PetSmart Client Survey Guide

If you want to offer PetSmart feedback as a customer of this company and have recently used their services, you can learn more about how to send your thoughts in this PetSmart Client Survey Guide.

PetSmart Client Survey Rewards

By completing the Pet Smart survey, they will reward the customers for offering their feedback. As long as they keep the validation code they receive upon finishing one of their four surveys (PetSmart feedback survey, PetSmart grooming survey, PetSmart survey for hotel services, or PetSmartSurvey for adoption), customers enjoy a discount for future PetSmart services. For example, the reward for a PetSmart pet grooming survey is a $3 discount for your next purchase of $3 or more. To see what reward your PetSmart survey offers, read the first lines of your receipt.
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PetSmart Client Survey Requirements

There are several requirements that you have to take into consideration before completing your PetSmart client survey. First of all, you have to be 18 or older to participate (minors do not have legal permission). Secondly, you have to be a proven PetSmart client by having a receipt from your last purchase. You will also need to keep this receipt for when you use your discount, as you will receive a validation code after completing your survey that you have to write on your receipt. If you do not bring your original receipt, your PetSmart 3 coupon will not be valid (photocopies are not permitted). Additionally, your survey reward is not valid for purchasing gift cards and has no cash value. Lastly, you need to complete your PetSmart survey online in the first 48 hours after you purchase your services.

PetSmart Client Survey Steps and Tips To Complete It

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This is what the first page of the PetSmart client survey guide looks like.

We will now explain how you can provide your PetSmart feedback through one of the four surveys available, the Pet Smart grooming survey. Make sure you go through all of these steps to fully complete your PetSmart survey.

  • Open your internet browser and go to If you choose to type the letters in, take caution not to make any mistakes (such as, PetSmart grooming, survey, or
  • To begin, you need to enter the 16 digits of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your receipt. Do not enter any spaces and fill all of the four boxes.
  • Select which survey you want to complete (for example, for PetSmart survey grooming feedback, choose
  • State if you are a PetSmart employee or not and indicate if you are 18 or older. Press Next after each step in the PetSmart client survey.
  • Mention if your service was for a dog, cat, or both.
  • If you chose the dog, you will need to provide the breed of your dog. If your dog’s breed is not on the list, select Other.
  • Describe the service you paid for.
  • Rate your satisfaction with this particular experience at PetSmart.
  • Rate your customer satisfaction for the 5 aspects listed on your screen.
  • Continue with the same step for the following 5 statements.
  • Same instructions as #9 and #10 for the next 3 statements.
  • Say if you had any problems with the services you paid for or not.
  • Mention if you would recommend or use this service again.
  • Answer the question regarding a Pawgress Report.
  • Answer the next 7 questions in this step with Yes or No.

More Steps

  • Tell PetSmart if you have scheduled your next appointment or not.
  • Explain if you were greeted by your name or not (either you or your pet).
  • The following question is for owners who left their pets alone at PetSmart throughout the grooming process.
  • Answer the 2 questions regarding the Look Great Guarantee.
  • Say if you visited the Banfield Pet Hospital when you visited PetSmart.
  • Express your agreement or disagreement with the following 4 statements.
  • Select how you made your appointment.
  • You will be asked to describe your customer satisfaction with your grooming experience.
  • Mention how many times you have used PetSmart services in the last year.
  • Answer Yes or No to the question related to PetSmart visits.
  • State if PetSmart was your first option for grooming or not.
  • Select how many times your pet was groomed in the last year.
  • Mention where your pet usually gets groomed.
  • Answer the question related to
  • In case you remember the name of the employee you worked with during your experience, write it in the designated field. If not, leave it empty.
  • Select Yes or No for receiving the PetSmart newsletter.
  • Write down your validation code from the PetSmart Client Survey on your receipt.

PetSmart Company General Information

PetSmart was founded 35 years ago by Jim and Janice Dougherty as PetFood Warehouse in Arizona. The company offers pet supplies, grooming, training pet hotel services, and doggie day camps. In addition to the United States, PetSmart also operates in Canada and Puerto Rico, in its 1,500 locations. Currently, PetSmart employs more than 53,000 individuals in these locations, which generates annual revenue of approximately $7 billion.

The official PetSmart website is On this platform, you can learn more about all of the services the company can offer for your pets, as well as tips for taking care of them at home. Then, you can consult their sale offers. Also, you can schedule an appointment for a grooming session. PetSmart also offers the opportunity to purchase products online, if you sign up with the website and create an account. Those who shop online benefit from free shipping for orders that exceed a certain amount of money. To gather more information about the company, please visit

Petsmart Company Useful Links and Resources

Company Hours

The PetSmart business hours depending on the store you are planning to visit. One PetSmart location can operate from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening, while others have a 9 am to 9 pm schedule.

Company Contact

If you want to reach PetSmart without calling the company, you can send them an email through their online form. Enter your first and last name, email address, phone number, order number, subject, and your comments.

PetSmart Company Phone Number

To get in touch with a specific PetSmart store, you can use their store locator on their website (link provided below). Then, click on a store and you will see a phone number you can call for any particular inquiries. For general questions, you can call 888-839-9638.

Company Careers

Resource Center



PetSmart Company Client Reviews

As far as PetSmart customer reviews, opinions are quite different from source to source. So, depending on the website you are searching for reviews on, you will see that there are many pleased customers, just as many as those who are dissatisfied with their services. Ratings and reviews range from 3 to 4 stars on a 1-5 star scale. In the end, the retail chain has more than 1,500 locations that seem to be thriving, so you can appreciate that the business is not as bad as some reviews might suggest.

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