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In the digital age in which we live, a lot of companies use surveys to see if their customers are satisfied or to get an idea of how they feel about the business. A survey also helps management know how their employees are treating customers. The Publix survey represents the new age of surveys since it goes home with each customer.

Years ago, customer satisfaction surveys were on paper and had to be handed out and filled out in the store. This was an inconvenience, not to mention time-consuming for the customers. It was difficult to get people to hang around long enough to fill such surveys out. The advent of the digital survey made it possible for customers to go home and fill out a survey at their convenience.

Some digital surveys are listed at the bottom of your receipt and include a website for you to visit to complete the survey. Many even offer an incentive for your time to do so. Other surveys are simply incorporated as part of a company’s website or are performed by telemarketers. The Publix survey is done by invitation on the customer’s receipt.

How To Fill Out A Survey


The best way to fill out a survey is to be completely honest. The business conducting the survey wants real feedback so it can either reward an employee and learn how to improve. It does not help you or the company if you just click through all the positive answers if that’s not how you truly feel. There’s also no reason to leave a negative review for no reason. Many times, a survey will affect an employee’s performance review or livelihood. It would be unfair to cause an employee problems because you clicked the wrong selection too quickly.

A Publix survey is not the place to try to solve a serious and very specific problem. If your experience with a store or company was negative, then you should be honest on your survey. However, it would be best to contact the business’ corporate office if you had a very specific situation.

An example of how to use a survey correctly would be to indicate you thought the checkout lines moved too slowly by giving a lesser score in that area. It would be incorrect to use the comment box to explain how you cut yourself on a broken bottle that was not properly cleaned up.

The best way to fill out the Publix survey is to take a few moments to review your experience in your head. If you need to, write a couple things down. Make sure you have enough time to complete the entire survey uninterrupted. Be as honest as you can with your answers.

What Is Publix And How Do I Fill Out Its Survey Correctly?


Publix is a supermarket chain known officially as Publix Super Markets, Inc. With the Publix headquarters in Lakeland, Florida, its stores are employee-owned. George W. Jenkins established the first store in 1930. The company is private and some owners are members of the original Jenkins family. You will find Publix stores throughout the southeastern United States, including:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

Publix is one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States. Florida has the most stores with a count of 787. Those stores have 193,000 employees across 1,231 total locations. They have retail stores, cooking schools, corporate offices and distribution centers. They also have 11 manufacturing facilities. All the Publix dairy, deli and bakery items are prepared at the manufacturing sites.

Publix ranks No. 7 on the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies for 2017. It is also No. 47 on Fortune magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For 2018.

Publix has an annual gross sales total of $3.6 billion, ranking it No. 88 on Fortune magazine’s Fortune 500 list.

How To Fill Out A Publix Survey


If you shop at a Publix store, you may be selected to take one of its surveys. The invitation to the Publix survey will be on your receipt after your purchase. Once you have your invitation, go to to start taking the survey. You will enter your code and the survey will begin.

Take Your Time


While you’re taking the survey, be sure to take your time. It’s good to make sure you have enough time to read and consider each question. Answer the questions as honestly as possible. It is important to remember that surveys like the Publix survey may affect an employee’s job. You would not want to cause an employee to be reprimanded because you accidentally clicked too quickly on the wrong choice or because your negative experience was not their fault individually.

Use The Comments Box

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There is a reason most surveys will ask a question, usually asking you to rank something on a numerical scale, and then provide a box for comments. If you decide to rate the checkout service as “less than satisfactory,” it will be helpful to the store if you explain what the cashier was or wasn’t doing. Help the business know how it can fix the problem. If you were dissatisfied with the actions of the customer in front of you, then that should not reflect on the cashier.

Be Constructive


It’s important to see the Publix survey as a chance for the store to either reward good behavior or fix a problem. Ranting doesn’t help anyone to fix anything. When you explain a problem, state specifically what went wrong, such as, “The cashier was talking to someone else rather than focusing on my items.” That is much more helpful than, “The cashier did a bad job.” Remember, the objective is to fix, not punish.

Consider What The Store Can Control

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When you are filling out the Publix survey, consider what things the store can control and what it cannot. Stating that the “store is on too busy a road” is not something Publix can control. It also doesn’t help to state that you don’t like a product you purchased. The store cannot help the quality of specific products and each store does not have control over what it sells. If you want to change what’s sold in a certain store, contact the corporate office.

Don’t Be Careless

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When you’re filling out the Publix survey, consider that someone’s job performance evaluation may ride on your answers. There’s no reason to cause someone unnecessary grief because you didn’t care enough to pay attention. Even though most surveys include an entry for a contest, don’t rush just to enter the contest. Take the same time you would want someone to spend if your job was on the line.

Why Are Surveys Helpful?


The Publix survey, and other surveys, are helpful to companies because they allow the company to make important changes or give out well-deserved praise. Management cannot be watching all staff members all the time. The only way to get an idea how successful their team is, is to ask the customers.

The customer is the only one who can let corporate leaders know exactly what it’s like to shop in one of their stores. The Publix survey lets a store know price tags are often missing from shelves or that customers can’t find the items they need. It also lets the store know if a cashier went the extra mile or that a deli worker always remembers the customer’s name. This type of feedback is so valuable in making a business better.

The four main reasons for having a survey are:

To Uncover Answers

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Having customers fill out a survey at home is a way to make sure you get honest answers. The customer doesn’t feel on the spot or afraid to be truthful.

To Evoke Discussion

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A survey gives Publix management things to discuss with its employees. Management is not dependent on their own observation skills to see problems or positive things. The Publix survey provides a starting point for a discussion on how to improve.

To Get Objective Information


Since the survey is random and anonymous, the company can get objective answers to questions from a random selection of people. This helps get a variety of opinions, rather than just the feedback from people who initiate contact.

To Compare Results


A survey provides the opportunity to compare lots of answers to the same questions. This allows a company to see patterns and determine whether a problem was an isolated occurrence or an ongoing issue that needs addressing.


The Publix survey is just one tool in the company’s arsenal to make sure customers leave its stores happy and satisfied. It speaks to the importance Publix places on customer satisfaction that it offers a survey on its receipt. A company willing to hand out, process and communicate the results of a survey is a company that wants to the best.

Generally, companies that offer an ongoing satisfaction survey have happier customers and better employees. The Publix survey serves an important function and speaks to the very nature of the company’s goals.

Since the company has gone to the trouble of offering a survey and trying to improve your experience, make sure you properly fill out your Publix survey. Take your time and be honest. Consider carefully what happened and don’t rant about things outside Publix’s control. Always remember to keep your remarks constructive and use those comment boxes for good explanations. If you do all these things, the Publix survey will be successful for everyone involved. And you might win a prize just for your participation.

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