Smashburger Survey Guide

If you have recently visited a Smashburger location near you, you will be able to participate in the Smashburger survey. By participating in the survey, you will be leaving Smashburger feedback and thus help them improve Smashburger restaurant services and products. In addition, you can also receive a Smashburger coupon.

This guide is to show you how you can successfully complete the Smashburger survey and receive your Smashburger coupon. Take advantage of your next visit to one of the Smashburger locations to win something more than a good time by providing Smashburger with feedback; here is how.

Smashburger Survey Rewards

The Smashburger company wants to incentives its customers to participate in the Smashburger survey. That’s why they offer each survey participant a Smashburger coupon.

You can redeem your Smashburger coupon in any of the hundreds of Smashburger locations across the country. The Smashburger coupon comes in the form of a validation code. All you have to do is write  the validation code on the Smashburger receipt you will be using to enter the survey. Bring this Smashburger receipt with you next time you go to Smashburger to redeem your reward.

The value of the Smashburger coupon will change from time to time. You can usually see what the Smashburger offer is on the receipt itself, next to field where you will fill in the Smashburger validation code.

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After completing the Smashburger survey, you can also mention your birthday. You will receive a Smashburger coupon on your birthday, as a gift from the company.

Smashburger Survey Requirements

There are very few requirements to take the Smashburger Survey. There is no age restriction, anyone can participate, even if they are not 18. However, children under the age of 13 should be supervised by an adult while completing the Smashburger survey.

In addition, you will need a laptop and a secure and stable internet connection. The Smashburger survey can be filled in only on the official Smashburger survey website,

You will also need a recent Smashburger receipt. You can use any Smashburger receipt you have within 30 days after making the purchase. The receipt must have the Smashburger store number, date, time and total purchase amount visibly printed.

Smashburger Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

smashburger client survey screenshot
This is how the main page of the Smashburger survey looks like.

The Smashburger survey should take around five to seven minutes to complete. Most of the Smash Burger survey steps will be under the form of ratings, as well as a few comments. The process for completion is simple, so all you have to do is go through these instructions to receive a Smashburger coupon:

  • Go to the Smashburger survey website at You can also go to This page will automatically bring you to as well.
  • Begin by providing the number of the Smashburger store number you visited (on the top part of your receipt; i.e. Store #1234), the day and time you visited, your ticket number (located right under the time of your purchase), as well as the total amount of your purchase (cents included). Start your Smashburger feedback survey by pressing Enter.
  • Read the information on your screen regarding Smashburger survey rewards. Click Next once you have acknowledged them.
  • Express your satisfaction regarding the Smashburger menu.
  • Answer the series of questions regarding Smashburger customer service and employees
  • You need to provide a few pieces of personal information to continue, such as gender, age, household income, and so on.
  •  Provide the month you were born to receive a Smashburger coupon code for your birthday.
  • Enter your first and last name, telephone number, and zip or postal code, to enter the Smashburger sweepstakes.
  • Finalize the Smashburger survey. Press Next to continue.
  • Take the Smashburger survey code and write it on your receipt for validation. Press submit to finish completing your Smashburger survey.

Since you will have to fill in some personal detail about yourself, we highly recommend you read the Smashburger privacy policy beforehand. You can find a link to the privacy policy at

Smashburger Survey Troubleshooting and Useful Info

If you have trouble while filling in the Smashburger survey, or if you have any questions about the survey, you can contact the customer service team. At there is a link at the bottom of the page, which will take you to the contact form.

If you want to learn more about Smashburger menus and Smashburger restaurants, you should visit the official Smashburger website,

Here, you can also find Smashburger locations near you. You can go to the Locations tab at at type in your area to see which Smashburger restaurants you can find.

Use this tab to find out more about individual Smashburger locations, such as specific Smashburger menus and contact details.

You can also view Smashburger hours for each restaurant. Like many other restaurant chains, the Smashburger hours may differ from restaurant to restaurant.

To get in touch with a Smashburger customer service representative, you send an email at [email protected]. This address is for general questions and feedback.

If you are interested in Smashburger careers and job opportunities, you should send an email at [email protected].

Naturally, you can also call Smashburger general customer service department phone number, which is 303-633-1500. If you want to call the customer service department of a specific Smashburger restaurant, use the Smashburger locator mentioned above.

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