Talk to Sonic Survey Guide

The Talk to Sonic survey at is the best way in which you can offer your feedback to the Sonic restaurant.

In our Talk to Sonic Survey Guide you will find out everything you need to know about Sonic guest survey prizes, Sonic receipts, Sonic survey codes, requirements and more.

Talk to Sonic Survey Rewards

Your Sonic guest survey reward is printed on your receipt. For instance, the reward can be a Sonic Route 44 coupon that you can use on your next visit at the Sonic drive in locations. However, this is just an example. Your reward depends on the Sonic receipt you received the last time you went to the restaurant.

Aside from the material benefits of completing the Talk to Sonic survey, customers can also take advantage of this opportunity to send a message to the Sonic team.

Talk to Sonic Survey Requirements

Before you get started with your Talk to Sonic survey, you need to have a device connected to the internet. Then, you need to have visited a Sonic drive-in location in the past fourteen days. If you have a receipt from before this time frame, you won’t be able to fill out the Sonic guest satisfaction survey.

talk to sonic guest survey page screenshot
This is how the Talk to Sonic Guest Survey portal looks like.

Talk to Sonic Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

The Talk to Sonic survey website is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Here are the steps you need to go through to complete the survey:

  • Access the Talk to Sonic survey website at
  • After choosing the language in which you want to take the survey, enter the ID number that can be found on the bottom part of your receipt in the empty field provided on the screen. You need to keep your receipt for your next visit and write the code you’ll get after completing the survey in the empty field at the bottom.
  • Click the blue Start button to begin your Talk to Sonic survey.
  • Answer the questions and rate the services based on your experience, the Sonic products you enjoy, and the Sonic locations you usually go to. Your replies will not affect your rewards at the end of the Talk to Sonic survey.
  • When you are all done with the Sonic survey, write down your validation code and bring the receipt with you the next time you go dining at the restaurant.

Talk to Sonic Survey Troubleshooting and Useful Links

If you are unable to complete the Talk to Sonic survey found at, you can always contact Sonic by accessing their contact webpage. There, you can specify the reason for your visit and get in touch with them according to the state you live in.

If you prefer to visit one of their locations in person, you can use their Sonic Drive-In Locator tool and search for one by entering your state, city, or zip code. Another useful link that you should keep in mind is their Sonic FAQ page. Finally, if you want to get in touch with them on social media, you have two options: the Sonic Facebook page and the Sonic Twitter page.

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  1. A 15 minute wait with one car ahead of me. The girl on the intercom said she couldn’t hear my voice so I yelled out my order like I was at a car race. The Chocolate Shake looked like white milk. The clerk said, “Oh this must be an old one”. The Double Cheese Burger had old flat hard buns. No napkins, no receipt and no acknowledgment that the transaction was complete.

  2. I visited Sonic at 3529 McCollough Blvd, Belsen, Ms. On July 28, 2017 at 11:14am. I tried entering my survey online, but some reason it wouldn’t go through. ID#07280100. I was very disappointed in the food received. I ordered a breakfast Toast Combo with hash browns and a cup of coffee. I didn’t check my order when I received it for I was anxious to get on the road to Florida. The sausage in my sandwich was burnt to a crisp. I was unable to eat it. The hash browns were room temperature as well as the coffee. How on God’s earth would someone in their conscious mind serve a paying customer? I don’t think I would have thrown this to a dog. I have eaten at many Sonics and received very hot, fresh food. This truly was an aweful experience and taught me a lesson to examine your food before take off because some people really don’t care what they hand out. I even gave the server a tip in the place of paying $.40 for a cup of water.

    • That’s truly unfortunate. Have you tried contacting their customer service department or the managers of the location you visited? They should be made aware of these issues if they persist.

  3. Here’s my comment. The route 44 free drink coupon does not work at the Sweetwater TN location. We are from Alabama. I can use my free sonic drink coupon off my survey at any of our locations. Well I was informed by the lady at Sweetwater it wasn’t their store so I couldn’t use it then she charged me 30 cents extra 2 times for a cherry. She asked me if I wanted read cherries in my drink. I said yes. Well I wouldn’t have if she was gonna charge 30 cents per cherry and an extra 20 cents for the flavor. Dang

  4. I love Happy Hour half price tea and Sonic Strawberry milk shakes. I love having Sonic just down the street from me.


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