Yoga for PCOD and PCOS vs PCOD

PCOD is a common problem among young females these days. One out of five that is 20% of Indian women suffers from PCOD. 5 to 10 percent of females come to know about this condition at their childbearing age which is from 18 to 45 years. If you are facing problems like obesity, irregular menstrual cycle, acne, and unwanted facial hair then you need to wake up as you could be a PCOD suspect. Medication is a must for the treatment of PCOD but yoga for PCOD is one of the best ways to overcome long-term symptoms of this disorder.

What is PCOD?

PCOD is a polycystic ovarian disease also known as PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is caused due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. Normally, female hormones estrogens and progesterone are produced in the body along with lean production of the male hormone androgen. Both these hormones regulate the formation of follicles in female ovaries. In the case of PCOD, the hormonal imbalance cause production of numerous small follicles instead of one mature egg. 

What is PCOS?

PCOS is an advanced condition where women produce more of androgen than the other two hormones. In such cases, the situation worsens and the person encounters serious symptoms like irregular or skipped menstruation for months. abnormal hair growth on the face. High androgen levels affect the menstrual cycle as ovaries fail to release a mature egg. PCOS is a serious medical condition and if left untreated it may lead to heart disease and diabetes.

PCOS / PCOD causes

The cause of PCOD is still unknown. However, some research showed that genetics and environmental factors play a crucial role. It could be hereditary in some cases and most cases it results from an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical activity, resistance to insulin, low-grade inflammation, etc. 

PCOD diagnosis and treatment
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PCOD symptoms and Diagnosis

An irregular menstrual cycle is the most common symptom of PCOD. Women with this disease get fewer than 8 periods a year. Hirsutism which is unwanted facial and body hair is common among females suffering from PCOD. It happens because an excess amount of androgen is produced in the body. Acne Obesity, mood swings, and male pattern baldness are other common symptoms of PCOD. Other notable symptoms of PCOD are heavy menstrual bleeding, weight gain, hair loss, pelvic pain, and skin darkening under the breasts and neck region. Irregular or skipped menstruation for several months is the symptom where you need to worry and consult a gynecologist asap.

It is diagnosed by carrying out an ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis. A blood test is used to check the level of androgen, Luteinizing hormone, sugar, cholesterol, etc. 

Treatment for PCOD / PCOS

Treatment of PCOD depends on age and severity of symptoms. Lifestyle modifications like regular exercise and yoga on regular basis. Other problems like the irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, acne, and hirsutism can be resolved by the means of medications. Birth control pills are given to bring estrogen levels to their normal range which in turn helps overcome problems such as acne, and hirsutism regulates ovulation, etc. If medications are not effective laser treatment is done to get rid of unwanted facial hairs. If all the treatments fail, then surgery is the last option to improve fertility. , healthy diet, weight loss, etc. are advisable. Overcome obesity by losing 5 to 10 % of your body.

diabetes and PCOD
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PCOD is a common condition and can be treated with medications and yoga. PCOS is an advanced medical problem that may lead to serious medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

In the case of PCOD ovary produces numerous follicles and OVulation occurs. However, the menstruation flow may not be proper. PCOS is when ovulation may not occur and the suspect may encounter an absence of periods for several months. Heavy menstrual bleeding is another sign of PCOS.

Women with PCOD can conceive can ovulate and become pregnant with proper medical help. However, for PCOS suspect it is difficult to conceive. There is a high chance of miscarriage and premature birth for Women with PCOS suspect.

In both cases, medications play an important role. One of the best ways to treat PCOS is yoga. Yoga for PCOD is helpful when it comes to lowering its symptoms and dealing with log term problems is much easier.

Diabetes and PCO

One of the common symptoms of PCOD is elevated insulin level or insulin resistance. You might not show this symptom at an early stage but if not treated well then it leads to type 2 diabetes. Insulin is produced by pancreatic cells to maintain blood glucose levels. Insulin resistance is a condition in which cells fail to respond to the hormone insulin. More glucose is present in the bloodstream, but cells are starving due to their inability to respond to insulin. It is very important to follow a proper diet which is a high-fiber diet. 

Infertility and PCOD 

PCOD increases the risk of infertility. It is commonly seen that women’s come to know about PCOD in their childbearing age that is when they try to conceive. It is seen that people with PCOD have a limited number of healthy eggs in their ovaries. Therefore, they should go for early pregnancy as advancing age lowers the chances of conceiving. 

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Diet and yoga for PCOD

Lifestyle modifications and a proper diet are the two most effective ways to overcome the symptoms of PCOD. Here are some dietary tips for women with PCOD. This can help to a great extent and help medications work faster. 

  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. 
  • Avoid dairy products as they increase insulin levels. 
  • Avoid sugary food and beverages. 
  • Do not consume saturated fats as it contributes to increased cholesterol. 
  • Must follow a fiber-rich diet. 
  • Don’t keep yourself hungry. Eat small frequent meals and keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Exercise 30 to 60 minutes per day to overcome insulin resistance. 
yoga for PCOD

It is observed that lifestyle modifications such as a low-fat diet, regular exercise, and yoga can help you overcome PCOS symptoms to a great extent. 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise on regular basis can help you lose weight. Weight loss can help you with weight loss which in turn helps you with other long-term effects of PCOS heart disease, diabetes, and lower insulin. Yoga is not the direct treatment for PCOS but it can surely help you with long-term PCOS effects. Yoga relaxes your body, reduces anxiety, reduces chronic pain, improves blood circulation, and lowers the testosterone levels in the blood.

Surya Namaskar

You must have heard about this yoga asana in your school days but do you know it has countless benefits? Performing Surya namaskar every morning can help you with menstrual cycle regulation, and shedding waist and hip fat.

Cobra pose
Yoga for PCOD - cobra pose

Cobra pose massages and regulates the thyroid and adrenal glands, therefore, helping in hormone regulation. It opens the collarbones, and neck and reduces back pain. It reduces stress and helps overcome symptoms of mild depression.

Breathing exercise
Yoga for PCOD- breathing exercise

It is the most simple yoga posture which helps you get rid of stress and results in calmness. It also increases energy, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and helps you with correct posture.

Corpse pose
Yoga for PCOD - corpse pose

This yoga pose is the simplest of all. It helps you get relaxed and get rid of all the stress which in turn relaxes your body and mind.

Child pose
Yoga for PCOD- child pose

Correct child pose helps you stretch your ankles and opens up your hip. It also lengthens your spins and relaxes your back muscles. helps you relieve constipation, releases tension in the pelvis, and increases blood flow to the head and neck parts.

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