  • Go through all of the questions in the survey. You can take as much time as you need to answer them, but the whole survey won’t take more than 10 minutes. You can openly state all of the positive and negative aspects of your experience.
  • When you reach the end of the survey, you will receive a discount number. Please take this number and write it down on your receipt in the empty field under the access code. You need both the receipt and the validation code to redeem your coupon. When you plan to shop at Payless the next time, present the receipt to the cashier to enjoy your discount.

Contact Payless Customer Service

The Payless survey is enough to get your message across to the management team. However, some situations call for a detailed conversation, either on the phone or via email. If you want to discuss your issue on the phone, call the Payless customer service number 1 877 474 6379 to speak with the appropriate representative. So, if you want to write an email about your problem or inquiry, you can use this email address: [email protected]. And if you need any additional contacts, you can look at the full list of phone numbers and emails on the Payless corporate website here:

If you want to find a Payless store in your area, you can use their online locator tool: Provide either your city or your zip code to receive a full list of Payless stores that match your search criteria. Every store will contain a street address, phone number distance, hours of operating, directions, and more. To get more info about a specific location, click the link that reads Get Details & Directions under a store’s description.

Visit their website for any other details about this retailer.

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