Sizzling Pubs Survey Guide

Customers who enjoy the tasty pub food at Sizzling Pubs have the opportunity to share their opinion with the company through an online survey. Completing this survey lets you give Sizzling Pubs valuable feedback, and it also lets you access some fun rewards. To complete the survey quickly and collect your reward easily, read our guide to the Sizzling Pubs customer satisfaction survey. We will let you know what you need to take the Sizzling Pubs survey, and we will also provide a detailed walkthrough of the survey steps.

Sizzling Pubs Survey Rewards

Sizzling Pubs encourages customers to take part in their survey by offering several excellent prizes. Some locations may also give every survey participant a free voucher for a drink or menu item. People who complete the survey will have the chance to enter three different sweepstakes contests.

Each month, a single winner is selected to receive a £25 meal voucher that can be used at any Sizzling Pubs location. Another one of the sweepstakes has a daily drawing for a person who will receive £1000 in cash. Participants will also be entered into a weekly sweepstakes that offers £1,500 in prizes.

Sizzling Pubs Survey Requirements

Since the prizes are associated with a sweepstakes contest, customers must meet some qualifications.

  • Be a legal resident of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, or Korea.
  • Be over the age of 17, or be over the age of 19 if you are a Korean resident.
  • Have a survey invitation from Sizzling Pubs.
  • Do not be the family member of an employee or an employee at Sizzling Pubs.

Sizzling Pubs Survey: How to Complete It

  1. Enter or the website found on your receipt into your web browser.
  2. Select the location you visited from the menu.
  3. Enter the time and date found on your receipt into the appropriate areas.
  4. Provide details about which menu items you ordered.
  5. Say how likely you are to recommend Sizzling Pubs to acquaintances.
  6. Choose the “Agree” or “Disagree” option for various statements about your experience.
  7. Type additional comments in the text box.
  8. Enter the name or description of any particularly helpful staff members.
  9. Answer some demographic questions about yourself.
  10. Enter your contact details so you can be notified if you win anything.
  11. Submit the Sizzling Pubs feedback survey.

Sizzling Pubs Survey Completion Troubleshooting & Useful Links

Keep in mind that the survey only runs part of the year, so you will need to take the survey before your invitation expires. These contact methods will help you to get in touch with Sizzling Pubs if you have any other questions about their survey.

Phone Number Directory:

Let Sizzling Pubs know that you took their survey by messaging them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also leave a comment below to let us know how your survey experience went.

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