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Our TGIF Survey Guide will teach you all you need to know for participating in the TGI Fridays survey. You will find out about the rewards for filling out the TGIF survey. Also, the requirements you need to be able to participate. In addition to these, you’ll also learn about the TGI Fridays hours of operation, the TGIF Stars and Stripes reward program, and the TGI Fridays store locator the UK and US residents that have an interest. Learn more about the TGIF survey below.

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TGIF Survey Rewards

They created a TGIF survey for customers to provide their feedback on the services. Also, the products they enjoy through the TGIF franchise. You can express the best parts of your visit with the TGIFridays survey, or the parts you feel would need some updates. For example, if the TGI Friday hours of operation or the TGIF store locator were inconvenient for you, you can let the management team know through the TGIF survey. In any case, the best part about the TGIF survey is that they actually take your feedback into consideration. If you’re a loyal customer of this restaurant, you will enjoy better services the next time you choose to dine there.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any additional rewards with the TGI Fridays survey. While most restaurants choose to offer a discount or a free menu item for participants, the TGIF survey lacks this option. However, you can sign up for the TGIF Give Me More Stripes program (sign up here) for benefits and perks of this kind. You will have access to coupons, meetings, and other perks as you earn your stripes.

TGIF Survey Requirements

In order for your participation in the TGIFriday survey to be legit, you need to meet a few requirements. First of all, you need to be a customer of TGI Fridays. This means that you need to have the receipt from your most recent visit near you. You will have to enter details from it. If you’re interested in finding a TGI Fridays restaurant in your area and learning about TGIF hours of operation. Feel free to use the TGI Fridays store locator.  Enter your zip code or city and find all the restaurants that are in your area. You’ll also see the TGI Fridays hours of operations for all the locations that show up based on your search criteria.

If you’re already a customer with a receipt, you are eligible for the TGI Fridays survey. You’ll only new a few minutes (10 at the most) to complete the TGIF survey. You don’t have to worry about it taking up too much free time. What you will need, however, is a personal computer or a mobile device to take the TGI Fridays survey. You can easily use a smartphone or a tablet. But the questions are seen better on a desktop computer or a laptop. Whatever device you choose on taking the TGIF survey, just make sure that it’s securely connected to the internet. If the internet connection is not stable, you will most likely be out of the survey halfway through.

TGIF survey website screenshot
The TGIF survey portal should resemble this image.

Survey Steps

You are now ready to take the TGIF survey, you meet the requirements. Get your receipt and computer ready and go through the instructions are below:

  • Visit the official TGIF survey page at There are several ways that you can access it, but the safest and quickest one is by clicking our link. To make sure that you have reached the suitable page, check the image just above this section of our TGIF Survey Guide.
  • If you want to participate in the TGIF survey in Spanish, you can click the blue button that indicates this language. It should be on the bottom right corner of the TGIF survey portal.
  • Before you get started with the questions, TGIF needs to check that you are a genuine customer. This is the part where you need to get your receipt. In the first empty box. Enter the survey code that is on your receipt.
  • In the second empty box, choose the time of your purchase from the three small drop-down menus that appear on your screen. You should have the clear timestamp printed on your receipt, in the top half.
  • If you are ready to go, press the red Start
  • Answer the questions that come up on your screen based on the last time you visited a TGI Fridays restaurant.

Survey Tips

It is important to answer only according to your last experience. As the information will most likely reach the management team of the specific restaurant you dined at. If you have any additional or general comments, you will be able to include them at one point in the survey. If you prefer to not answer one of the questions in the TGIF survey, you can still go on completing it.

They recommend that you do not leave your computer while going through the TGIF survey. You will be automatically disconnected if more than 20 minutes pass without any activity on a page. So, it won’t take a lot of time, so it’s better to complete it from beginning to end without pauses.

If any topics you wanted to comment on weren’t included in the TGIF survey, you can get in touch with their customer service through the online contact form on their website. All you have to do is go to Fill out the mandatory fields. It helps if you include your date and time of the visit. Also, they need the name of the employee that served you. Also, the store number so their team can correctly identify the restaurant you dined at. Include all of your comments in the last field at the bottom of the screen.

For additional information about this restaurant, please visit its official website.

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