Verizon Wireless Survey Guide

If you’re already a customer of Verizon Wireless, then you will definitely enjoy the Verizon Wireless survey, hosted on As part of the Verizon customer satisfaction program, Verizon, which is currently the second largest mobile carrier in the United States of America, wants to see how the customers rate the products based on their past experiences.

To be able to understand what the customer needs, a reliable and powerful customer feedback tool is required. The Verizon Wireless survey proves that surveys don’t necessarily need to be bothersome. It will take about 10 minutes to complete, and your feedback will greatly help the company to improve the quality of their services.

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Verizon Wireless Survey Rewards

Unfortunately, unlike other online surveys, the Verizon Wireless survey do not offer rewards for customers who take their time in order to complete the survey. However, before the program was revised, several customers have declared that they’ve received official pop-ups in their browser from Verizon.

According to theses mysterious pop-ups, the user was informed by, apparently Verizon, about winning a prize of $70 for their participation in the Verizon Wireless Survey. Later on, the company exposed this message as being Phishing attack.

Fortunately, Verizon has determined that no critical information was leaked during these attacks, and have taken steps in order to prevent any future attempts. Furthermore, the company has gone to great lengths in order to convince their customers that this was not a Verizon scam.

Verizon Wireless Survey Requirements

In order to take the Verizon Wireless survey, you must first have a subscription to one of the company’s plan. If you’re already a registered Verizon client, then all you’ll need in order to fill out the survey is your phone number.

Furthermore, in order to take the survey, you must also have a decent grasp of English or Spanish. Also, participants must also be 18 years old of age and must be legal residents of the United States of America.

Unlike other online surveys which require the use to know a couple of about networking, the Verizon Wireless survey doesn’t require any of that. All that you’ll need to do in order take the survey is to head on over to and follow the on-screen instructions.

Before heading to Verizon’s official web page to take the survey, check you Internet connection. If you have a poor internet connection, then it would be for the best to seek another network before attempting to take the survey.

If there is a sudden drop of Wi-Fi signal during the process, the online platform will not register your results, and you will have to start from scratch.

Also, another thing to keep mind is to answer as truthfully as possible to all the question. Verizon, like any other company, uses these results in order to identify potential or existing issues. If you don’t offer a sincere feedback, then Verizon will be unable to address your concerns.

To take the survey, you will need a PC or a tablet. You can also take the survey on a smartphone, but it would be better to stick to tablets or PCs because your phone’s browser might not be able to scale the image properly.

Another thing that you should know before taking the survey is that the online platform only works if you have cookies and JavaScript activated.

If you’re using Google’s Chrome, in order to activate cookies and JavaScript, open the menu, and select settings.

In the settings page, scroll down until you find the “Show advanced settings” button. After entering the advanced settings menu, search for a button entitled “Content Settings”. In content setting, press the “Allow local data to be set” button under cookies to activate this feature and the “Allow all sites to run JavaScript” button, which can be found under JavaScript.

Verizon Wireless Survey Guide

Verizon Wireless Survey: How to Complete it, Steps and Tips

Taking the Verizon Wireless survey will be pretty easy if you follow our step-by-step guide. Here’s what you will need to do in order to complete Verizon’s survey.

  • Go to You can do this by either pasting the link in your browser of choice or by clicking
  • Select your language of choice by clicking on the language button located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Currently, the page will let you choose between English and Spanish.
  • Before moving on to the next step, please consult Verizon’s Privacy Policy. You can perform this action either by navigating to the bottom of the screen and clicking on the link entitled “Verizon Wireless Internet Privacy Policy” or by clicking here. It may take a while to read the whole text, but you will see that Verizon does not any hidden interests.
  • Please enter your mobile phone number in the appropriate field. When entering you a phone number, please do not include your state’s extension number.
  • In order to start the survey, press “Take Survey” button and wait for the browser to load the first set of questions.

The survey consists of 30 questions, each of them having a one to ten satisfaction scale. Don’t worry about the survey taking too long, because it was specifically designed to take no more than 10 minutes.

If you have any more questions about what Verizon is or how you can help the company by taking this survey, you can always check out their official page, by heading over to For complaints or other details, you can always use Verizon’s mailing address or contact the company directly through customer service.

To summarize our article, we have to say that the Verizon Wireless survey is one of the easiest survey platforms out there on the Internet. Compared to other surveys which require receipt numbers or other forms of registration, Verizon’s online survey only requires your phone number and a couple of minutes of your time.

By taking the survey, you will help the company improve their services, or to identify potential issues. Furthermore, any such tools, like customer survey, will also help the company convince the public that they don’t need to be concerned about sharing their personal data with the company, as Verizon will go to great lengths in order to keep it safe.

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