Pollo Tropical Survey Guide

The Pollo Tropical survey welcomes all customers who recently dined at this restaurant. It is to express their honest opinion. It is about Pollo Tropical’s nutrition, services, menu items, and any other aspects related to their guest experience. In our Pollo Tropical Survey Guide, you will learn about Pollo Tropical client survey questions. Also, the Pollo Tropical client survey answers and how you can become one of the survey winners. Get the 411 on the client satisfaction survey below.

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Pollo Tropical Survey Rewards

Naturally, the aspect that all customers are interested in regarding the survey involves the rewards at hand. The survey rewards are indeed attractive. And you will most likely be tempted to participate in the Pollo Tropical survey after you find out about them. But before we get into the physical rewards of the survey, we will talk about additional benefits you enjoy as a participant. If you like to eat at Pollo Tropical frequently, you will most likely have a well-rounded opinion. You can express it in the client visit survey.

No matter if it is positive or critical, you can let the management team know about any form of feedback. So, all thanks to the guest visit survey. The appropriate specialists will collect your feedback from your client experience survey entry. So, your opinion will certainly be taken into consideration.

As for the Pollo Tropical client experience survey rewards, you benefit from a nice discount the next time you visit one of their locations. Even though Pollo Tropical client survey sweepstakes winners aren’t in the discussion anymore – as there is no longer a monthly drawing – this way every customer becomes a winner. As a result, you get $2 off your next family meal purchase. It is a token of appreciation for completing the Pollo Tropical customer experience survey.

Pollo Tropical Survey Requirements

We’re sorry to inform you that only certain individuals can take part in the Pollo Tropical customer visit survey. The main purpose of the questionnaire is to gather feedback from people who bought their products and services. So, you won’t be able to participate in the Pollo Tropical survey if you were not a customer. To prove to the restaurant management that you were a paying guest, you need to provide details from the receipt you got during your last visit. If you would like to visit a Pollo Tropical restaurant, you can use their locator to find one in your area: http://pollotropical.com/locator.

Some of the most popular Pollo Tropical locations that you might be interested in are:

  • Biscayne Blvd – 3499, 11806 and 20403
  • East Colonial – 11860 and 3224
  • Sheridan Street – 33021 and 5549
  • 27th Avenue -m8200
  • Orange Blossom Trail – 32809 and 8408

Once you have dined at Pollo Tropical and have a receipt, you need to be able to accurately provide a coupon code and passcode. Both of these details are included in your receipt. When you are ready to start the survey, continue with the next section of our guide below.

pollo tropical survey website screenshot
This screenshot shows what the portal looks like.

Pollo Tropical Survey Steps

In addition to the Pollo Tropical client experience survey requirements mentioned above, you will also need to have a computer, laptop, or mobile device to access the survey site. Make sure that you also have a connection to the internet. So, the questionnaire will run smoothly from beginning to end. Get your receipt and go through these steps.


  • Visit the survey portal at https://www.pollolistens.com. You can consult the Pollo Tropical client survey screenshot. We have included it above to check that you are on the proper page. To increase your chances of getting to the right website from the beginning, click our link directly.
  • At this point, you can take the survey in English or select Spanish. And if you understand this language better. Spanish speakers can click the blue Espanol link from the bottom left corner of the page to have the survey translated.
  • Start by entering the coupon code on your receipt. It is located in the bottom half and contains a total of 16 digits. Type all the digits in, four in each field. If you have problems finding the coupon code, look at the sample receipt to your right for guidance.
  • After that, enter the passcode from your receipt in the second blank box. It should be made up of five digits and can also be found at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Check these details for accuracy. Then, press the green Start button when you are ready to begin the survey.
  • Answer all of the questions, either by rating specific services or products you interacted with. You can feel free to be as honest as you would like. So, you get the $2 coupon at the end either way. Describe your experience with as many details as possible.
  • Once you reach the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code to redeem your coupon. Make sure that you write the validation code on your receipt. Then, bring it with you the next time you visit Pollo Tropical. Present the receipt to the cashier and enjoy your offer.

Customer Service

You can find more information about this chain of restaurants at www.pollotropical.com. Not only can you access the restaurant locator we spoke about earlier, but you can also look into their rewards program. Also, consult their menu or browse their catering options. If you want to speak with them, use one of the three options on their contact page here: http://pollotropical.com/contact-pollo-tropical-corporate-office. You will receive an answer soon from one of their team members.

Enjoy your coupon and your next Pollo Tropical dining experience!

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    Store # 10023 (8408 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809).
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