Toluna Survey

Toluna Survey

In recent years, the online survey industry has grown leaps and bounds. More websites are popping up offering cash for your time and opinions. This should sound like good news for those of us who could use a few extra bucks without the burden of a major commitment. If earning money on the side while sitting on your couch and voicing your opinion sounds good to you, Toluna surveys warrant your attention.

What Is Toluna?

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Toluna is a worldwide survey community owned and operated by the market research powerhouse, Toluna Group. Toluna has become one of the biggest paid-survey and market research companies in the world with 800 employees globally, and a user base of over 13 million registered members in 86 countries (and growing). Toluna USA, Inc. has an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). A good rating from a credible organization like the BBB goes a long way in determining the legitimacy of a website and/or company.

Toluna calls their members “Toluna Influencers” and are proud to offer a platform that gives people the opportunity to inspire change in the world around them. They say, as a Toluna Influencer, “you are empowered to transform the products and services that matter to you!” By taking Toluna surveys, you are inspiring change in real time, and your opinion will have a direct impact on companies and how they market, distribute or advertise new products and services to consumers like yourself.

The Toluna surveys you will be taking are made by Toluna Group’s clients, who are mostly market research agencies and brands. Most of the Toluna surveys will last 15-20 minutes, and the payout will be based on the length and complexity of the survey (we will have more on the payment method later). Each Toluna survey will start with some questions to make sure you are part of the targeted demographic.

Sometimes this can be two or three questions, sometimes longer. If you do not qualify for the targeted demographic, your survey cannot be used and is never transferred to Toluna’s clients. However, Toluna will often reward you with some sort of consolation if you disqualify, whether it be points or an entry into cash prize sweepstakes.

You can find Toluna on all of your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with all the latest on special offers and announcements.

Why Sign Up for Toluna?


Along with providing your opinions and experiences with market researchers to help shape the future of some of the biggest brands worldwide, by taking Toluna surveys you also earn cash rewards and other prizes. Also, it should be easy to find surveys about things you’re passionate about; Toluna has many different categories like sports, business, lifestyle, and so much more.


By taking Toluna surveys, you will earn points. On average, surveys range from 15,000-20,000 points (but they can be up to 50,000 points or more), depending on length and difficulty. Most, however, only take 15-20 minutes. You can then redeem those points for cash starting at 90,000 points ($30). You can also request a $25 check at 75,000 points.

Gift Certificates

Another payout option is gift cards. Toluna offers a wide selection of gift certificates to retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Starbucks, Tango, Target, Best Buy, and many more. Gift certificate values start at 30,000 points, or $10.


Toluna also has the Gifties Program, which is essentially an instant-win game where a small number of points can be exchanged for a chance to win a prize. Each Giftie represents an actual item that you can bid on. Winners are chosen at random, and bidding on Gifties does not guarantee winning them.


The last part of the Toluna survey rewards catalog is the sweepstakes. Toluna offers monthly draws for thousands of dollars and prizes such as electronics. Toluna survey takers can enter the sweepstakes for a relatively small number of points.

New Member Bonus

An interesting incentive to take note of is the New Member Bonus. New members to the Toluna community will automatically have 500 points deposited into their accounts, and if you invite new members and they join Toluna, you’ll also be awarded 500 points per person.

Toluna Survey Rewards Process

Toluna states on their website that it can take up to 8 weeks for delivery of rewards after they’ve been requested. However, many members receive virtual gift cards and PayPal payments within a couple weeks of the request. All rewards are redeemed through Toluna’s “Rewards Center” from the community menu on your profile, and when points are rewarded, they are valid for 12 months.

How to Sign Up For Toluna

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Signing up is easy and free at, they will take you step by step to create your profile. Once you’ve created your profile, remember to fill in your profile surveys. These surveys are aimed to get a better understanding of who you are. Completing the profile surveys will increase your chances at being selected for specific surveys. Once you’ve signed up, made your profile, and completed your profile surveys, you can start earning money by taking surveys. They are accessible on Toluna’s website or by invitation via email.

When you sign up, Toluna will ask for personal information such as your name and address to better match you with the appropriate market research projects. This information is also so that they may send your reward to the appropriate recipient address. Any other information they may ask you to provide is for their worldwide database in order to conduct market research studies. Toluna only provides information to clients in an anonymous form. They also never use Direct Marketing and will never share your data with telemarketers or ad agencies for promotion and targeting purposes.

Product Testing

Product testing is another way you can earn some extra money with Toluna. Toluna lets its members test products in the comfort of their own homes. Once a registered member, you can apply to test products based on your interests or needs. It can be makeup, deodorant, and more. You can keep the product and are asked for feedback after using it.

MiniPolls, Battles, and More

MiniPolls, Battles, And More

Along with Toluna surveys and product testing, you can also make money through some of the lesser-known options available through Toluna. Some of these options include MiniPolls and Battles. A MiniPoll is a system of yes or no questions lasting about 15 minutes (worth 100 points). Battles are where you can give your opinion in a battle of products or subjects, or create your own battle and let other members in the community make their choice.

You can also start a discussion in the community. You’ll create a topic to start an open-ended forum with other members. It’s that simple; then you wait for the communities responses to come pouring in. Similarly, you can create a poll with pre-formed answers, from which other members can make one or several selections. As members answer the Poll, statistics and the info-graphic will update in real time. This is a great way to get quick answers on your pressing questions.As you can see, there are many ways to connect with the Toluna community.


There seems to be more and more online paid survey sites these days. That’s because the age we live in is the digital age, and computers have made it easier for companies to gather information on their prospective target markets. A proven and effective way to gather information and conduct market research is through online surveys.

Toluna is a forward-thinking brand that has the best in mind for its members. They want you taking surveys that not only you care about, but that you are knowledgeable about. This makes for a win-win situation between you and the market research companies. At Toluna, they like to say, “your voice + our voice = the voice of change.” Their mission is to create a platform where everyday consumers can provide useful and meaningful feedback that has the power to inspire real change within the companies and brands that they love (or don’t love, for that matter). And with the connections Toluna has made in the market research sector as well as the global business economy, there is real potential to inspire change by taking Toluna surveys.

Upon doing our research for this article, we were impressed with the professionalism of Toluna. The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. We’ve heard good things about the customer service department as well; they tend to get back to their members quickly about any complaints or concerns.

One thing to remember is that doing paid surveys online will not be a primary income source for most people. While it’s a great way to earn an extra income, most people do not make enough to live on. However, the benefits go beyond pocket cash and gift certificates. Toluna is truly a community where you can make new friends and even learn about current affairs.

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