PF Changs Feedback Survey Guide

If you have recently visited P F Changs and you want to offer your feedback about the services you received, learn more about how you can complete a PF Changs feedback survey in the guide we have prepared for you below.

PF Changs Feedback Survey Rewards

By offering your personal PF Changs feedback in the first three days after you visited the restaurant, you can enjoy 10% off all food items the next time you visit. This reward is valid within 30 days after you complete the PF Changs survey and has no cash value.

There is one coupon allowed per visit and it cannot be combined with any other offers. After you complete the PF Changs feedback survey, you will need to write the validation code you receive at the end of the survey on your receipt and present it at the restaurant when you visit.

PF Changs Client Satisfaction Survey Requirements

If you want to complete the PF Changs client survey, you need to have a valid receipt that proves you were a customer of the restaurant. On the middle part of your receipt, you should have a section that reads “Enter survey code”, followed by a 15 digit PF Changs survey code separated in 5 blocks on the following row.

You need this 15 digit code to begin your PF Changs review and you need to keep your receipt so your PF Changs survey coupon is valid for use. Without your receipt, you will not be able to use the reward you received for completing the PF Changs guest survey.

PF Changs Feedback Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

The full PF Changs feedback survey includes 20 easy steps that you have to go through to complete. See our detailed, step by step instructions below:

PF Changs Feedback Survey step 1
This is how the first page of the PF Changs Client Satisfaction Survey looks like.
  1. Go to
  2. Type in the 15 digits on your PF Changs receipt, 3 digits at a time.
  3. Click the dark red “Start” button to begin your PF Changs feedback survey.
  4. Start by rating how satisfied you were with your PF Changs experience (highly satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied or highly dissatisfied.
  5. Select if your visit type was “Carry out” or “Dine in”.
  6. If you choose “Dine in”, mention the place where you were seated (at a table in the bar area, patio, dining room or at the bar).
  7. Choose the items from the P F Chang menu that you ordered (Vegetarian dish (for items like P F Changs lettuce wraps); beef or pork dish; noodles, main, or rice dish; seafood dish; chicken dish; beverage; dessert; appetizer; salad; other). You can check all of the options that apply for your experience.
  8. Rate your satisfaction for:
    • the variety of menu items
    • the attentiveness of your server
    • the pace of your experience
    • the friendliness of the staff
    • the taste of your food
  9. Rate your satisfaction with:
    • the accuracy of your order
    • the staff’s menu knowledge
    • the cleanliness of the restaurant
    • the ease of navigating the menu
    • the overall atmosphere of the restaurant
  10. Rate your satisfaction with:
    • the temperature of your food
    • the overall value for the price you paid
  11. Mention if you experienced a problem during your visit or not.
  12. If you did not experience any problems, continue by mentioning if you will recommend PF Changs to others in the following 90 days and if you plan on returning to the restaurant in this timeframe (from highly likely to not at all likely).
  13. If you do not choose “Highly likely”, you will be asked to describe your detailed answer in 1200 characters.
  14. Check “Yes” or “No” for the following questions:
    • Did you interact with a manager during your visit?
    • Did you order from the Gluten Free menu?
    • Were you thanked and invited back?
    • During this visit did you order a P.F. Chang’s menu item you had never before tried?
    • Were there children 12 and under in your party?
    • Did your server suggest a menu item? If you do not remember, please select N/A.
    • Were you greeted when you entered the restaurant?
  15. Mention if you ordered an item to share or not.
  16. Select your primary reason for choosing the PF Changs you visited out of the list provided in the survey.
  17. Select one of the statements shown on your screen that describes you the best.
  18. Check all of the statements that describe you from this step.
  19. Answer how many times you have visited the particular PF Changs in the last 90 days.
  20. Check “Yes” or “No” for receiving communication from PF Changs that announce new menu items, special news and promotions.
  21. Submit your answers and wait for the PF Changes coupon code.

PF Changs Useful Links and Resources

PF Changs Company Hours: PF Changs hours might vary, according to your desired location, but their working hours are generally between 11 am to 11 pm from Monday through Thursday, from 11 am to 12 am between Friday and Saturday and from 11 am to 10 pm on Sunday.

PF Changs Company Contact:

PF Changs Company Phone Number: The PF Changs customer service number is 1-866-PFCHANG (1-866-732-4264). The number for PF Changs Preferred is 844-PF-PREFE(R), while their corporate office can be reached at 1-480-888-3000.

PF Changs Locator: Visit and select your location by using the finder on the top left corner of your page.

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