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Taking care of the different parts of your business can be very frustrating. If you handle the email collection, customer support service, the surveys and sweepstakes, events, and also deliver contents on your company’s website, all by yourself, you might never get to know the term success. Thus, we would talk about a perfect solution to the business workload; Zoho survey.

Zoho is a program, or rather a business operating system providers. This company has proven itself to be among the best int he world and it has gained almost the same popularity with Amazon and Google. So, if you own a business or a great blog, then you can use Zoho to ease your workload or even take total control.

What Is Zoho?

Zoho is a business operating system that provides various tools you can use in automating your office. Created in 1996, Zoho is an Indian company which has helped different companies and businesses reach their goal.

This company is a private firm with over 7000 active employees across its branches in the world. This company provides different services that can be grouped under three main sections. There are;

  • Business and Productivity
  • IT management
  • OEMs

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Brief History Of Zoho

Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas founded ZohoCorp in 1966, and it has 7000 employees. It was formerly called AdventNnet Inc. This company grew enormously, despite a lack of public funding.

Location of ZohoCorp

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Zoho is located in Chennai, India. Its US headquarter is in Pleasanton, California. Zoho is one of the largest companies with branches in some major parts of the world.

Is There a Need for Zoho?

Zoho helps with business automation, so yes. This company has proved very worthwhile, and they have created various tools that help to build businesses from scratch. Zoho has many tools, and the one we will focus on today is the Zoho Survey tool.

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What Is Zoho Survey?

Zoho Survey is a tool created by ZohoCorp to help businesses and companies, both big and small, have a proper understanding of their customers by asking them some basic questions about their services. This tool also helps users to analyze results provided by different customers as downloadable files either in XLS or CSV format.

This survey tool provides a great interactive platform for conducting a study. It’s an automated program, thus giving you ease of use. You can also use this app alongside tools like Google Apps, MailChimp, and other Zoho apps.

What Does Zoho Survey Do?

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You can use the tool to create polls for excellent customer interaction. Unlike any other survey tools, Zoho survey offers you different templates to pick from, and they are highly customizable. So, it shouldn’t take you over 5 minutes to set it up correctly.

Also, results come in the form of graphics (well detailed), and they also come immediately. So, you can track your customer’s answers and know the quality of service which you should provide to them. It allows you know where to improve and what to let go off.

Zoho survey allows you to place your survey page either on your website or a landing page. So, with this tool, you have the option of choosing where your customers would redirect to when partaking in surveys. You should place it in a landing page domain different from your site’s domain, to enable faster loading.

Another service which the Zoho survey provides is its mobile-friendliness. It’s not every day you see a poll which you can take on your phone. The main factor why most sites do not have enough survey data is because they are not mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly survey is excellent, and it would target more people and site users.

There are up to 30 languages which you can choose from as this tool supports all. It automates language change, so you do not have to worry about your visitors from the UK seeing Spanish or your Netherland visitors seeing French.

This tool provides language options based on the IP and demographics location of the visiting participant. So, with Zoho survey, you have an extensive reach and can conduct studies for anybody in the world. Also, you get the most out of email collection when you use MailChimp alongside the Zoho Campaign.

Benefits of Zoho Survey

There are different benefits of the survey tool. Although we have stated some benefits above, they are tons of them which makes it stands out from traditional survey tools like SurveyMonkey and the likes.

This tool gives you access to:

  • Survey Questions
  • Custom Themes
  • Survey Branding
  • Collect Responses
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Share Surveys
  • Integrations
  • Improved Responses
  • Secure Surveys

Survey Questions

zoho survey question type

You get an unlimited number of surveys when you are using this tool. However, this comes with the paid plan. You can also have an infinite number of surveys when you go with the free trial. Questions per survey are limited to 15, and it limits the response to 150 per review. This is a downgrade from when you buy the paid plan.

Asking too many questions in your survey is not that great, as customers, mostly mobile users might get bored maybe after the 4th to 5th question. So, the free trial offers you what you need without limitations.

Custom Themes

You can prepare your themes for the survey in a matter of minutes. However, the Zoho Survey comes with pre-installed templates to help your business. Thus, you can quickly pick any which you find to suit your need and style, customize the questions to fit your business name or the service which you provided and let your customers answer to it accordingly.

Collect responses

You can integrate MailChimp into your Zoho surveys to allows for an easier email collection. This will enable you to interact and even market products to your customers by growing your email list.

Advanced Reporting

Zoho advanced reports

Unlike most survey tools that will provide you with just the result, the Zoho survey is unique as it gives you detailed results for each question a customer answered. So, you can easily see what the customer loved and what he or she didn’t. This allows you to know how to improve your business.

Share Survey

You can share the survey with friends, customers, and other partners.


zoho integration surveys

You can integrate surveys to your landing page or in your domain.

Secure Surveys

The rate of hacking and web break-ins has reduced over the last few years. However, security is needed in everything you do, as hackers can still break into your surveys and stealing information. When you use Zoho Survey, you get access to topnotch security and their IT team is always working to protect their user’s data.

How to Use Zoho Survey

using zoho survey

Using Zoho survey is simple because of the pre-installed data and themes which you can choose from. To use this tool, make sure you have a mail collector (we recommend MailChimp) which would help you store email addresses integrated into the Zoho survey campaign.

Also, choose whether to launch the survey on your domain or a landing page. We recommend using a landing page as it loads faster. Customers don’t have time to waste on the internet over a slow loading page.

After picking a template and deciding where you wish to host it, then it’s time to give your survey a name. You should choose a name specific to the service which you offered. This allows customers to have better interaction with you.

Now, you can add questions to each page of the survey. You have control over how many pages of the study you want customers to see, the number of items on one page, etc. It is advisable to add hints to each question as this enables customers to understand your questions and provide answers quickly.

Now, pick a color for your survey. You should go with one which matches your brand. Take, for instance, Facebook. If they were to create a survey on a black background, you might find it weird. So, picking a background color which matches your brand and its website is the right thing to do.

A fantastic feature of the Zoho Survey is the availability of live reviewers. You can quickly get professional survey experts to review your surveys and offer advice and edits. This makes your survey to look more professional and engaging.

Now, you can publish your survey and share via your mail collector apps, social media or even embed it to your blog. Zoho survey also comes with a free analytics tool. The moment you publish the survey, it automatically sets itself to become compatible with mobile devices and iPad.

You can also set up surveys using your handheld devices as long as it has a great screen resolution. Zoho survey is straightforward to use, and its integration with other favorite tools makes it an even better service.


Zoho survey is an excellent tool for running a poll and having that basic knowledge of your customers. Its features are outstanding, and they help businesses and brands a lot. You should use this tool if you want to know how customers feel about the services you offer.

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