Talktofoodlion Survey

Talktofoodlion Survey

When you decide to use some of your spare time in the hope of getting discounts and other perks in return, filling out surveys can be a great way to go. Participating in surveys is a sound way to communicate your preferences to companies and organizations of your choice.

You can also earn valuable rewards for doing so. While there are a great many options available, in this article we explore the survey, consider what it takes to complete it and the rewards for doing so.

What Is The Www.Talktofoodlion.Com Survey?

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The survey is conducted by the Salisbury, North Carolina-based grocery store company Food Lion. The grocery chain currently operates over 1,000 supermarkets staffed with over 65,000 employees.

The stores are located predominantly in the southeastern United States, with Food Lion locations serving over 10 million customers weekly. The brand has been active since 1957, and since then it has consistently maintained a longstanding tradition of providing convenient locations and low prices.

Central to the Food Lion experience is the level of customer service that is provided in the stores and through the overall suite of products and services. Through a focus on customer satisfaction, Food Lion provides the most convenient and satisfying grocery experience possible for their customers.

Additionally, Food Lion contributes to the community, and the company has committed to provide 500 million meals to families and people struggling with hunger by the end of 2020. 

To support their ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, Food Lion has developed and launched its Talk-to-Food-Lion customer feedback survey.

Www.Talktofoodlion.Com Survey Requirements

In order to complete the Food Lion customer survey, you must have:

Why Should I Take The Www.Talktofoodlion.Com Survey?

The survey should be completed, first and foremost, to contribute to the bettering of your Food Lion shopping experience. This includes reporting on past and recent experiences, shaping future offerings, and growing connectivity, as explored below.

Beyond the ability to contribute feedback, an additional reason to engage in the Food Lion Customer Survey is for the chance of winning some nice prizes, because the survey is also linked to a sweepstakes event.

You can win a $500 gift card which you can redeem at Food Lion locations. This is the key motivating factor for most customers to enter the survey, as the prospect of a substantial amount of free groceries in exchange for a few minutes’ time to complete the survey is a good trade.

Reporting On Past in-Store Experience

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The purpose of taking a survey is usually twofold. The first and most significant reason is to provide feedback you believe will help shape the customer experience more toward your specific desires. Customer surveys are primarily conducted to measure current levels of customer satisfaction.

Surveys provide essential, in-depth information for companies; in turn, the company’s decision-making processes are often influenced and driven by the data collected in surveys.

Accounts of in-store experiences real customers have had provide a treasure trove of information about “what works” along with what can be done much better.

The most effective way to ensure that a negative experience does not happen again is to report it. Conversely, the best way to ensure that practices you prefer are maintained is to complement them and state their value to you.​

Food Lion gains insight into their customers’ preferences through feedback, and the company strives to correct problems when notified of them. Without knowledge of a particularly negative experience or practice, it may take some time for Food Lion to identify the issue and subsequently find and implement a solution.

It is through surveys, and the interactive reporting of experiences, that they can best be guided, reshaped and improved upon.

Shaping Future Offers

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Customer surveys may also be designed to measure the experience of a customer at a given location or perhaps to determine what a category of customers are hoping to find at a given location.

Thus, customer surveys can measure satisfaction with prior experiences, and they also may shape the quality of future experiences because the guidance and information gained can be used for planning and management.

Some chains may present options for future developments to customers taking their surveys. They may ask you to evaluate recent changes to their existing processes. When you and other customers provide such insight, the organization is better informed.

When the product offerings of Food Lion are covered, the feedback that the customer provides is of import to the company in selecting future inventory.

Through the provision of feedback about desired items, your shopping experience can become even more suited to your personal preferences by letting Food Lion know what you’d like to see on their shelves before finding their way into your kitchens.

Growing Connectivity

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An additional reason that companies encourage consumers to take part in their surveys is to increase the connection between the consumer and the company through greater knowledge-sharing.

Surveys not only collect information from the person taking them, but they also provide information to the survey takers that they can apply outside the scope of the survey. As a result, surveys may serve to not only collect consumer experiences and influence future development, but they also educate the customer on future offers of the companies they patronize.

Many organizations use surveys to better inform customers about the company’s mission and vision.

Through participation in a survey such as the survey, a customer is able to gain greater insight into the store at which they shop and their business practices.

By learning about what the store is concerned with and focused upon, the shopper is better able to understand how the company tries to show appreciation, as well as what he or she can do to improve upon their experience with the company.

When consumers establish a bond with a brand, they are more likely to visit the associated store in the future. Further, they are often more satisfied with their purchases due to their higher levels of familiarity and appreciation of the brand’s qualities.

Key Steps

Completing the survey requires the following steps:

  1. Go to for the survey

2. Click the link to review the sweepstakes rules

3. Click “Next” to move on

4. Enter the PIN number located on your survey invitation from Food Lion

5. Enter the store number you’re reporting on if you do not have a PIN

6. Identify the date and time that you shopped with Food Lion

7. Verify your age (recognizing that you must be 18+ to take the survey)

8. Answer each of the survey questions honestly and truthfully

9. Enter your contact information at the end to enter the feedback sweepstakes

10. Click submit to complete the process and enter your survey and information into the sweepstakes

The survey process can vary in duration depending upon how quickly you move through the questions and you provide. The amount of information you provide will not impact your entry into the sweepstakes.

Rather, it is possible to enter the sweepstakes without ever entering anything into the survey, as discussed below. Consider what your motivation is for taking the survey, and if it is not to improve your shopping experiences at Food Lion, taking advantage of the no-survey entry option may be the best use of your time.

Survey Limitations

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To enter the Food Lion Customer Survey and sweepstakes, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Up to 13 entries are allowed per person into the Sweepstakes, regardless of the method used to enter.

There are two ways to enter the survey and related sweepstakes: You can do so either through the online survey or by mail. Each time a purchase is made at a Food Lion store during the sweepstakes, an invitation is provided on the receipt to complete the survey.

The survey must be completed within five days of making the purchase.

In all, 10 sweepstakes winners will be drawn randomly from all eligible entries received, with the drawing happening on or about January 14, 2019. The number of entrants is unknown, and so the odds of you taking home the $500 ticket will vary depending upon how many entries are ultimately received.

If you’d rather not participate in the survey, you can enter the sweepstakes directly through the mail. Send your e-mail address, name, mailing address, date of birth, and contact number on a 3×5 index card to: “Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes” at P.O. Box 10430; Rochester, New York, 14610.

Remember that up to 13 entries can be submitted in this manner. Thirteen entries will exponentially increase your odds of winning but, again, the number of entrants is unknown, so these odds cannot be calculated.


The survey is an effective option for you to provide feedback to one of your preferred grocers, while also earning an entry to win a $500 gift card for use at a Food Lion store.

The ability to provide feedback to a store you frequent is a means of improving upon your experience, and the potential to win several free loads of groceries is another great reason for you to take the survey.

For more information on surveys available for stores, restaurants, clothing stores, retail, auto, grocery, and pharmacy, check back with our team at Consumer Survey Assist. We offer a wealth of current information and articles focused on how to make the most of your survey-taking experiences.

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