www.pcopinion.com Survey: A Complete Guide

Anyone who’s ever payed for a week’s worth of groceries for a family can attest to the fact that groceries are expensive. Fortunately, many supermarket outlets are changing the game by offering cash prizes for shoppers who take time out of their day to reflect on their shopping experience and report back what they thought worked and what didn’t between the aisles and at the register. The www.pcopinion.com survey for Price Chopper supermarkets is one such service, granting you a chance to win a cash prize for the act of simply sharing your shopping experience, positive or negative.

All that is required from you is to have recently shopped at a Price Chopper supermarket, be of age at 18 years or older, and have access to their website. The process, outlined below, is simple and takes only a few minutes. We’ll go over the details, but first let’s take a look at who’s hosting this gift card contest and see what $500 dollars with Price Chopper will get you. If you win, you’ll be well prepared to spend that cash in a way that suits your shopping needs.

What Is Pcopinion.Com?

Screenshot of www.pcopinion.com website

​Screencap of www.pcopinion.com’s website

One of the many ways you can save with Price Chopper is their www.pcopinion.com survey, which allows you to use your voice as a customer to shape the future of the company and get cash back in the process of doing so.

Price Chopper

Price Chopper is an affordable and innovative line of supermarkets located in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. They offer a plethora of useful twists on the supermarket formula, allowing their customers to save and spend smartly and effectively.

Not only do they deal in groceries, they also offer a variety of additional food and home related services. Their Kid’s Cooking Club is certainly a practical – and cute – way for kids to make friends and learn the essentials of cooking in the kitchen

They also offer adult cooking classes for those looking to sharpen their culinary expertize. This, along with their ranking as the #1 Community Partner and support for charitable organizations make them a positive choice among supermarkets.

Price Chopper supermarkets are also equipped with an in-store pharmacy, making the usefulness of a $500 gift card with them extend well beyond groceries if you should choose to take advantage of the offer. They even offer free flu shots, so if you’re planning to go and buy something in order to qualify for the survey and you’re still in need of your seasonal inoculations, you can get that done along the way.

How Does The Survey Affect Price Chopper?

The www.pcopinion.com survey is a service offered by Price Chopper and Price Chopper affiliated stores wherein customers are allowed to voice their experience with Price Chopper stores. For reporting in, you are automatically enteredinto the running to win a $500 gift card.

That’s enough to pay for a month’s worth of groceries, and dozens of monthly winners have already been named across the Northern East Coast. Both negative and positive opinions, points of interest in your shopping experience, and observations are valid, so don’t be afraid to tell them how you really feel! It should be noted that the website runs on Javascript so be sure to access it using a Javascript enabled web browser.

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Why Take This Survey Now?

The www.pcopinion.com survey is short, and the potential rewards are sweet enough to take fifteen or so minutes to complete it, especially for frequent Price Chopper shoppers. Aside from being entered into the prize pool, you’re also helping Price Chopper adjust their services to suit the needs of the customers. They’ve already put a lot of work in on that front, and are now offering such conveniences as product delivery, the ability to create an online shopping list, and printable coupons.

By contributing your opinion, you’re not only potentially winning a month of free groceries, you’re also helping to build a better supermarket experience and add to Price Chopper’s list of customer tailored services. If you’re a frequent Price Chopper shopper, or if you’re interested in trying out a new shopping experience with them, this survey will serve you well in enhancing your grocery shopping experience.

Price Chopper offers services that are quite uncommon amongst your average supermarkets, and with the chance of winning $500 to spend at their stores, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of those services if you’re lucky. With the help of their online market, you can create a shopping list or even make purchases directly from the site to be delivered to right to your doorstep. Or, you could perhaps spend your gift card on their catering service.

What Is Available On Www.Pcopinion.Com?

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The www.pcopinion.com survey site contains a list of previous winners, links to the Price Chopper home site, and cursory information about the survey and raffle. Accepting the survey will take you to a data entry page where you’ll be entering various information from your Price Chopper shopping receipt.

Don’t have a receipt? From the survey site, you can navigate to the home site of Price Chopper supermarkets where you can find out if a Price Chopper supermarket or followed retailer is located near you. From there, simply go to the store and purchase one of any of the available items.

You’ll also find all of the extra services and offers mentioned above on the site. This is perfect, because if you happen to win you can get the most of your gift card with Price Chopper. On the home site of Price Chopper, there are also a variety of coupons available to print and use at the store if the prospect of $500 worth of groceries isn’t enough of a boon for you, along with a virtual marketplace which sells everything from ham to onions. Be sure to print some coupons out if you want to make a run for the store and get your receipt and enter into the contest.

How To Get Started With The Www.Pcopinion.Com Survey

Step One

To take the www.pcopinion.com survey, you’ll first need to have shopped at any one of Price Chopper’s many locations. On your receipt, information such as store number, day of visit, and time of purchase will be listed. This is a key step, as in order to be eligible for the survey and giveaway, you must have shopped at Price Chopper at least once before and bought at least one item.

Step Two

Then, go to the www.pcopinion.com survey website. It’s important to note that you must have a valid email address, a Javascript enabled web browser, and that you must be 18 years old or older in order to participate. Once you’ve accessed the site, feel free to read over the information there.

Step Three

When you’re ready to begin, click the big blue button at the center of the page that reads ‘Price Chopper Customer Survey’. From there, you’ll be brought to the form where the information from your receipt is to be entered. The store number, date of shopping, time of day, order number, and total amount payed must be correctly entered to proceed to the survey.

Step Four

The www.pcopinion.com survey itself consists of 10-15 brief questions. Be sure to answer honestly, as even a negative shopping experience qualifies you to be enteredinto the drawing for the $500 gift card. Plus, negative feedback can be as helpful for developing new services as positive feedback.

Step Five

Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll be given a coupon code that can be redeemed within 7 days, entering your information into the monthly raffle to win $500 worth of grocery money which can be spent at any one of Price Chopper’s many storefront locations, as well as on their website.

That’s it! It’s a simple process with a huge potential payoff. Just remember to redeem your code within 7 days and wait until the end of the month when the winner is announced to see if you won your $500 in grocery money!


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Shopping smartly is a game of taking advantage of every potential penny saving tip there is, and customer surveys like these are just one among an arsenal of potential saving techniques. For just a few minutes out of your day, you could potentially win a full month of free groceries.

Of all supermarkets you could choose from, Price Chopper is an especially generous option, not just to their customers, but to charity organizations and local communities alike. With the services they offer, your $500 Price Chopper gift card will go much further than a simple cart full of groceries, as you’ll also be able to take advantage of online shopping and delivery, catering, and educational events. The www.pcopinion.com survey certainly comes with an impressive prize for those who choose to redeem their coupon code; one that shouldn’t be overlooked for supermarket regulars and bargain hunters alike.

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