Pie Five Pizza Customer Survey

Remember that mouth-watering pizza you had at Pie Five Pizza? Well, you can now tell the company just how much you’ve enjoyed their top-notch products using the Pie Five Pizza customer survey. Are your eager to take the Pie Five Pizza survey? Then follow our step-by-step guide for tips, tricks and more.

Pie Five Pizza Customer Survey

Unfortunately, we will have to say right from the start that Pie Five Pizza doesn’t offer anything free in exchange for your time taken to complete the survey. But, rest assured, that the company still wants to hear your latest Pie Five Pizza story.

When answering all those questions related to your latest experience, please do try to be as truthful as possible. Keep in mind that Pie Five Pizza uses these questionnaires in order to determine if their services are capable of satisfying their customers, as well as to pinpoint potential issues.

Pie Five Pizza Rewards

As we’ve said before, the company is not organizing any type of sweepstakes or competitions. However, you can always enter the company’s official website in order to redeem a free discount coupon, which you can use in order to save up to 10% on your next meal.

We will keep you informed should the company organize a sweepstake.

Pie Five Pizza Requirements

Before you can begin taking your first Pie Five Pizza survey, you will need to remember that there are certain requirements. According to Pie Five Pizza’s official rulebook, all customers who want to take the survey must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Furthermore, you must also be a legal resident of United States of America, and to have a valid Pie Five Pizza receipt. If you meet all the company’s terms and conditions, you are one step closer to completing the Pie Five Pizza survey.

However, you are going to need a couple of more things before getting started. The first item on the list would be a device with a stable Internet connection. You can use a desktop computer, a laptop, a Mac, a tablet or a smartphone.

As always, our general advice is to stay clear of mobile data plans, as the connection is slow and unreliable. Furthermore, by using a mobile data plan, some of the Java elements found on the Pie Five Pizza survey page might not load correctly, which, in turn, might lead to a failed survey.

So, instead of your phone’s data plan, try to use a broadband or a Wi-Fi connection, if possible. Now, the next thing you’ll require in order to get started is an Internet browser. Our recommendation is to use either Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome.

The platform also works well with the lite versions of Opera and Chrome. If everything checks out okay, you can proceed with the Pie Five Pizza questionnaire. Remember to keep your latest Pie Five Pizza receipt nearby, as you’re going to need it.

Pie Five Pizza Customer Survey

Pie Five Pizza Survey: Tips, Steps and Tricks

Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to successfully complete the Pie Five Pizza survey.

  • Go to the Pie Five Pizza official survey page by pasting http://www.piefivepizza.com/survey/ in your browser’s search bar or by clicking here. Our link will take you directly to the survey page, without you having to search for the exact web address.
  • From the list, please choose the location of the diner you last visited. After selecting the restaurant, the platform will automatically redirect you to the customer survey page.
  • Please type your Full Name in the first text box;
  • Write your personal e-mail in the second box;
  • In the following box, please specify the date of your visit. You will be required to type in the month and day in this format: MM/DD;
  • Please select the time of your visit. You can choose between 11am – 2pm, 2pm-5pm, 5pm-8pm and 8pm-close.
  • In the next field, you will need to write in your receipt’s number. You can find it the upper part of your receipt, just beneath the time and date section.
  • Please specify what product did you eat and if you’ve enjoyed it;
  • Write about the service’s quality;
  • Please specify how was your last experience;
  • Fill in the next field if you have additional comments;
  • Please specify the odds of you returning to Pie Five Pizza. You can choose between Yes, Maybe, and No.
  • Please share with the company the likeliness of you recommending the location or the restaurant to a friend or a family member. You will be able to choose between Yes, Maybe, and No.
  • Please select the amount of time you’ve had dinner at this restaurant. You may choose between One, Several, and Many.
  • Please ensure that all the information provided in the questionnaire is accurate. When ready, please press the “Done” button in order to finish the Pie Five Pizza survey.

Pie Five Pizza Customer Survey

During the registration process, you may encounter any number of technical issues which can prevent you from completing the Pie Five Pizza customer feedback. Luckily, we have managed to track down all those nasty issues and to fix them for you.

Below, you will find a list with the most frequent occurring registrations issues, as well as the methods of how to fix them.

  • Slow, limited or no Internet connection. If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, you might try to restart your router. As for a broadband connection, the most sensible solution is to unplug and plug the cable. Alternatively, if you use your phone’s data plan, you might try to force-restart your device.
  • Cookies are not enabled – please ensure that your browser accepts cookies from the Pie Five Pizza page. If not, please head over to your browser’s privacy section and enable cookies for this page.
  • Java Runtime Environment is out of date – check your JRE version. If it’s outdated, please head over to Oracle’s download section and download the latest version of JRE.
  • Survey code might not be valid. Keep in mind that the survey code has a limited validity. If this term expires, then you will be unable to use it in order to take the Pie Five Pizza survey.
  • Machine does not meet the minimum requirements. Please ensure that your machine meets the minimum hardware requirements needed to run the platform.

For now, this is all you will need to know in order to take the Pie Five Pizza survey successfully. In the meantime, we will keep a lookout for anything remotely related to sweepstakes, and we will keep you appraised.

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