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When we think of convenience and reliability, the drugstore down the street is not the first thing that comes to mind. It is often not until a loved one has been up all night with a high fever that we suddenly become so grateful for that neighborhood drug store. However, we have conducted and compiled this Walgreens survey to tell you all about America’s premier pharmacy since 1901. It all started with one man and his perpetual commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. always strove for excellence.

After many years of working closely with some of Chicago’s most prominent pharmacists, Walgreen realized that it was time for him to open his own pharmacy. Not only did he have a plethora of ideas to put into action, but he also had a strong desire to provide unquestionable value to customers. He wanted innovative store displays, large selections of affordable merchandise, and, most of all, to comprehend and meet the many needs of drugstore customers. In researching for this Walgreens survey, we saw this desire demonstrated not only then, but throughout the store’s history until now.

What Did Our Walgreens Survey Find?

The first Walgreens opened its doors for business in 1901 in Chicago, IL. Over the last century, it has grown to be one of the biggest pharmacy store chains in the United States. When researching for this Walgreens survey, we learned Walgreens specializes in health and wellness products, quick groceries, photo services, and filling prescriptions.

The store model itself is meant to convey a light and cozy atmosphere while maintaining a sense of trust and comfort. As soon as you enter the store, you are greeted by an employee, eager to point you in the right direction. While other pharmacy stores may have poorly lit and cramped aisles, Walgreens aids customers the best they can by providing bright, spacious aisles.

If boredom strikes while waiting for a prescription, do not fret. There is a large array of health and beauty products alike to help pass the time. Finally, they offer a multitude of photo services; including passport photos, photo prints, posters, and much more. All of which can be picked up the same day depending on the service. Being able to convenience customers is important, so same-day pick up for prescriptions and photos was a given. It is for that same reason most Walgreens are stand-alone corner stores with most of them offering a drive-thru pharmacy.

Is There a Need for Walgreens?

The demand for such a store is likely to grow in numbers. With a new one popping up on every corner, it seems like there is a Walgreens store at each turn nowadays. There has never been a greater need for distinguished customer satisfaction; Walgreens is here to accommodate that. Between late store hours and refrigerated groceries, customers find the convenience of having a store like Walgreens nearby quite valuable. Besides the customer’s needs, they have made sure they provide ample employment opportunities to those who are mentally and physically disabled.

In 2007, they implemented the “same job, same performance” operating model in a South Carolina store. Since then, over 1,500 individuals with disabilities have gone through customer service and retail training at hundreds of Walgreens across the country. Through the information learned through this Walgreen’s survey, it seems Walgreen’s are not just typical drugstores, but a legacy of high-quality products and customer service in each store.

Why Shop at Walgreens Instead of Its Competitors?

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Still not convinced that Walgreens is top of the line in respects to pharmacy stores? How about the fact they have always and continue to go above and beyond to keep up with their customer’s needs and wants? Back when it was just one store, they practiced the “two-minute drill.” During this drill, a customer who lived nearby would call to place an order. Charles Walgreen Sr. would say their name and address back to them loudly and slowly so that his assistant Caleb Danner could hear him.

By the time that the customer finished chatting with Walgreen, their groceries had been delivered to their door by Caleb. It was little things like this that set Walgreens apart then and continues to do so now. Unlike some other stores, they keep customers engaged with a reward points system that actually works. Earn up to $50 cash back when using your Balance Rewards membership while buying prescription, health and beauty products. Points can also be earned while shopping online or in store as well as in-app purchases.

They provide free shipping for online purchases over $35 and entirely free shipping if it is shipped and picked up from the store. Not to mention the free prescription refill delivery service that is coveted by many. One last thing that really makes Walgreens stand out is that they genuinely care about their customers. They have dozens of online health articles and blogs for those seeking guidance on how to live a healthier lifestyle. For example, one article advised readers on how to better manage a child’s asthma.

Although a trusted pediatrician should be enough to put your mind at ease during your son or daughter’s asthma attacks, some extra recommendations and wisdom are always helpful and appreciated. By taking initiative and showing interest in their customer’s well-being, our Walgreens survey shows the store can consistently keep their loyal customer base happy.

Amongst various pharmacy stores, few can match the acquired level of customer care that Walgreens offers. This is because it has always been a family-run operation. Passed on from generation to generation, they have grown as a company and within our community as a predominant and reliable beacon of all things health. Just as Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. brought industry-leading ideas to the table, he raised his son to do the same. Each generation of Walgreen contributed to the company in tremendous ways, with each of them bringing forth their own unique thoughts.

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Charles Walgreen Sr. wanted to make prescriptions as affordable as possible for his customers and took it upon himself to make generic versions of certain medications. He took pride in what he did, and that pride transcribed into everything else he set his mind to. This company eventually went on to market their very own brand. A brand that was and is still trusted to this day. Credibility is not a commodity easily attained, nor is it one that this company lacks. Having made it through the Great Depression that struck in 1930, it seems safe to say Walgreens is not going anywhere.

They were not exempt from the astounding economic decline that struck our country, but Charles Walgreen endured the storm, so to speak, and made it through. Part of being able to create a lasting semblance in this world is giving back to those who need it. Philanthropy fell short during the Great Depression, but Charles Walgreen Sr. made it a point to give back, regardless. In 1937, he donated $550,000 in company stock to the University of Chicago.

Shortly afterward, in 1939, he passed away at age 66. However, there was no question his empire was in good hands. Charles Walgreen Jr. brought forth plenty of innovation for the company, its employees and the industry overall. By World War II, Walgreens had placed a non-profit pharmacy in the Pentagon. They were formally recognized by President Eisenhower for this. Soon thereafter, they focused more on the security of their employees. The personal estate of Charles R. Walgreen Sr. contributed $500,000 to an employee pension plan they had come up with.

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By becoming one of the leading American companies to offer pension plans and market-sharing, they were able to stay ahead of the curb and keep employees happy and feeling appreciated. Charles R. “Cork” Walgreen III was the third Walgreen to lead the company and by this time, had witnessed it fill close to 30 million prescriptions annually. By 1984 Walgreens had opened its 1,000th store and had managed to maintain their excellent quality of service even after so many years.

Their dedication to consistency was so admirable it was recognized by Illinois’ Governor James Thompson. He pointed out that Walgreens continued to thrive. Out of all the pharmacy store companies that had come and gone, they were still there. This made it not only an old and well-known name but also a staple in the industry. Flash forward to 2014, and we have a global expansion of the store. They merged with a leading international pharmacy-led health and beauty group called Alliance Boots. This helped them expand to the all corners of the world and, yet, still offer the same above-average customer service.


With over 100 years of experience, there’s no telling how far they will go. Walgreens is not just after your business. They are here to make a change, leave a legacy and continue making day-to-day activities or mishaps just a little easier. Charles Walgreen Sr. left this world with a vision his son, grandsons and great-grandsons have continued. Walgreens is not just a store or pharmacy; it is a brand with a lineage and reputation you can trust. Whether it is printing a photo, running out for milk, or filling a prescription, you can count on Walgreens to lend you a hand. Always, “at the corner of happy and healthy.”

We hope this Walgreens survey has demonstrated the high quality and legacy available with Walgreen’s stores. Be sure to check out your local Walgreens for anything you may need today!

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